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Before Mary Joan Martelly became the wife of the famous heavyweight boxer George Foreman, she led a modest life away from the spotlight. While Foreman made headlines with his Olympic triumph in 1968 and his epic showdown with Muhammad Ali in the iconic “Rumble in the Jungle,” Martelly preferred to stay behind the scenes, quietly supporting her husband. Yet, behind her reserved demeanor lies a story brimming with intrigue. Dive deeper into her life to uncover the fascinating details.

Who is Mary Joan Martelly

Mary Joan Martelly With Her Husband

Mary Joan Martelly is widely recognized as the dedicated wife of the iconic boxer, George Foreman. Their union, which began in 1985, has been a testament to unwavering support amidst Foreman’s illustrious career and personal milestones. Beyond her role as a spouse, Mary is revered for her philanthropic endeavors and her devoted parenting of their five children. Notably, her efforts to raise awareness about AIDS among youth underscore her deep-seated commitment to addressing societal issues.

Early Life

Mary Joan Martelly had her fair share of struggles as a child growing up in St. Lucia, particularly with money. She was the pillar of her family, working nonstop to provide for them while displaying amazing fortitude and will.

However, Mary Joan was not given the possibilities she had hoped for by St. Lucia. So, leaving behind her origins and loved ones, she bravely and optimistically packed her bags and travelled to the United States. It wasn’t easy to start over in a foreign nation, but Mary Joan’s determination and fortitude enabled her to forge a promising new life.

Mary Joan Martelly Biography

Mary Joan Martelly is most recognised for being the devoted spouse of the renowned boxer, George Foreman. Since 1985, they have remained by each other’s sides in the face of obstacles in life. Since Mary is originally from St. Lucia, their relationship benefits from her distinct upbringing.

Their amazing adventure together began on their wedding day, which was way back on March 27, 1985. Mary’s unwavering love for George despite his previous marriages demonstrates the strength of their relationship.

Growing up in a big family with five siblings, Mary learned the value of hard work from an early age. After her dad passed away, she did whatever she could to support her family, like working in a Chinese restaurant and a clothing factory. When they moved to the United States, Mary kept on hustling, taking on jobs like babysitting to make ends meet.

Mary Joan Martelly Parents

Mary Joan Martelly, celebrated for her kindness and altruism, hails from the charming town of Houma, Louisiana. Although precise information regarding her parents and birthdate is not readily available, it is believed that she is in her mid-60s, a time often associated with wisdom and insight.

As the third child among five siblings, Mary takes great pride in her family and feels a deep sense of belonging. Her diverse ethnic background contributes to her rich American heritage, a testament to the myriad cultures that have shaped her distinct character.

Marriage with George Foreman

George Foreman and Mary began their journey together in 1984, culminating in their marriage on March 27, 1985. Their bond has blessed them with a family of five children, including two daughters, Natalia and Leola, and three sons, George IV (“Big Wheel”), George V (“Red”), and George VI (“Little Joey”). Notably, George Foreman opted to name his elder sons George Edward Foreman, emphasizing the strong familial connection. This choice reflects George’s belief in the shared experiences and impacts within their family.

Their son George IV gained recognition through his participation in the reality show “American Grit,” where he achieved an impressive seventh-place finish.

In 2009, Mary and George Foreman chose to extend their family through adoption, opening their hearts to Isabella Brandie Lilja. Three years later, they decided to expand their family once more, welcoming Courtney Isaac into their home. Isabella, who currently resides in Sweden, has gained recognition as a prominent blogger known by the pseudonym BellaNeutella.

George Foreman’s illustrious career saw him clinch two heavyweight world titles and an Olympic gold medal, solidifying his status as one of boxing’s greatest athletes. Following his retirement in 1997, he ventured into writing and business, further adding to his multifaceted legacy.

Preferring a more private lifestyle, Mary and George Foreman call Houston, Texas, their home. In 2008, they briefly stepped into the spotlight with the reality show “Family Foreman,” providing audiences with a glimpse into their family life.

George Foreman’s Past Romantic Partners

Would you believe it? Before George Foreman found his soulmate in Mary Joan Martelly, he embarked on a remarkable journey through love and marriage.

First, there was Adrienne Calhoun. They tied the knot on December 24, 1971, with dreams of a lifetime together. Sadly, things didn’t work out, and they parted ways on February 13, 1974. They did have a daughter named Michi, though. Interestingly, while still married to Adrienne, George had a brief affair with Pamela Clay, and they later welcomed their son, George Foreman Jr.

Then came Cynthia Lewis. They got married on October 6, 1977, but their love story was cut short, ending on August 3, 1979, without any children.

Next up was Sharon Goodson. They said their vows on September 15, 1981, but unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last, and they didn’t have any children together.

The last person is Andrea Skeete. For a while, it seemed like they were meant to be together before they were married on April 28, 1982. That being said, in February 1985, they parted ways. They brought George Foreman III into the world while they were together. Before deciding to pursue a career in business, George III started boxing, just like his father. The unfortunate death of Freeda Foreman, the mother of Andrea Skeete, at the age of 42 in 2019 is something to be grateful for.

