Korina Harrison Age, Early Life, Bio, Career, Husband, Kids, And More

Korina Harrison, formerly wedded to Corey Harrison, a renowned figure from the popular television series Pawn Stars, shared a significant presence in American culture. Their union was marked by the arrival of a child, symbolizing a shared journey into parenthood.

Nevertheless, their matrimonial harmony was short-lived, leading to a dissolution of their marriage within a year. Familiarly known as Kiki, Korina Harrison remains an intriguing personality, particularly notable for her association with Corey. In the ensuing discourse, we will explore the nuances of Corey Harrison’s private life.

Early Life

Korina Harrison is a enigmatic figure, her early years veiled in mystery. Unlike her former spouse Corey, whose life has been extensively portrayed on television, Korina’s past remains largely unknown. Details about her upbringing, familial roots, and defining moments are sparse, leaving much room for speculation and intrigue.

One of the most captivating enigmas surrounding Korina is her age and birthplace. There are no public records to confirm these fundamental aspects of her identity, leaving fans to ponder and speculate. Some have speculated that she shares a similar age with Corey, drawing conclusions from their shared experiences during their brief marriage.

Details about Korina’s family and childhood are hard to come by, adding to the intrigue surrounding her background. Who were the people who influenced her life? What events and beliefs shaped her worldview? These questions remain unanswered, heightening the mystery surrounding Korina Harrison and her transition from anonymity to brief fame.

What is Korina Harrison’s Age?

Korina Harrison’s age remains a puzzle to the public, as she keeps her birthplace and birthdate under wraps. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Corey Harrison is a known quantity at forty years old, born on April 27, 1983, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This has sparked talk that Korina and Corey might be close in age.

Despite her connection to a famous reality TV personality, Korina Harrison has managed to maintain a private life away from the spotlight. This means details about her upbringing, family, and personal history are scarce.

As for her education and career, she’s kept those cards close to her chest. Essentially, she’s just an everyday person who found herself thrust into the limelight by marrying into reality TV fame. Many were eager to learn more about her life as she tied the knot with Corey Harrison, but their marriage turned out to be fleeting, leaving much of Korina’s story still untold.


Corey Harrison’s spouse stepped into the limelight through her close familial ties to Corey, a prominent entrepreneur in the United States. Corey holds significant influence in the renowned World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a partnership that has been integral to his success.

In addition to his business endeavors, Corey is a familiar face on the History TV series, Pawn Stars. Unfortunately, details about Corey Harrison’s wife’s life prior to her connection with Corey remain scarce. Exploring her professional background further could unveil more about her unique journey.

Despite her association with Corey’s thriving career, information regarding any accolades or recognition she may have received is currently unavailable. Shedding light on these aspects of her life could provide a deeper insight into Corey Harrison’s spouse and her distinct narrative.

What factors have contributed to Korina Harrison’s fame?

Entering a relationship with a globally renowned figure can unexpectedly thrust one into the spotlight, and for Korina Harrison, this journey to fame was unforeseen. What began as a personal connection with Corey eventually led to public curiosity about her life.

Over time, Korina’s striking beauty garnered attention not just in the United States but internationally, given the broad viewership of the television show Pawn Stars.

Like many celebrity spouses, beyond her association with Corey, Kiki has not gained fame for any other specific reason.

Marriage With Corey Harrison

Korina’s journey into the public eye began when she fell for Corey Harrison, the charismatic star of Pawn Stars. Their love story captured hearts, drawing attention from fans everywhere. Despite their different backgrounds, Korina and Corey bonded over shared experiences and affection.

In May 2017, they said “I do” in a cozy ceremony in San Diego, surrounded by their closest friends and family. It was a magical moment, a break from their hectic lives in the public eye, filled with dreams for the future.

News of Korina and Corey’s wedding spread like wildfire, sparking interest in their life together. Suddenly, Korina found herself in the spotlight, with every move watched closely. But she handled it all with grace, navigating her newfound fame with dignity and strength.

Life after divorce

Following the initial thrill of being married, Korina and Corey experienced some difficult times in their relationship. Just over a year after getting married, in August 2018, they took the difficult decision to call it quits, citing irreconcilable differences. Although their breakup’s specifics are yet unknown, speculations have been made concerning the challenges they encountered being a well-known couple in the public eye.

As Korina and Corey worked through the difficulties of divorce, the months that followed their breakup were unclear. They continued to choose their son Richard Benjamin Harrison’s welfare over all else, even in the face of an emotional cost.

