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Quinn Fogle is quite familiar to many, thanks to her well-known parents. You might recognize her dad, Jared Fogle, who used to be the face of Subway. As for her mom, Kathleen McLaughlin, she’s an American teacher.

Even though Quinn’s family is often in the public eye, she likes to keep her personal life private. Right now, she’s really into her studies and other academic stuff.

Who Is Quinn Fogle?

Quinn Fogle, hailing from Indiana, USA, is the daughter of a renowned American speaker. Currently in middle school at the age of 10 (born in 2013), she harbors dreams of venturing into the world of music as a singer.


Currently in the midst of middle school, she’s relishing the carefree joys of nine-year-old life, fully embracing every moment. With dreams of pursuing a career as a singer once her educational journey concludes, she’s showcasing commendable dedication to her studies. Both her teachers and family applaud her commitment to learning, nurturing optimism for her future success as a diligent scholar.

Quinn Fogle Biography

Born in the United States in 2013, Quinn Fogle is a 10-year-old whose zodiac sign remains a delightful mystery. Her parents, Jared Scott and Katie McLaughlin, along with her younger brother, Brady Fogle, make up her cherished family circle. Grandparents Norman and Adrienne Fogle stand proudly as part of her extended family.

Though her educational journey remains private, Quinn thrives in the warmth of her family as she navigates her formative years.

Quinn Fogle Career

Quinn Fogle is notably low-key in the media, emphasizing her dedication to her schooling and academic pursuits. Even at her young age, she places a high priority on maintaining privacy in her personal life.

As Quinn grows older, she’s bound to encounter a range of possibilities to explore and chase after a career that resonates with her interests. This early emphasis on academics lays the foundation for a bright and rewarding future ahead.

Quinn Fogle’s Net Worth

Currently, Quinn Fogle is not engaged in any profession or occupation, which means she does not have personal earnings or a net worth of her own.

On the other hand, her father, Jared Scott Fogle, has a net worth of $4 million as of 2024, despite experiencing a notable decline in his career. Despite the challenges he has faced, Jared has been able to sustain considerable wealth.

Jared Scott and Katie McLaughlin are Quinn Fogle’s parents

Quinn McLaughlin, aka Katie, and Jared Fogle welcomed Quinn into the world in Zionsville, Indiana, in 2013. At Indiana University, where they were both studying, they first crossed paths in 2000 and their journey started.

Their lovely August 2010 wedding marked the culmination of their 2009 engagement celebration. The family experienced great excitement upon the arrival of their son Brady in 2011. Quinn came along to complete their family two years later, in 2013.

Quinn’s father Jared was once the well-known face of Subway eateries; Kathleen, Quinn’s mother, is an Indiana teacher. Jared’s previous marriage, which lasted from 2001 to 2007, was to Elizabeth Christie.

Brother and sister

Quinn Fogle prefers to keep her personal life private, particularly when it comes to her relationship with her siblings. As a young person, she values her privacy and devotes her attention to school and family matters. While she shares a strong bond with her younger brother, Brady Fogle, specifics about their relationship remain undisclosed. At this stage, Quinn finds joy in spending quality time with her brother, fostering their sibling connection away from the public eye.

Quinn Fogle’s parents divorced in 2015

Kathleen and Jared made the difficult choice to end their marriage on August 19, 2015, shortly after the spokesperson’s arrest for allegations related to child exploitation. During the divorce proceedings, Jared agreed to provide Kathleen with a significant settlement of $7 million. Amidst these trying circumstances, Kathleen was also awarded sole custody of their children.

The scandal and marital split

In the middle of the turmoil surrounding Jared Fogle’s arrest and ensuing legal issues, focus shifted to how critical it is to protect kids in trying circumstances. The once peaceful lives of the Fogle family was clouded by the collapse of the former Subway spokesperson, who was involved in accusations of child exploitation. In 2015, a well-publicized controversy forced them to confront the hard realities of their situation, leading Quinn’s mother Kathleen McLaughlin to come out as a source of strength and encouragement. Kathleen’s fortitude and unshakable devotion to her family came through in the face of hardship, offering consolation and stability in the midst of turbulence.

Jared Fogle’s arrest wasn’t just hard on him; it also ended his marriage with Kathleen.

Just a month after all the drama started, Kathleen showed how devoted she was to making sure Quinn Fogle and Brady were safe and secure during the divorce. As part of the settlement, Jared gave Kathleen a significant amount of $7 million, confirming Kathleen’s role as the main caregiver for their kids. Kathleen’s strength during this tough period shows what a dedicated mother she is, always putting her children first and protecting them from the difficulties caused by their father’s actions.

