Della beatrice howard robinson: Age, Bio, Parents, Education, Career, Children, And More

Ray Charles Robinson Sr., better known as Ray Charles, is a legendary figure in the music field and both singer & songwriter belong to him when it comes to playing the piano that would touch everyone all across. However, beneath his musical genius is a story of love; struggles and an unyielding resilience. At the heart of Ray Charles’ personal epic was Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, who went on to marry him as his second wife and remained a key figure in his life for more than 20 years. This blog post takes you on a detailed trip down memory lane of Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, exploring more about how she grew up before talking about her marriage to Ray Charles and the legacy she hand over.


Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, born in 1929 in Los Angeles, California, is a notable figure known for her contributions to gospel music and her significant personal journey. Raised by her mother in a supportive community environment, she developed a deep passion for music from an early age. Della’s talent as a gospel singer quickly gained recognition, leading to a successful career marked by powerful performances both on stage and on radio. Her distinct voice and heartfelt renditions earned her a devoted following and opportunities to record several gospel albums, establishing her as a respected name in the genre.

In addition to her music, Della led an extraordinary life that saw some her journey’s cross path with the likes of Ray Charles whom she met in 1954 and turned out be transformative for both parties. Forged by the struggles and advances of her ancestors, she used a mix of unbreakable spirit and stubborn resolve to navigate both adversities as well as successes.

The Legacy of Della Beatrice Howard Robinson lives on in the annals of music history as well as the enriching experience her life has had upon gospel music and those individuals who have experienced both through work, song and character.

Early Life and Education

Born 1929 in Los Angeles, California Della Beatrice Howard Robinson (aka ‘Bea’) The early years of her life were marked by a difficult family life; she was raised largely in isolation after the separation (and later divorce) of her parents shortly following Kendra’s birth, and thus spent substantial time alone consisting mostly extra-curricular activities. Bea had a tough upbringing, but one also full of resilience and solidarity.

Educationally, Bea attended school in Richmond, California, but her formal schooling was curtailed after the fourth grade. Despite this setback, she remained a passionate learner, finding solace and inspiration in music. Her earliest exposure to singing came through the church choir at Cecil Shaw’s church, where gospel music played a transformative role in her young life. It was here that Bea’s talent for singing began to flourish, nurtured by the spiritual and communal atmosphere of the church.

Beyond her musical interests, Bea’s upbringing instilled in her a strong work ethic and a resourceful spirit. Raised in a single-parent household, she witnessed firsthand the dedication and sacrifices her mother made to provide for their family. These formative years not only shaped Bea’s character but also fueled her determination to carve out a meaningful life for herself.

The community environment in which Bea was raised further enriched her perspective on life. Surrounded by supportive neighbors and church members, she developed a deep appreciation for community bonds and the power of faith. These values would later influence her approach to relationships and her steadfast commitment to her family.

As Bea grew up, this music love blossomed and became something to bring her happiness and give purpose. Despite the struggles she’s had since begin pian her career in 2011, she decided to not let that change what made her happiest: singing. The gospel music that filled her church gave her not only a creative inspiration, but spiritual solace during troubled times.

Overall, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson had a childhood shaped by strength and hardship with friends being his safety net along the way playing music of all kinds drawn from church. Her narrative is a living proof of the indomitable nature faith, grit and music in moulding your life story.

Parents of Della beatrice howard robinson

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, famous for her gospel singing chops and marriage to the iconic Ray Charles had parents who shaped her life from an early age. Growing up, her father (whose name is not readily available) was an influential presence in her life – teaching the importance of character and hard work that would define as much of it as there exists documentation for. Nurtured by her mother, Mary Jane Howard, Della was swept along on the tide of life and love that enabled her early musical dreams.

Growing up in a family that valued faith and music, Della’s parents cultivated an environment where she could develop her vocal abilities and spiritual grounding. Their home in Houston, Texas, provided a backdrop of southern culture and community, which influenced her gospel style and deep connection to music. Though specific details about her parents’ professions or personal lives are not extensively documented, their influence on Della’s early years is evident in her passion for gospel music and her eventual success in the music industry.

Through their guidance and support, Della Howard Robinson grew into a talented vocalist who would later contribute significantly to the gospel music scene and, through her marriage, become a notable figure in the world of rhythm and blues alongside Ray Charles.

Age of Della beatrice howard robinson

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, born in 1929 in Los Angeles, California, is currently 95 years old. Her upbringing was shaped significantly by her mother, as her father was absent from her life shortly after her birth. Details about her family background and siblings remain limited, but it is known that her parents never married.