After divorcing Corey, Korina chose to step back from the limelight and reclaim her privacy. Unlike some celebrity exes who thrive on media attention, she opted for a quieter life, prioritizing personal happiness over public scrutiny. Her decision showcases her strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Korina was the second spouse of Corey

Have you heard that Korina Harrison became Corey Harrison’s second wife? To put it simply, Corey had been married before meeting Korina, and his first wife was Charlene Harrison. Charlene and Big Hoss went their separate ways in 2015, two years before Corey tied the knot with Korina.

Although Korina and Corey’s marriage ended after just a year, Corey’s previous relationship with Charlene demonstrates his commitment. They were together from 2009 until 2015.

Charlene was significant to Corey because they were high school sweethearts. The specifics of their divorce remain private, as Charlene prefers to keep a low profile and has not appeared on Pawn Stars or in public interviews.

Korina and Corey Harrison became parents to a son, whom they named Richard Benjamin Harrison

Korina and Corey Harrison stirred attention with their decision to name their upcoming child Richard Benjamin Harrison, paying homage to Corey’s grandfather, Richard Harrison, before their divorce was finalized.

However, before the child’s arrival in October 2018, Korina and Corey’s divorce was officially concluded, leading them on separate paths. While Richard’s current circumstances remain undisclosed, it’s speculated that the former couple shares joint custody of him. Richard, along with Corey, represents the only children publicly known to be Korina Harrison’s.

Corey’s first marriage to Charlene Harrison, his high school sweetheart, did not yield any children. They married in 2009 and ended their union in divorce in 2015 after over five years together. To the best of public knowledge, Korina’s marriage to Corey marked her first.

Has Korina Harrison entered a new relationship since her divorce?

Korina Harrison maintains a notably private lifestyle, which makes it difficult to uncover details about her personal life. Since her split from Corey, she appears to have retreated from public view.

Meanwhile, Corey has moved forward and is currently in a relationship with Tara Pasley. Their relationship has been ongoing for some time.

Prior to marrying Korina Harrison, Corey had already been married. His previous marriage was to Charlene Harrison, which ended in 2015.

When Corey, the former husband of Korina Harrison, had a bathroom break at a bar

In 2014, there was a memorable incident involving Corey, the former husband of Korina Harrison. While on a motorcycle tour with friends, Corey, heavily intoxicated, publicly urinated in a bar. Surprisingly, he had no memory of the incident afterward.

Corey has a history of getting into trouble while under the influence. In a prior incident, he was involved in a confrontation with the police at a bar, resulting in his arrest. An eyewitness account of the event, reported by Nicki Swift, describes how Big Hoss dropped his pants and began urinating on a bar stool.

Korina Harrison Height And Weight

Korina Harrison leads a life with dual aspects, keeping certain details private. While specifics about her physical characteristics like height, weight, and bra size are not publicly available, her photographs reveal some features. Korina is seen with dark brown hair, striking dark blue eyes, and a fair complexion, contributing to her mysterious charm.

Net Worth

Korina Harrison’s career path and financial situation are somewhat mysterious, although she experienced a comfortable lifestyle during her marriage to her ex-husband. On the other hand, her former spouse, Corey Harrison, has accumulated a net worth of $4 million. His success is visible in his ownership of assets like the $385,000 property he bought back in 2011. Apart from real estate, Corey has a passion for collecting top-notch cars, revealing his affluent lifestyle and diverse interests.

Corey Harrison, Korina Harrison’s ex-husband, became well-known for his part in Pawn Stars

Ever since the History Channel introduced viewers to Pawn Stars in 2009, it has become a favorite source of entertainment for many.

Richard ‘Old Man’ Harris and Rick Harrison established the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in 1989, laying the foundation for the show’s behind-the-scenes insights into the establishment.

Corey, along with his childhood friend Austin Russell (Chumlee), was among the early participants in Pawn Stars. Over time, the show has soared in popularity, ranking second only to Jersey Shore in reality TV ratings on History.

Let’s delve into Corey’s journey. He took on responsibilities at the shop from a young age, starting at just 9 years old with tasks like cleaning knobs. In the 7th season, Corey had a heartfelt conversation with his grandfather and father, expressing his desire for a 10% stake in the shop or else he’d explore other job opportunities. Negotiations ultimately resulted in a raise and a 5% partnership in the business.

Corey faced charges for driving while intoxicated

Corey from Pawn Stars faced a DUI arrest in the early hours of September 11, 2023, while driving home in Las Vegas.

He was driving his white Ford F250 pickup and veered into the bike lane, violating traffic regulations.

Corey explained that he had only consumed a drink on his flight back from Minnesota.

