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Jeffrey Roberts, Kimberly Martin Husband, is a talented journalist with a remarkable career. Born on June 10, Jeffrey has made a name for himself as an award-winning writer, editor, and reporter. Kimberly Martin Husband and Kimberly got married on July 3, 2014, and they’ve been happily together ever since.

Kimberly A. Martin is celebrated for her exceptional work in sports reporting, which has earned her a dedicated fanbase. Naturally, this has sparked curiosity about her life beyond her career, especially her relationship with Jeffrey. Fans are keen to know more about the man who supports her and shares her life. Dive into the story of Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts, a couple whose love and partnership continue to thrive alongside their professional achievements.

Kimberly Martin Husband

Kimberly Martin WIth Husband

Kimberly Martin and Kimberly Martin Husband, Jeffrey Roberts have a deeply loving and supportive marriage. They tied the knot in 2014, and since then, their relationship has been a beautiful example of commitment and partnership. They’ve faced life’s ups and downs together, always there for each other and growing stronger as a couple.

They cherish the moments they share, creating wonderful memories and enjoying their time together. When conflicts arise, they handle them with open communication, empathy, and love. Their marriage is a shining example of how mutual respect and understanding can keep a relationship strong and fulfilling.

Who is Jeffrey Roberts?

Jeffrey Roberts and his wife, Kimberly A. Martin, both work in journalism, but they approach their careers differently. Jeffrey is more private about his personal life, unlike Kimberly, who is more in the public eye. Because of this, not much is known about Jeffrey’s early life and family background.

Jeffrey maintains a quiet profile, but in the journalism world, he is well respected. His outstanding reporting and writing on subjects like education, sports, criminal justice, business, and health have earned him multiple honours during the course of his 22-year career. With an outstanding 3.85 GPA, he earned a BA in English literature and a minor in communication from Saint Peter’s University.

Recently, Jeffrey became the editor for the Topics & Features team and News Innovation at NJ.com/The Star-Ledger, and he also serves as a managing producer at NJ Advance Media. While he stays away from Instagram and Facebook, he’s active on Twitter under the handle @TheJRob. He has a large following there and has posted over 17 million tweets, sharing his insights on various subjects.

Kimberly Martin Husband Profile Summary

Full nameJeffrey Roberts
Nick NameJeffrey
Marital StatusMarried
PatnerKimberly Atkins Martin
Famous forBeing Kimberly Martin Husband
Net WorthN/A

When did Jeffrey Roberts and Kimberly Martin tie the knot?

Kimberly Martin Wedding

Jeffrey Roberts and Kimberly Martin exchanged vows in 2014. You can catch a glimpse of their wedding day in this tweet:

“However, I’m really fortunate to be “dealing” — with @ByKimberleyA link”

Their marriage is founded on love, respect, and shared values, which has helped them build a happy and fulfilling life together. They support each other’s aspirations and enjoy spending quality time together, creating cherished memories and strengthening their bond.

Their relationship is full of joy and vibrancy, as they share laughter, affection, and common interests.

Is Kimberly A. Martin a parent?

Kimberley Martin and Kimberly Martin Husband have been married for nearly nine wonderful years, building a strong and loving bond along the way. Despite their deep connection, they’ve decided not to have kids for now.

Their choice is personal and something they’ve discussed together, considering their own desires and circumstances. Instead of parenthood, they’ve chosen to focus on nurturing their relationship, pursuing their dreams, and enjoying the freedom that comes with not having children.

This decision shows how much they respect and understand each other’s needs. It gives them the chance to invest their time and energy in various parts of their lives, whether it’s advancing in their careers or simply enjoying each other’s company.

Together, they’ve created a fulfilling life, cherishing the moments they share. Without the responsibilities of parenthood, they can explore new hobbies, go on adventures, and strengthen their bond even further.

Even though they’re not parents, Kimberley and Kimberly Martin Husband find happiness in their marriage and the other meaningful parts of their lives. Their relationship is built on love, support, and understanding, bringing them fulfillment and purpose every day.

Has Kimberly Martin actually filed for divorce?

There’s uncertainty surrounding Kimberly Martin and her husband’s marital status as there haven’t been any public disclosures about their relationship. We’ll keep you informed if there are any official announcements regarding their marriage.

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at their married life.