Unveiling the Journey to Stardom: A Look into the Life of Quinn Fogle’s Father, Jared Scott

In April 1999, Jared Fogle’s remarkable weight loss journey grabbed the public’s interest after a former dormmate shared his story in the Indiana Daily Student. His astonishing transformation, shedding an impressive 245 pounds with a blend of exercise and a Subway sandwich diet, gained prominence in an article titled “Stupid Diets… That Work!” published in Men’s Health magazine. This captivating narrative not only inspired countless individuals seeking weight loss solutions but also propelled Jared into the spotlight, marking the beginning of his journey to fame and recognition.

Expanding on his achievements, Subway initiated a TV advertising campaign on January 1, 2000, leveraging Jared’s success. Rapidly, Jared became synonymous with Subway, featuring prominently in various commercials and even serving as inspiration for a South Park episode. In 2008, a commercial commemorated his decade-long weight management journey, solidifying his association with the Subway brand and further cementing his status as a public figure. This strategic marketing approach not only propelled Subway’s brand recognition but also elevated Jared’s profile, contributing to his widespread recognition and influence in popular culture.

Even after parting ways with Subway in 2008, Jared ventured into diverse opportunities, such as appearances in WWE and roles in the Sharknado film series. His presence was notable in nearly 300 advertisements by 2013, playing a pivotal role in boosting Subway’s sales from 1998 to 2011. Despite the conclusion of his formal association with Subway, Jared continued to explore avenues to maintain his public presence and contribute to various entertainment ventures. This diversification of activities showcased Jared’s adaptability and resilience in navigating the evolving landscape of media and entertainment.

The downturn in Jared Scott’s life

Jared’s appearances in Subway advertisements helped pave the way for his rise to stardom, but a startling discovery damaged his reputation. It was revealed, quite disturbingly, that he had engaged in inappropriate pedophilic behaviour.

Jared told radio host Rochelle Herman-Walrond that he had an unwanted interest to young girls, especially middle school girls, in a worrying admission. This revelation greatly troubled Rochelle, who immediately reported Jared to the FBI. His arrest by the FBI in 2015 resulted from further investigations, and after being found guilty, he was given a sentence of 15 years and eight months in jail.

Jared’s misbehaviour also included Rochelle’s kids, since he requested her to put a camera in their room without getting their permission. The FBI continued their investigation in spite of early difficulties obtaining proof. They eventually found footage of further victims, which prompted the seizure of Jared’s possessions, including his computer and paperwork.

How did the offspring of Jared Fogle, namely Quinn Fogle and Brady Fogle, cope following his apprehension?

Kathleen, now McLaughlin, has been awarded a settlement of $7 million along with legal and physical custody of their two children, Brady and Quinn Fogle, as per the records obtained from Boone County Superior Court documents.

During the divorce proceedings, Kathleen demonstrated a steadfast commitment to ensuring a stable and nurturing environment for their young children amidst the difficulties they faced. She opted to avoid residing in Indiana due to heightened media scrutiny. The divorce filings underscore the irreparable breakdown of their marriage, necessitating its termination.

As of recent reports, Jared has been estranged from his children since August 2015. Despite his request for regular visitation rights while incarcerated, Kathleen’s legal representation contested, citing concerns outlined in the divorce petition regarding Jared’s criminal activities involving child exploitation. The safety and well-being of the children took precedence over any potential harm posed by the father.

In a gesture of goodwill, Kathleen has consented to allowing Jared to maintain communication with their children through phone calls.

Jared Contemplates His Journey Through Incarceration

From within the confines of prison walls, Jared extends a heartfelt letter, expressing profound regret for the decisions that led him astray. With candor, he acknowledges the gravity of his missteps, recognizing the serious errors that resulted in his current incarceration. Providing insights into his daily routine behind bars, Jared shares how staying occupied has become an essential coping strategy.

Jared faces the hard truth about how his choices have affected his family and doesn’t back down from it. He finds strength in his loved ones’ unflinching support, despite his own disappointment. He feels excited and hopeful about the possibility of getting back together with them and starting over.

It’s imperative to grasp the severity of Jared’s offense – possessing a significant collection of illicit and harmful content involving minors, reflecting a troubling fixation.

While Jared’s sentence of 15 years and 4 months may appear lenient to some, given the egregious nature of his crimes, there’s a unanimous agreement that crimes related to child exploitation demand stern repercussions.

Jared’s letter essentially expresses his regret, his attempts to deal with life in jail, his want for a reunion with his family, and his earnest recognition of the seriousness of his acts and its far-reaching effects.

