Arch Kelley III:Biography, Age, Family, Marraige Status, Wealth, Children, and More

Arch Kelley III, an esteemed American businessman born in 1952, holds the distinction of being the first ex-husband of Wynonna Judd, a prominent figure in the realm of country music. Despite his association with Judd’s fame, Kelley’s own lineage boasts a storied history within American success narratives.

While their romantic union has since dissolved, curiosity surrounding Arch Kelley III persists, testament to the enduring allure of celebrity connections. In a landscape where the public’s fascination often extends beyond the limelight, Kelley’s narrative remains intertwined with the broader tapestry of American cultural intrigue.

What defines Arch Kelley III?

Arch Kelley III isn’t just your typical businessman. He’s known to many as the former husband of the country music sensation Wynonna Ellen. Now, if you’ve been living under a rock, let me fill you in—Wynonna, originally named Christina Claire Ciminella, burst onto the music scene back in ’83, and boy, did she make waves! With her soulful voice and killer songwriting skills, she quickly became one of America’s favorite country artists.

Now, while Wynonna’s music has won her countless awards (seriously, she’s got a Billboard Music Award for Top Country Song under her belt!), her personal life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. Enter Arch Kelley III. Yep, he and Wynonna tied the knot for a whirlwind two years, causing quite the stir in the media.

But hey, life happens, and they went their separate ways. However, Arch didn’t just fade into the background. Nope, he’s still an important part of Wynonna’s world, especially as they co-parent their two kiddos.

So stay tuned if you’re interested in finding out more about the man behind the headlines. We’re going to reveal the true Arch Kelley III by removing the layers.

Arch kelley iii wiki

NameArch Kelley III
Age93 years old
Date of birthMarch 23, 1931
ex-WifeWynonna Judd (m. 1996; div. 1998)
SonElijah Judd
DaughterGrace Pauline Kelley
FatherArch Kelley Sr.
MotherPearl Potts
Net worth$2 million
Wikipedia of Arch kelley iii’s life

Biography of Arch Kelley III

Arch Kelley III hails from the heartland of the United States, born on March 23, 1931, in Dickson, Tennessee. His upbringing in this close-knit community was enriched by the love and guidance of his parents, Arch Kelley Sr. and Pearl Potts, alongside his siblings Claudia, Leah, and Frances.

Now at 93 years old, Arch’s journey has been marked by the cherished memories of his youth and the bonds forged within his family. His birthday falls on August 23, aligning him with the characteristics of a Virgo, a sign known for its practicality and attention to detail.

Arch’s spirit lives on even after his sister Frances passed away; his warm, dark brown eyes and curly, blonde hair bear witness to this. He remarkably stays healthy and energetic despite his advanced age, which is evidence of a life well-lived with the support of family and community.

Education of Arch Kelley III

Although the public has not been informed of the details of Arch Kelley III’s educational background, his achievements as a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur suggest that he had a foundation of knowledge and experience. With his past and accomplishments, it becomes sense to assume that he had a well-rounded education.

Kelley’s rise to prominence came not only through his business acumen but also through his high-profile marriage to country music sensation Wynonna Judd. In many cases, individuals of his caliber often possess a solid educational background, although this remains speculative in Kelley’s case.

Notably, Wynonna Judd herself has an impressive educational background, having completed her high school degree at home under a homeschooling program. Although she only attended the University of Kentucky for a short time before concentrating on her singing career, her dedication to study highlights how important education is in their family.

In essence, while the specifics of Arch Kelley III’s educational history may elude public scrutiny, his professional success and the educational pursuits of his ex-wife Wynonna Judd suggest a shared appreciation for the importance of education within their family sphere.

Relationship with Wynonna Judd’s

Picture of Arch Kelley III in a concert

Wynonna Judd, celebrated for her chart-topping tracks such as “A Bad Goodbye” and “Only Love,” has traversed the path of matrimony thrice in her lifetime. Her inaugural spouse, Arch Kelley, bore witness to the arrival of their firstborn, Elijah Judd, on December 23, 1994, preceding their formal union on January 21, 1996. However, their conjugal journey reached its conclusion in 1998. Subsequently, Wynonna exchanged vows with D. R. Roach in 2003, followed by her nuptials to Cactus Moser in 2012.