Not to mention Georgetta, the daughter of George Foreman and Charlotte Gross, who gives George’s family tree still another nuanced and loving layer.

Mary Joan Martelly Kids

Mary Joan Martelly and George Foreman cherish the experience of nurturing their family of five children. Their loving household includes daughters Natalie and Leola Foreman, along with sons George IV (“Big Wheel”), George V (“Red”), and George VI (“Little Joey”).

In addition to their own children, Mary embraces her role as a stepmother to George’s seven children from previous marriages. The family circle also embraces two adopted children, Brenda Lilja Foreman and Courtney Isaac Foreman, who were welcomed into their hearts in 2009 and 2012, respectively.

George Foreman’s Kids

In 2008, the reality show “Family Foreman” featured their family’s journey, giving viewers an insight into the complexities of their blended family life. The programme provided insight into George’s attempts to juggle his boxing career and his paternal duties.

George Foreman III (Monk) and the late Freeda Foreman were two of Mary’s stepchildren who became boxers. Born on January 23, 1983, Monk went on to build an outstanding 16-0 record before joining his father as a commentator. Sadly, Freeda gave up boxing in 2001 to spend more time with his family, even though he had a 5-1 record. Her untimely death in 2019 highlighted the family’s path through both victories and setbacks, demonstrating the continuing power of their ties to one another.

Backing George’s return to prominence

There was controversy in 1987 when 39-year-old George Foreman declared he was going back to boxing. There was a deeper goal behind it all than simply going back into the ring, though. In order to aid children going through difficult times, he intended to use his comeback to promote his church and the youth centre he built. It goes without saying that he also sought to demonstrate his continued eligibility as a heavyweight champion.

During George’s boxing comeback, Mary Joan Martelly provided unwavering support. She stood by him through the demanding training sessions and rejoiced in his triumphs in the ring. However, their bond transcended boxing; they were dedicated to building a loving family together. They welcomed four sons – George III, George IV, George V, and George VI – as well as their beloved daughter, Leola, into the world.

Then came 1994, a year that would go down in history. At 45 years old, George made an incredible comeback, reclaiming the heavyweight title by defeating Michael Moorer in the tenth round. It was a momentous occasion, making him the oldest champion ever.

Mary was standing next to him, rejoicing at his success. But prosperity also brought up new difficulties. Mary urged George to remember to be humble, to share his blessings, and to always be kind to both himself and those who oppose him.

At 48 years old, George made the decision to permanently retire from boxing in 1997. Over his career, he had 76 wins (68 via knockout) and just 5 losses. In recognition of his incredible journey, he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003. What an amazing journey it had been!

Mary Joan Martelly Career

Because she values her privacy above all else, Mary Joan Martelly would rather keep her professional life private. Let’s focus on George’s incredible boxing career instead of only her well-known role as the great George Foreman’s wife:

George Foreman, whose career in the ring spanned from 1967 until 1997, achieved remarkable success. Two heavyweight world titles and an Olympic gold medal were among his many achievements. Having defeated Bernard Hopkins, taken the heavyweight title, and been the second-oldest boxer in history are just a few of his noteworthy achievements.

George’s career reached its peak in 1997 when he became the oldest heavyweight boxer to win a world championship title. At the age of 48, George retired and left behind an unmatched legacy. With an astounding 68 knockouts, 5 losses, and 0 draws, he had an incredible record of 76 wins, which had a significant impact on boxing. Fighters and fans alike are still in awe of George Foreman’s indisputable talent and lasting impact.

Mary Joan Martelly Net Worth

Mary Joan Martelly, a woman who values financial privacy, maintains confidentiality regarding her exact net worth, with no public disclosure available. However, her husband, George Foreman, is estimated to have a substantial net worth of approximately $300 million. Mary actively engages in her husband’s business ventures, offering her support and expertise.

Her journey to this point encompasses early experiences working in a Chinese restaurant and factory in St. Lucia during her youth. Upon immigrating to the US, she took on the role of a nanny, which led to a fateful encounter with the two-time world heavyweight champion, George Foreman. Since that pivotal moment, Mary Joan Martelly has been a dedicated supporter of George’s business endeavors, contributing to the dynamic partnership they share.

Philanthropy Work

Mary Joan stayed out of the spotlight during George Foreman’s incredible boxing career, preferring to quietly support her husband. She did, however, discover her own calling in philanthropy, particularly in AIDS awareness-raising.

Mary Joan started serving as a spokesperson for the Paediatric AIDS Foundation in the 1990s. They founded the “Foreman Family AIDS Foundation” with George in order to support and equip AIDS patients and advocacy organisations across the globe. Mary Joan’s humanitarian efforts were acknowledged in 1995 when she was awarded the UNICEF Children’s Champion Award, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to this cause.

Advocacy for Children Affected by AIDS

Mary and George’s dedication to the fight against pediatric AIDS showcases their unwavering commitment to creating positive change. Their involvement extended beyond mere appearances; they actively engaged in hands-on volunteer work. In 2007, they were jointly recognized at the ‘A World of Friends Fighting AIDS’ event, honoring their substantial contributions to the campaign. This serves as a powerful demonstration of how celebrities can utilize their influence to benefit society.

