Atila Altaunbay: Biography, Career, Relationships, Net Worth, and More

Hi everyone! Allow me to present to you Atila Altaunbay, who is very amazing! This woman isn’t your typical singer and model; she has a talent for captivating audiences with her charismatic performances. Atila, who was born in 1976, has been a scene-stealing talent for decades and isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. She will turn 48 in 2024, and she will still be putting it down with her love and commitment to her work.

Now, Atila’s story begins in Turkey, but her roots spread far and wide. Growing up in Belgium added a whole new layer of depth to her artistry, blending cultures and experiences into her unique style. So, get ready for a deep dive into the world of Atila Altaunbay. She’s not just a performer; she’s a living testament to talent, determination, and the beauty of diversity.

Atila Altaunbay’s Background

Let’s delve into the backstory of Atila Altaunbay. Born in 1976 in Turkey, he found his childhood roots stretching beyond borders to Belgium. Despite his Turkish heritage, Atila’s upbringing in Belgium added layers to his cultural identity.

Beyond his diverse background, Atila possesses a wide array of skills, ranging from CPR training to honing his vocal talents through singing lessons. Notably, his expertise extends to combat, a skill vital to his profession as a bodyguard.

The plot thickens when Atila’s journey intertwines with that of Grace Jones, sparking public interest. Their paths initially crossed in Belgium, where Atila served as Grace’s devoted bodyguard. Yet, beyond the professional realm, their connection blossomed against the backdrop of shared experiences in Belgium, marking the beginning of a distinctive personal and professional partnership.


Let’s take a peek into Atila Altaunbay’s family life. Atila was born into a close-knit Turkish family back in 1976. Despite his Turkish roots, his family’s journey took them beyond borders to Belgium, where Atila spent his formative years.

Even though there may not be much information available about his family, it is reasonable to infer that Atila has close relationships with those who are close to him and that he gets strength and support from them. Atila’s family get-togethers, with their laughing, stories, and shared meals, probably have a big impact on his life and help to keep him grounded in the frenzy of his career pursuits.. And who knows? Perhaps his family’s influence has shaped his path, guiding him towards his remarkable career as a singer, model, and protector.

Father of Atila Altaunbay

A major influence in Atila Altaunbay’s life was his father, a man of quiet strength and unfailing devotion. He was Turkish and gave Atila a strong respect for cultural history and family values. Under his tutelage, Atila acquired the values of perseverance and resolve, which would prove beneficial in pursuing his interests and overcoming obstacles in life. In addition to being a parent, he served as a confidant and mentor, constantly providing encouragement and support as Atila set out to forge his own route in life.

Mother of Atila Altaunbay

Atila’s mother was a graceful and strong woman who filled a variety of roles in his life, including confidante, mentor, and caregiver. Her constant encouragement and support gave him the drive to achieve his goals and follow his objectives despite obstacles in his path.

Despite the geographical distance that may separate them at times, the bond between Atila and his mother remains unbreakable. Her love and wisdom continue to guide him, shaping him into the remarkable individual he is today.

Atila Altaunbay’s Physical Attributes

Atila Altaunbay entered the epic story of life in 1976, and as 2024 approaches, he commemorates 48 years of existence. Imagine him at five feet seven inches tall and carrying 68 kilograms, or 149 pounds, with him on his voyage. But Atila is more than these figures; his life narrative is a tapestry woven with singular encounters, wisdom gained, and the substance that gives the journey of life meaning.

Atila Altaunbay Tied the Knot

Atila Altaunbay’s journey to matrimony with Grace was influenced by the dynamics of his family’s business. As they spent more time together, their bond deepened, gradually blossoming into a romantic connection, discreetly shielded from public eyes. A significant turning point arrived when Grace took the initiative and proposed to Atila, leading to their union on February 24, 1996.

Their intimate wedding, officiated by the Presbyterian Ministry, took place in a private residence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a modest gathering of approximately fifty guests. Following the festivities, the newlyweds embarked on a honeymoon in New York. However, familial disapproval loomed over their union due to traditional beliefs centered around age.

Atila, being the youngest in his family, encountered resistance from his parents, who adhered to the notion that marriages should follow a hierarchical order based on age. Despite familial objections, Atila and Grace chose to forge their path together, seeking refuge in Brazil. Upon their return to Syracuse, another wedding ceremony was arranged by Grace and Atila’s father, symbolizing their commitment.

Despite their efforts, Grace and Atila’s marriage faced challenges and ultimately ended in 2004 after seven years. Their journey from Brazil to Syracuse mirrored the complexities of their relationship, marked by familial opposition and the eventual dissolution of their marital bond.

A Brief Overview of Grace Jones’s Life

Grace Jones entered the world on May 19, 1948, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, embraced by the warmth of her parents, Robert W. Jones and Marjorie Jones. At the age of twelve, she embarked on a transformative journey alongside her parents and four siblings, trading the laid-back atmosphere of Jamaica for the bustling streets of New York City.

Grace’s professional narrative is a tapestry rich with her talents in writing, modeling, acting, and the enchanting rhythm of singing and dancing.

In the late ’70s to the early ’80s, love found its way into Grace’s life in the form of Jean-Paul Goude. Over time, she also shared moments with music producer Chris Stanley, igniting speculation about matrimonial plans. However, in 2015, Grace clarified that their romance was fleeting.

Then, in 1996, a new chapter unfolded as Atila Altaunbay entered Grace’s story, culminating in their wedding—a significant milestone in her journey. Beyond the glamour, Grace’s tale is one of love, creativity, and the unpredictable twists that define the human experience.

Are there any children in his life?