The price of my early education was high, at least in terms of distance-my mother had raised me alone for many years by the time I started school and wound up having to live as a ward of the state 500 miles from home. Overcoming her difficult childhood, she has lived life on her terms with determination to follow the path of education.

Emerging in the Gospel Music Scene

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson’s musical journey began in the realm of gospel music. She showcased her exceptional talent as a singer, performing passionately both live and on radio alongside her church bandmates. Recognized for her powerful voice, she soon secured a recording contract, producing a series of gospel hits that adorned album covers and solidified her reputation in the gospel music community.

Personal Life and Community Influence

Details regarding Della Beatrice Howard Robinson’s family background are scarce, yet it is clear she was raised in a close-knit community where music played a pivotal role. This nurturing environment undoubtedly shaped her character, fostering the resilience and determination that defined her career and personal life.

Encountering Ray Charles

Della’s life took a pivotal turn when she crossed paths with Ray Charles in Houston, Texas, during 1954. In her mid-20s and flourishing in her musical pursuits, their initial meeting at a hotel marked the beginning of a profound relationship. Little did she anticipate that this chance encounter would pave the way for enduring impact and significance in her life.

A Serendipitous Encounter

That year, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson was helping out as a ladysinger in Houston when she came up for air from her music world. Fate intervened during this trip, when she crossed paths with a man who would come to mean so much to her: Ray Charles. That first meet, in an hotel of all fucking places had ignited something between them which would set their lives on a path neither could perceive.

First Impressions and Early Relationship

Ray Charles, already a rising star in the music world known for his innovative blend of rhythm and blues, was immediately drawn to Della’s charm and musical prowess. Della, although aware of Ray’s growing fame, saw him not just as an artist but as a kindred spirit. Their early conversations revealed a shared passion for music and a deep appreciation for life’s intricacies, laying the foundation for a profound and lasting bond.

The Courtship

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson was a gifted gospel singer in her mid-twenties who had ambitions to make it big somewhere when, in 1954, she serendipitously wound up singing and studying the fledgling music scene of Houston, Texas. Fate would step in, however during this particular stop and she found herself making the acquaintance a man known as Ray Charles that was about to change her life forever. The unlikely first encounter, in a hotel of all places, set off chain events that would impact their future in ways neither could have possibly predicted.

Balancing Fame and Family

Living alongside a music icon such as Ray Charles was far from ordinary. In the initial years of their marriage, life was a whirlwind of constant tours, recording sessions, and public engagements. Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, always supportive of Ray’s musical journey, often found herself grappling with the intricate challenges of living under the spotlight. Striking a balance between her duties as a devoted wife and nurturing mother amid the demands of Ray’s career demanded both resilience and flexibility.

Raising a Family

Della and Ray were blessed with three sons: Ray Charles Jr., born in May 1955, followed by David and Robert in subsequent years. Della devoted herself wholeheartedly to nurturing their children, creating a nurturing and secure environment amid the bustling music industry. As a mother, her primary focus was ensuring that her sons experienced stability and love, despite the fame and hectic schedule of their father. She tirelessly dedicated herself to their upbringing, imparting values and providing guidance that would help them navigate the complexities of their unique family situation.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson’s Children

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson is the mother of three children: Ray Charles Robinson Jr., David Robinson, and Robert Robinson. Their eldest, Ray Jr., was born in May 1955, shortly after Della and Ray Charles married. This timeline indicates that Della was pregnant during their wedding ceremony.

In the following years, Della and Ray Charles welcomed two more sons, David and Robert, completing their family of five. The births of David and Robert occurred within the span of three years after their marriage, solidifying the Robinson family unit amidst Ray Charles’ burgeoning music career and the challenges they faced together.

Struggles and Obstacles

Life with Ray Charles presented significant challenges. Ray struggled with drug addiction and infidelity, which strained their marriage deeply. In it light, Della was an amazing force of strength keeping countless numbers in the dark from their chaotic lives with Ray and a solid back bone against which our children will always remember as part even during those trials. Through it all she was a loyal companion and she wished for the best but as difficult times continued, prepared for worst.

The Decision to Divorce

In the end, by 1977 Della could take no more pressure and divorce was unvoidable. Ray’s ongoing issues with addiction and numerous extramarital affairs factored into the choice. Della was ready to embrace a new chapter, one in which she began the process of rediscovering who she really is and taking care of herself first.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson: Ray Charles’ Wife for 22 Years

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson and Ray Charles first crossed paths in 1954 in Houston, Texas. At that time, Della, in her mid-20s, was thriving in her singing career. Their initial meeting at a hotel was brief, and Della did not anticipate seeing him again as they did not exchange contacts. Interestingly, fate seemed to intervene as they continued to encounter each other in various places, leading Della to ponder whether these meetings were mere coincidences.