The official statement issued by Kathleen reads as follows

“My utmost priority lies in ensuring the welfare of my children. Neither I nor my family will be making any further statements regarding this matter. I kindly urge everyone to respect my family’s privacy during this challenging period.

Reflecting back twelve months ago, I found myself grappling with disbelief; my primary focus was on protecting my children,” Kathleen disclosed. Continuing, she remarked, “Numerous questions have arisen in the ensuing months.

She further expressed, “My little ones, aged three and five, often inquire about their father’s situation and where he is. As they grow older, their curiosity only deepens, and I believe honesty is paramount in addressing their concerns. It’s crucial for me to approach their questions openly and sincerely, ensuring they feel supported and informed as they navigate this complex situation.”

Relocating the Family and Enforcing Safety Protocols

Amidst intense public scrutiny and potential threats, Kathleen took decisive action to relocate the family, prioritizing the safety and well-being of Quinn Fogle and Brady above all else. This relocation wasn’t merely a change of scenery; it was a carefully considered strategy aimed at creating a protective barrier around the children. The significance of this decision was underscored by a court ruling that mandated Jared could only have supervised contact with his children, emphasizing the paramount importance of safeguarding the children in the eyes of the public.

The family sought refuge in a secluded location, shielding Quinn Fogle from the intrusive gaze of the media and curious onlookers. Kathleen’s strategic choices reflected her unwavering dedication to providing Quinn and Brady with a sense of security and normalcy, despite the challenges posed by their father’s actions. It illustrated the depths a mother will go to shield her children from the harsh consequences stemming from their father’s misdeeds.

Quinn Fogle’s Personal Life

Growing up as an eleven-year-old isn’t easy, especially for Quinn, who’s faced her family’s rocky past. With her father’s actions casting a shadow, Quinn finds herself navigating the tricky waters of adolescence while trying to keep things normal.

Quinn’s parents have taken a risk by deciding not to use social media at all in order to keep her safe online. Kathleen does this to make sure her kids are safe from the threats that can be found online. They hope to live a more tranquil, well-balanced family life away from the incessant noise of the digital world by choosing not to use social media.


At her youthful age, Quinn Fogle isn’t currently involved in any romantic relationships. She envisions the idea of finding a life partner as something reserved for the future, when she feels ready to navigate such decisions independently.

In contrast, her father, Jared, has experienced multiple marriages. His initial union was with pediatric nurse Elizabeth Christie in 2001, but unfortunately, they went their separate ways in 2007.

After a short break of two years, Jared embarked on a new journey of love with Kathleen McLaughlin, who worked as a teacher. Their union was celebrated with marriage vows exchanged in 2011. Although the arrival of their two children, Quinn and Brady Fogle, brought immense happiness, the marriage faced difficulties that unfortunately led to their eventual divorce. Despite their efforts, challenges arose, highlighting the complexities of relationships and the need for understanding and resilience in navigating them.

Body Measurements

Quinn Fogle’s parents have consciously opted to shield her from public exposure, ensuring that information regarding her physical attributes like height, weight, eye color, and hair color remains private.

Likewise, Quinn herself has opted to refrain from making any appearances on social media platforms, signifying her absence from these online networks as well.

Social media

Quinn Fogle currently maintains a private stance on social media, with no public accounts in her name. Given her family’s emphasis on privacy, it’s probable that she isn’t extensively engaged with social media platforms, especially considering her youth. However, as she matures, she may opt to create profiles on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, should she desire. Until then, her personal life remains largely shielded from the online public sphere.

Where can Quinn Fogle be found at the moment?

At the moment, Quinn Fogle resides in Indiana with her brother and mother. Her mother concluded it was better to relocate them to Indiana following her father’s apprehension and an FBI raid on their residence.

Because of her father’s legal issues, Quinn’s mother, Katie, moved her kids to a hidden place to make sure they were secure. Additionally, the court ordered that Jared could only see his kids under the supervision of his parole officer.

Quinn is now ten years old and is likely focusing on her schoolwork and other activities. She was just three when her father was arrested, so she hasn’t had the chance to see him since then.

Final Words

Quinn Fogle, daughter of Jared Fogle and Kathleen McLaughlin, prefers a low-key life away from the spotlight. Born in 2013, she’s currently focusing on school and nurturing dreams of becoming a singer. Despite her family’s challenges, Quinn finds solace in her studies and spending time with her brother, Brady. Her parents prioritize privacy and safety, shielding her from social media and media attention. Kathleen ensures a stable environment for Quinn and Brady, relocating them to Indiana post-Jared’s arrest. As Quinn navigates adolescence, her family’s support remains vital, guiding her toward a bright future filled with promise and opportunity.

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