While Atila Altaunbay may not have children of his own, he embraced the role of a father figure in Grace Jones’s family. Prior to her marriage to Atila, Grace had a seven-year relationship with Paulo Goude, a graphic designer, and they shared a child together.

Through their union, Paulo and Grace welcomed a granddaughter, thus making Atila a step-grandfather. Despite the absence of biological connections, Atila played an integral role in the family, offering paternal support and care to Grace’s son and their granddaughter.

Was there ever an attempt by Atila Altaunbay to harm Grace Jones?

The marriage between Atila and Grace Jones abruptly ended in 2004 amidst intense circumstances. Tensions escalated during an argument when Atila allegedly wielded a knife, threatening Grace with harm. According to Grace’s account, Atila, consumed by jealousy, held the knife to her throat during their dispute. Subsequently, he departed from their residence and has remained unreachable since, retreating to his family.

Reports indicate that Atila grappled with jealousy, particularly when Grace garnered attention from other men, which seemed to exacerbate his insecurities.

Despite their separation, the legal proceedings for their divorce remained unresolved, leaving them technically still married. This incident marked a tumultuous conclusion to their relationship, marred by the intensity of the altercation and Atila’s threatening conduct.

Is Atila Altaunbay both the first and final husband of Grace Jones?

Before and after her involvement with Atila, Grace Jones had never entered into matrimony. The renowned model had been engaged in numerous notable relationships over the years.

One particularly noteworthy relationship was with Chris Stanley, which stirred speculation about marriage. However, Grace addressed these rumors in her 2015 memoir, refuting claims of marriage and disclosing that their romantic involvement lasted only a few years. Despite the absence of formal nuptials, Grace Jones’s romantic journey has been characterized by substantial connections and public intrigue.

Grace Jones’s Career Achievements

As mentioned previously, Atila’s former partner is a notable figure in the entertainment industry. She stands out from the crowd, having made a significant impact on the music scene with 10 studio albums and an impressive portfolio of over twenty-one film appearances. What truly distinguishes her are the accolades she has received, such as the Voice of a Woman Awards in 2017 and the Q Awards in 2008. Her journey is defined by talent, passion, and a wealth of well-deserved recognition; it transcends mere celebrity status.

Atila Altaunbay Career

Atila Altaunbay has showcased his talents on stage in various theatrical productions, with a standout role in the critically acclaimed film, “Mind Games.” In addition to his acting pursuits, he has delved into the realm of modeling, collaborating with the renowned Grace Jones. His multifaceted abilities have enabled him to make an impact both in the dramatic arena and the world of fashion, alongside an iconic figure in the industry.

Atila Altaunbay’s Financial Worth

Reports suggest that Atila Altaunbay’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000. Although often described as an entertainer, his main source of income stemmed from his profession as a bodyguard. Conversely, his former partner, Grace Jones, boasts a net worth of $7 million, amassed over her illustrious 51-year career in the entertainment industry. While Atila found financial stability in the security sector, Grace’s wealth is a testament to her accomplishments and enduring presence in entertainment.


The spotlight intensified on Atila following Grace’s revelation of threatening behavior during a heated dispute, shedding light on the complexities of their relationship. Grace further explored their union in her autobiography, highlighting the significant age disparity between them—Atila in his early 20s and Grace in her late 40s at the time of their marriage.

Adding to the colorful chapters of Grace’s life, she encountered repercussions at the Happiest Place on Earth. Following a live performance at the Downtown Disney House of Blues in Florida in 1998, Grace faced a permanent ban from all Disney properties. The incident, which involved her provocative actions on stage, including exposing herself and smoking, reverberated beyond the confines of the performance venue, leaving a lasting impact.

Social Media Profiles

Since his separation from Grace Jones, Atila seems to have retreated from the public eye. Interestingly, unless he has adopted a new persona, Atila appears to have left no digital footprint on social media or other online platforms.

In contrast, Grace Jones maintains an active presence online, engaging with her audience across various social media channels. With a significant fan base, she boasts 502K followers on Facebook, 64.8K on Twitter, and 308K on Instagram. Additionally, Paulo maintains an Instagram presence under the username @nappymogul, where he has amassed 4K followers. While Atila prefers to keep a low profile, Grace and Paulo continue to engage with their audience in the digital realm.

What is Atila Altaunbay’s Current Whereabouts?

Since parting ways with Grace, Atila has opted for a more private lifestyle, keeping a low profile in public. As previously mentioned, Grace indicated that he returned to his family and has remained unreachable ever since. Conversely, Grace continues to maintain her prominence and influence in the entertainment industry, even at the age of 75. While Atila has chosen a path of privacy, Grace’s career and impact continue to resonate in the public sphere.

Final Words

In the rich tapestry of life, Atila Altaunbay stands as a fascinating character, weaving together a diverse array of talents and life experiences. Born in 1976, his journey has taken him from the streets of Turkey to the cultural melting pot of Belgium, infusing his story with layers of cultural depth and personal growth. Atila’s career, spanning the worlds of theater, modeling, and personal security, intersects with the vibrant presence of Grace Jones, creating a narrative brimming with intrigue and complexity.

Despite once being in the limelight, Atila now prefers a quieter existence, stepping back from public view after his split from Grace. Meanwhile, Grace Jones continues to cast her influential shadow over the entertainment industry, her legacy enduring through decades of groundbreaking achievements.

Atila’s intriguing aura and Grace’s indomitable energy reverberate deeply as their interwoven stories unfold, creating an unforgettable impression on anyone who discover their tales. The journey of Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones is a moving reminder of the enduring power of talent, resilience, and the human spirit in a world full of stories of triumph and adversity.

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