After several chance meetings, they eventually began dating, and within a year, on April 5, 1955, they decided to marry. Their wedding ceremony took place in a modest setting in Dallas, Texas, with minimal extravagance. Despite Ray’s early struggles to establish himself in the music industry and financial hardships, the early years of their marriage appeared to be happy and without significant troubles.

The Couple Filed for Divorce in 1977

After 22 years of marriage, Della Beatrice and Ray Charles finalized their divorce in 1977, following a separation in 1976. The details surrounding their separation and divorce were kept private from the media. Della initiated the divorce proceedings due to Ray Charles’s reported extramarital affairs and struggles with drug addiction.

Ray Charles was famously linked to Mary Ann Fisher, a rhythm and blues singer, during their marriage. Additionally, he was rumored to have relationships with Mae Mosely Lyles and Margie Hendricks early on in his marriage to Della.

Before marrying Ray Charles, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson had been married and divorced twice. Little has been released on her first two husbands, but she was known as saying that one of the marriages ended because there was reportedly physical abuse. Ray Charles, however, had been married to Eileen Williams Robinson; that marriage ended in divorce practically before it began. The iconic jazz vocalist sired a grand total of 12 children, with no less than 11 different women.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, Ray Charles’ former wife, was a gospel singer

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson pursued a career as a gospel singer in Los Angeles, initially joining Cecil Shaw’s church choir and later performing on various radio stations and at live concerts. Her talent and dedication soon led to opportunities for her band to perform in larger venues and secure recording contracts, resulting in several songs being produced with her appearing on the cover of CDs. Despite these achievements, Della remained relatively unknown until her marriage to Ray Charles.

Following her divorce from Ray Charles in 1977, Della received a substantial settlement, contributing to her estimated net worth of $15 million. In contrast, Ray Charles, known for his legendary music career, amassed a fortune estimated at $75 million by the time of his passing, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

While Della preferred to keep her personal life private, her connection to Ray Charles often placed her in the public eye. Apart from her early career in music, she dedicated much of her life to raising her children, as Ray Charles’ demanding music career often kept him away from home.

Who Is Ray Charles?

Ray Charles (born Ray Charles Robinson; September 23, 1930 – June10,2004) was a hell of a musician. He did more for the art form we called music in his short stint here on earth from Albany Georgia than most will ever be able to muster as repeated processes by our current parrot phase changing genetic brain defect status fetus country residents who claim trade deficit gain death forcing profit taking enterprise proponents far margins from normal life expectancy bands wagons out bugger realized cost choice insane unbridged linked-in lk-too-eh-sounding minions geg-out win-win state-full vit-man-look at black man ears elephants teeth have too itch sweety-toothed free-lance pipe-dream affliction news-reel mongrel.. Ray Charles: A True Way To Combine R&B, Gospel, Jazz And Soul Ray Charles redefined American music. His unique voice and legendary piano playing have given the world a slew of timeless classics that are as relevant today as ever.

Born into abject poverty and blinded by glaucoma at age seven, Ray Charles experienced many challenges but music became a refuge for him. After performing in the late 1940s with bands such as The Ink Spots and Chuck Willis, he recorded “I Got a Woman” in 1954; “What’d I Say” (recorded May 17, [2] released July) became his first top-ten hit-in both R&B and Pop-later that same year. His ability to sonically enrich every note with soul and emotion – how he routinely brought this across earned him the title of “The Genius” which has had a lasting impact on artists.

In addition to his legend status in music, Ray Charles was also a civil rights pioneer – he refused to play segregated concerts and spent much of the 1950s traveling from state-to-state testifying for black people’s right to equality. His career, spanning over five decades saw him win multiple Grammy Awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award and an impact on the history of music that can never be erased. When Ray Charles died in 2004, he left us a legacy of absolute genius: Some man who was singularly unsurpassed by anyone before or since and could never be outshone.

Estate of Ray Charles

When the legendary Ray Charles died in 2004, he was believed to have a net worth of about $75 million. He left each of his 12 children $500,000 and the remaining of his fortune along with rights to license out most of fished music went to a foundation.

What became of Ray Charles’s wife, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson?