Get to know Kimberly Martin’s family and kids

Kimberly Martin and her husband have shared nearly eight years of marriage, opting not to have children.

In addition to Kimberly Martin Husband, Kimberly’s family includes her cherished mother, Camille. She often shares heartwarming posts featuring her mother on Instagram.

However, there’s a somber note in Kimberly’s family history. Her father, who passed away from cancer on February 12, 2012, holds a special place in her heart. Though he remains somewhat private to the public, Kimberly pays tribute to him with touching posts on Instagram, celebrating his life and legacy.

Kimberly has a special bond with her sister, Lavidia, with whom she shares fond memories from their childhood. Their closeness shines through in the occasional photos Kimberly shares of them together on social media.

How Old Is Kimberly Martin

Kimberly Martin

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Kimberley Martin was born on January 9, 1984, marking the start of her remarkable journey in sports journalism. Now at 39 years old, she has not only attained significant success but has also established herself as a prominent and esteemed figure in the industry. Kimberley’s passion and steadfast commitment have propelled her to remarkable achievements, earning her the admiration and respect of her colleagues in the sports journalism realm.

The age gap between Kimberly Martin and her husband, Jeffrey Roberts

Kimberly Martin, born on January 9, 1984, is a native of Brooklyn, New York, currently aged 37 and soon turning 38. Though Kimberly Martin Husband exact age is undisclosed, based on his appearance in photographs, he seems to be in his late 30s, indicating a minimal age difference between them.

Jeffrey Roberts serves as the lead reporter and editor at NJ Advance Media. On July 3, 2014, the couple commemorated their union with a private ceremony in Arverne, New York, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. They have been married for over seven years now.

Their relationship has faced its share of criticisms

Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts’ marriage has unfortunately faced scrutiny due to their different ethnic backgrounds. They have encountered criticism and racial discrimination because Kimberly is black and Jeffrey is white.

Reportedly, Jeffrey has chosen to distance himself from certain social media platforms to escape the constant criticism from these critics. He maintains that race or skin color holds no significance in their marriage. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of mutual respect, understanding, and shared values in their relationship. He believes that love and compatibility surpass any apparent differences.

Despite facing social prejudices, Kimberly and Jeffrey remain committed to each other. They navigate through these challenges with love and support, staying resilient in the face of adversity.

Kimberly Martin Personal Life

After over eight years of marriage, Kimberly and Jeffrey’s beloved dog, who resides with them in Washington, DC, is their sole family member.

Despite their mutual love for children and their aspirations to start a family someday, they have made a deliberate decision to prioritize their careers for now. They believe that focusing on advancing their professional lives at this stage is the best choice for them, as they feel emotionally and practically unprepared to take on the responsibilities of parenthood.

Kimberly Martin Profile Summary

Full NameKimberly Martin
Nick NameKimberly
AgeAge 39 years old
Birth DateJanuary 9, 1984
OccupationSports Journalist
Previous Work The Buffalo News And The Washington Post
Current ResidenceWashington, DC
Annual Salary Approximately $90,000
Spouse Jeffrey Roberts

Kimberly Martin Net worth

As of 2024, it is estimated that Kimberley Martin’s net worth is nearing $ 1Million. Her diverse portfolio of assets and investments, coupled with her successful career in journalism, have played significant roles in her financial prosperity.

With an annual salary of approximately $85,000 as an NFL reporter, Kimberley’s earnings have made a substantial contribution to her overall net worth.

At just 37 years old, Kimberley has already achieved remarkable milestones in her career and is anticipated to achieve even greater success in the future. With her impressive accomplishments and unwavering determination, it is likely that she will soon surpass the million-dollar mark.

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Final Words

Kimberly Martin Husband, Jeffrey Roberts, epitomizes the quiet strength behind the scenes of a celebrated journalist’s life. While Kimberly shines in the limelight of sports reporting, Jeffrey’s steadfast support and impressive career as an editor and reporter stand as a testament to their enduring partnership.

Their marriage, founded on love and mutual respect, has weathered both professional challenges and societal scrutiny, emerging stronger than ever. Despite facing criticisms and racial discrimination, they remain united, prioritizing understanding and shared values. Their decision not to have children reflects their deliberate choice to focus on their careers and nurture their relationship. With Kimberly’s soaring success and Jeffrey’s unwavering support, they embody a modern love story, proving that true partnership knows no bounds.

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