The Marraige journey of Arch Kelley III

In the intertwining of their lives, Arch Kelley III and the renowned American songstress Wynonna Judd found love’s embrace. Their union, forged in the fires of mutual affection, blossomed from a courtship that commenced in 1993, evolving steadily until they deemed themselves ready to embark on the journey of matrimony.

On the lucky day of January 21, 1996, in the bucolic setting of Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, Arch Kelley III and Wynonna Judd exchanged vows in a private ceremony attended only by close family members. This holy feast served as the pinnacle of their mutual dedication and as evidence of the strong relationship they had developed.

Arch Kelley III as a Wife

The queen of American country music, Wynonna Judd, has delighted listeners for decades with her timeless albums and smash singles. She and her mother, Naomi Judd, wowed crowds as the dynamic duet The Judds back in the colorful 1980s.

Even amidst her marriage to Arch Kelley III, Wynonna remained devoted to her musical passion. Their journey, however, had its share of twists and turns. In 1997, they decided to go their separate ways, ultimately ending their marriage the following year.

The offspring of Arch Kelley III

Arch Kelley III is a music maestro whose unmatched brilliance has engraved his name into the industry’s annals. His marriage to Wynonna Judd produced two extraordinary people: Elijah Judd and Grace Pauline Kelley.. This segment aims to illuminate the unique journeys embarked upon by Arch Kelley III’s offspring.

Elijah Judd

Elijah Judd son of Arch Kelley III

Elijah Judd entered the world on December 28, 1994, amidst the vibrant melodies of Nashville, Tennessee, marking the dawn of Arch Kelley III and Wynonna Judd’s parenthood journey. Raised in the musical embrace of Nashville, Elijah traversed the corridors of elementary and high school, though details regarding his tertiary education remain undisclosed.

Reports suggest Elijah’s involvement in bolstering his mother and grandmother’s musical endeavors, although the specifics remain shrouded in mystery. An aspiring musician himself, Elijah has graced the stage alongside his maternal figures, hinting at a promising future in the music industry.

Elijah finally found true love in the arms of Hailey Williams, his lifelong girlfriend. The two sealed their devotion with an engagement in 2017 and a vow exchange in 2020. Although the couple’s path to parenthood is unknown, Elijah exemplifies the enduring bonds of familial love by maintaining close relationships with both of his parents even after their divorce.

Grace Pauline Kelley

Grace Pauline Kelley entered the world on June 21, 1996, in the vibrant heart of Nashville, Tennessee, USA, where the melodies of country music intertwine with the rhythms of life. Her journey commenced amidst the union of her parents, with her mother carrying her tenderly in her womb as vows were exchanged with Arch Kelley III. Growing up alongside her elder brother in the musical tapestry of Nashville, Grace’s educational path led her to a boarding school, though details of further academic pursuits remain undisclosed.

However, Grace’s narrative took a tumultuous turn, garnering attention for reasons both distressing and concerning. Her tumultuous relationship with her mother stirred headlines during her teenage years, but it was her entanglement with the law that cast a shadow over her adult life. In 2015, she faced legal ramifications for involvement in the manufacturing, possession, delivery, and intent to sell methamphetamine in both Williamson and Maury Counties, Tennessee. Following a trial, she was found guilty and faced a substantial fine exceeding $3,000.

Despite legal interventions, Grace’s journey spiraled further as she violated court-mandated drug programs, leading to a sentencing of eight years in prison. Her scheduled release is anticipated in 2025, with a potential parole opportunity emerging on February 4, 2019, marking a poignant chapter in her quest for redemption and reconciliation.

What fate befell the daughter of Arch Kelley III?

Arch Kelley III’s daughter, Grace, encountered legal woes, entangled in a web of probation violations and charges linked to methamphetamine. Initially, she received a suspended sentence of 11 months and 29 days. However, subsequent transgressions, including probation breaches and evading a recovery court program, led to a harsher sentence of eight years in incarceration.