Reports indicated that he wasn’t intoxicated or under the influence of any substances during his interaction with law enforcement.

Corey emphasized that he hadn’t consumed alcohol for seven hours, as his last drink was on the flight.

Despite requesting a breathalyzer test, the officer claimed the device wasn’t functional, and Corey had to undergo a sobriety test, which he failed, resulting in his arrest.

Corey upholding his father’s legacy

Initially, it was Corey’s father, Rick Harrison, who established the pawn shop.

Rick, alongside his father, Richard Benjamin, co-owned the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, inaugurating it in 1989. Currently, both Corey and Rick are proprietors of the establishment.

Rick’s father commenced with a small coin shop at the age of 16, collaborating with his father and eventually venturing into the pawn shop business.

Corey’s brother sadly lost his life due to a fatal overdose

Corey’s younger brother, Adam Harrison, is sadly no longer with us. He passed away tragically at the age of 39 due to a fatal overdose.

In the wake of Adam’s passing, Corey took to his Instagram to honor his younger brother. Alongside a childhood photo of them playing together in a bathtub, Corey wrote, “Wax wtf I will always love you, Bubba.”

Similarly, their father, Rick Harrison, also paid a heartfelt tribute on his Instagram account, expressing that Adam will always remain in his heart, accompanied by a heartbroken emoji.

Korina Harrison Husband Corey’s remarkable journey to lose weight

At one point, he tipped the scales at 402 pounds. But in 2010, after his doctor warned him about his pre-diabetic condition and prescribed medication, Corey knew he had to make some serious changes.

The news shook him to the core. On his way home from the doctor’s office, he spotted a place that did lap band surgery. Without a second thought, he pulled in and asked about the procedure. He opened up about this moment during an interview with GMA in 2014, talking about his weight loss journey.

Corey wasted no time. He went straight to the lap band center and got the surgery done almost immediately. But it wasn’t easy. Paying for it was a struggle—he had to put it all on four different credit cards. But he was determined. He couldn’t bear the thought of getting diabetes.

The outcomes were astounding. After the operation, Corey lost an incredible 50 pounds in just one week. And he lost an amazing 100 pounds in less than a year. It was all a result of his unwavering willpower and diligence.

In a GMA interview, Corey disclosed that he was limited to consuming four to five ounces of food at a time following the gastric band treatment. However, he felt better because his meals were healthier while being smaller.

Korina Harrison Social Media

Korina Harrison doesn’t have an Instagram presence, unlike her ex-husband who has amassed a significant following of over 440k fans under the username @realcoreyharrison. Interestingly, she seems to refrain from active participation on platforms like Twitter and Facebook as well.

Perception by the Media and the Public

Even though Korina prefers to keep a low profile, the media just can’t seem to get enough of her personal life. They’re always digging for details, sometimes blowing things out of proportion. But Korina? She’s not about to let anyone else define who she is.

You know, when Korina was with Corey from Pawn Stars, people were all over their relationship. It was like a fairytale to some, but when they split, it was all anyone could talk about. Through it all, though, Korina’s main focus has been on herself and her son, Richard.

It’s crazy how celebrity divorces can turn into such a circus, right? But Korina’s not one to get caught up in all that drama. She’s all about keeping the peace and staying true to herself, no matter what the world throws her way.

Where is Korina Harrison now?

Korina Harrison has chosen to step away from the spotlight, preferring a quieter life. While some reports suggest she resides and works in Las Vegas, she maintains a low profile, especially after her marriage ended.

Due to her preference for privacy, details about her current relationship status remain undisclosed. In contrast, Corey has been linked romantically with several women over the years but has yet to remarry.

Due to their cordial friendship and Corey’s sharing of personal images with Korina on Instagram, rumours of a potential reconciliation between Korina and Corey continued even after their divorce. Both, though, have advanced independently.

Corey continues his involvement in the Pawn Stars series while managing his family’s business. As for Korina, her activities post-divorce remain elusive. Although she was once active on Instagram, she deleted her account after the divorce and has since maintained a low online presence.

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Final Words

Korina Harrison’s journey, though intertwined with fame through her marriage to Corey Harrison, took a turn toward privacy post-divorce. Choosing to step back from the public eye, she’s become a symbol of grace amidst media frenzy. Her focus on personal well-being and raising her son, Richard, highlights her resilience and values. In a world of constant scrutiny, Korina’s decision to embrace a quieter life speaks volumes about her authenticity and strength. While rumors may swirl, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of happiness away from the spotlight. Through it all, Korina embodies the power of staying true to oneself, even when faced with the glare of fame’s harsh light.

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