Physical Figure

Mary Joan Martelly is often admired for her beauty, though specifics regarding her height, weight, and exact physical measurements remain undisclosed. Her allure is enhanced by her short, curly black hair, adding to the captivating aura that surrounds her. Her striking black eyes only add to her overall charm.

In terms of her lifestyle, Mary prioritizes spending quality time with her family, valuing these moments over the allure of social media. It’s evident that she treasures personal connections, nurturing relationships because of her genuine appreciation for them. Mary Joan Martelly is recognized for her authenticity and down-to-earth demeanor, qualities that contribute to her unique presence.

Social Profile

Throughout her career, Mary Joan Martelly left a lasting impact as a social worker, earning recognition for her meaningful contributions. Despite her notable achievements, Mary Joan Martelly maintains a low profile on social media platforms. Official profiles linked to her are notably absent from the internet, suggesting a deliberate choice to keep her personal life separate from the realm of social media. While she hasn’t expressed explicit disapproval of social media, Mary Joan Martelly has refrained from offering official statements regarding her stance on its use.

Latest developments regarding the retirement of Mary Joan Martelly and her husband, George

George Foreman

There have been rumours circulating that Mary Joan Martelly was a major factor in George Foreman’s 2004 decision to not fight professionally again.

When George Foreman, then 55, declared he wanted to return to the boxing ring, it surprised a lot of people. He even made hints about a potential rematch with Canadian boxer Trevor Berbick, who was born in Jamaica. But as exciting as this possible battle seemed at the beginning, it never happened. This gave rise to speculations that George’s wife, Mary Joan Martelly, had a big say in his choice.

According to hearsay, Mary strongly opposed George’s comeback to boxing. It’s believed that she had reservations and concerns about the potential risks and challenges involved in his return to the sport. Her apprehensions may have ultimately led to the bout not coming to fruition.

George Foreman shares insights about his memorable bout with Muhammad Ali in Africa

George Foreman got the opportunity to fight Muhammad Ali, another legendary boxer, in 1974. Known as the “Rumble in the Jungle,” this historic fight took held in Africa as opposed to Foreman’s customary US matches.

The much awaited heavyweight championship bout took place at Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (previously Zaire)’s Stade du 20 Mai, with Muhammad Ali coming out on top. A fan recently questioned Foreman about whether or not he would have preferred the fight to happen in the United States.

In response, George Foreman shared that while most fighters are drawn by financial incentives, he viewed it as a remarkable opportunity to discover a new part of the world. He said:

“Like many athletes, I followed the path that led to financial gain. However, my journey also provided me with a unique chance to explore new corners of the world. Despite the eventual defeat, the experience was enriching and fulfilling. Looking back, being part of such a historic event holds great significance and remains a cherished memory.”


Mary Joan Martelly’s life mirrors significant themes of the American journey. As an immigrant escaping challenging circumstances overseas, she arrived with nothing but determination and integrity. Through her talents and relentless dedication to her family, Mary Joan discovered the purpose she had envisioned.

While her Wikipedia page may primarily highlight the extensive legacy of her iconic husband George, Mary Joan Martelly’s impact is undeniable in her own right. With quiet strength, she uplifted her family and community at every opportunity, engaging in philanthropic endeavors both publicly and privately. Ultimately, Mary Joan Foreman embodied the quintessential American Dream that her native St. Lucia promised its children could only be achieved abroad.

While her husband, George Foreman, transitioned from boxing champion to thriving entrepreneur, Mary Joan Martelly remained content out of the public eye. Her fulfillment came from a life enriched by family, faith, and personal accomplishments. While the world may recognize George Foreman as a public figure, Mary Joan sees him as the love of her life. To her, George Foreman symbolizes more than just his public persona; he embodies a profound connection grounded in love and shared experiences.

Where Is Mary Joan Martelly

Mary Joan Martelly and George have intentionally crafted their haven on a tranquil 40-acre property in Texas, surrounded by the warmth and affection of their children and grandchildren. Preferring a life of simplicity, they have purposefully retreated from the constant glare of the media spotlight, remaining true to their Christian beliefs by regularly attending church.

Mary is immensely proud of her husband’s many achievements, including his business endeavours, his devotion as a clergyman, and his boxing victories. She effortlessly juggles her positions as a committed philanthropist, wife, and mother, finding great fulfilment in each role. As she considers the life they’ve created together and the enduring love that has accompanied their journey, her heart is overflowing with thankfulness.

Final Words

In the incredible saga of George Foreman’s life, Mary Joan Martelly shines as his rock, offering unwavering support and boundless love. Despite living in the shadows of her husband’s fame, Mary’s quiet strength and deep commitment to family and community speak volumes. From her humble beginnings in St. Lucia to her role as a devoted partner and philanthropist, Mary’s journey embodies the essence of the American Dream. While her story may not make front-page news, her impact is felt in the hearts of those she touches. As she and George find solace in the tranquility of their Texas home, Mary Joan Martelly remains the steadfast heartbeat of their family, embodying grace, humility, and the enduring power of love.

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