Was Arch Kelley III married again following his separation from Wynonna Judd?

Source of images featuring Arch Kelley and his former spouse Wynonna Judd

Details regarding Arch Kelley III’s marital status post-divorce from Wynonna Judd remain undisclosed. The 72-year-old maintains a staunch commitment to privacy, guarding his personal affairs closely from public scrutiny. While speculation may abound, Kelley has chosen not to divulge any information pertaining to his romantic life following his separation from Judd.

Wynonna Judd, on the other hand, has had her romantic journey more widely reported. After she and Kelley got divorced, she started seeing other people. On November 22, 2003, in Tennessee, she married Daniel Roach, her former bodyguard. Their marriage, however, was short-lived as Judd filed for divorce in March 2007 after Roach was detained on suspicion of committing crimes.

Subsequently, Judd found love again with Scott “Cactus” Moser, drummer for Highway 101. Their engagement was announced on December 24, 2011, culminating in marriage on June 10, 2012, at Judd’s residence in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. However, their marital bliss was tempered by tragedy when Moser sustained severe injuries in a motorcycle accident on August 18, 2012, resulting in the amputation of his left leg above the knee.

Net worth of Arch Kelley III

Prior to becoming married to Wynonna Judd, the rising star in country music, Arch Kelley III was a rising star in the business world. Although his exact net worth is unknown, it is believed to be in the neighborhood of $2 million.

Now, when it comes to Wynonna, she’s sitting pretty with an estimated net worth of about $12 million. Her music career has been a wild ride, spanning decades and earning her heaps of awards.

Even after their sexual relationship ended, Arch and Wynonna stay in touch, especially over their children. Arch’s excellent business endeavors and commitment to his family have undoubtedly contributed to his accumulation of fortune.

In the end, while Arch might not have pockets as deep as his ex, his hard work in business and his commitment to family make him a pretty big deal in his own right.

Arch Kelley III Career 

Arch Kelley III wasn’t always in the spotlight as Wynonna Judd’s husband. He had his own path in the business world before their high-profile relationship began. Although we don’t hear much about his specific business ventures, he made his mark.

Their love story started making headlines in 1993, and they tied the knot in a private ceremony three years later. After that, Arch shifted his focus to family life, supporting Wynonna’s career and getting involved in charity work. But like many relationships, theirs hit rough patches, leading to a separation in 1997 and divorce the next year.

Arch remained devoted to his children and a loving father even after their divorce. Sadly, his adventure came to an end in 2012, leaving behind memories of a supporting spouse, a loving father, and a prosperous businessman.

So, beyond the glitz of celebrity connections, Arch Kelley III’s story speaks to the complexities of life, love, and family, making him a significant figure in his own right.

Where is Arch Kelley III Now?

Details regarding the present circumstances of Arch Kelley III remain elusive. The ninety-year-old businessman continues to uphold his privacy, leading a quiet life as of the time of this report. Individuals like him often retire and may reside in elderly care facilities across the United States. While his exact location remains undisclosed, his last known whereabouts trace back to Tennessee.

Regarding his current marital status, uncertainty shrouds the answer. Whether he is single or otherwise remains undisclosed. However, based on previous reports, his relationship status post-divorce indicated singleness. Until further information emerges, it’s presumed that he remains single.

Furthermore, Arch Kelley III is known to have two children, Elijah and Grace. There’s no additional information available about potential offspring beyond these two.

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Final words

Arch Kelley III, a renowned American businessman, embarked on a remarkable journey intertwined with the captivating world of country music through his marriage to Wynonna Judd. Despite their union ending, Arch remains an enigmatic figure, his life story resonating with the essence of resilience and familial devotion. Amidst the glitz of celebrity, Arch’s narrative stands as a testament to the intricate tapestry of human experiences. Today, while specifics about his whereabouts and personal life remain veiled, Arch Kelley III’s enduring legacy persists, casting a gentle shadow upon the landscape of American cultural heritage.

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