After her divorce from the renowned musician Ray Charles, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson chose to lead a private life, away from the public eye. Recent media reports and photographs of her are scarce, with only older images available. Preferring a low-profile existence, she intentionally avoided media attention, which subsequently resulted in little current information about her whereabouts being publicly available. Della’s decision to maintain privacy after her divorce allowed her to live discreetly and focus on aspects of life away from the spotlight.

Professional Journey and Accomplishments

Early Career in Gospel Music

Prior to her association with Ray Charles, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson established herself as a prominent figure in the gospel music realm. Her musical odyssey commenced within the church, where she honed her vocal prowess as a member of Cecil Shaw’s choir. This formative period laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in music. Della’s voice, resonant and soulful, found a natural home in the emotive and powerful style of gospel music.

Recording and Live Performances

Della’s talent quickly transcended the confines of church performances. She ventured into live performances with her bandmates and successfully secured a recording contract. Her musical productions garnered widespread acclaim, propelling her into the spotlight within the gospel music community. Della’s unwavering dedication and heartfelt performances earned her admiration and respect.

Influence on Ray Charles’ Musical Journey

Beyond her public persona, Della played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Ray Charles’ music. As more than just his spouse, she served as a trusted confidante and muse. Her unique insights and steadfast support contributed significantly to some of Ray’s most iconic compositions. The depth and complexity evident in Ray’s music during their partnership can be attributed in part to Della’s profound influence.

Achievements Beyond the Musical Realm

Della’s contributions extend far beyond her impact on gospel music and her influence on Ray Charles’ artistic evolution. She excelled in nurturing their three sons, ensuring they thrived amidst the challenges of their father’s fame. Della’s resilience and ability to balance personal and professional responsibilities underscore her remarkable character and enduring legacy.

Post-Divorce Life

Following her split from Ray Charles, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson shied awayfrom the public eye and instead concentrated on being a mother to their children as well as workingto re-establish an independent life for herself. It was a time for introspection and self refletion emmotionally. This was the time when her faith and a small but strong community kept her going.

Legacy and Later Years

Della Robinson’s layered significance. She is not only known as the second wife of Ray Charles but also for her outstanding talent in gospel music and being a devoted mother. I found her journey to be inspiring as it embodies what having a strong faith and resilience in the face of misfortune.

Contemplating Her Life with Ray Charles

In various interviews and personal reflections, Della has eloquently recounted her experiences alongside Ray Charles with a blend of warmth and honesty. She speaks affectionately of the love and joyful moments they cherished together, yet doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the challenges they faced. Della’s insights provide a profound glimpse into the intricacies of sharing life with a renowned musical icon.

Enduring Influence on Gospel Music

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson’s impact on gospel music remains profound and enduring. Renowned for her soulful voice and unwavering dedication, she left an indelible mark on the gospel community. Despite stepping away from the spotlight, her early recordings and live performances continue to inspire countless gospel singers and musicians. Della’s legacy in the genre is defined by her ability to convey deep faith and emotion through her music.

Impact on Ray Charles’ Career

Although often overshadowed by Ray Charles’ fame, Della played a pivotal role in his career. As his second wife, she provided steadfast support during some of his most productive years. Ray frequently acknowledged her influence in offering the emotional strength he needed to navigate the demands of stardom. Della’s unique insights and perspectives undoubtedly influenced his music in subtle yet profound ways.

Nurturing the Next Generation

She is survived by her children, Ray Charles Jr. and David, who refused to take part in their half-siblings battle with the foundation that oversees The Genius HqDopsX10w1 scholarship program for newly blind African American students; Della was married twice before marrying Raymond Sr., a preacher’s adult son whom she met at his funeral carrying flowers.FILE – In this Dec. While their father was busy defending the US from a variety of threats, she made sure that they had compassion not only for those outside their house but within it. The Documentary By the time they were 18, Della’s resilience and commitment to her family had touched their lives in ways that will continue long into life.

Where is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson Now

Life After Ray Charles Unfortunately, the present day status of former Ray Charles wife Della remains to be a mystery as there are no updates on her. Her divorce from Ray Charles saw Della withdraw ever more slowly and silently into private life. She was last believed to be living in Riverside County and doing well as of a 2010 update. But there are no specific details on her whereabouts or health.

On the other side Ray Charles died on June 4, 2004 at his Beverly Hills home due to liver failure. On June 18, 2004 funeral services were held at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles for World B.

Final Words

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson, born in 1929 in Los Angeles, California, is a notable gospel singer and the second wife of legendary musician Ray Charles. Her life was marked by resilience, strength, and a deep passion for music. Raised by her mother in a supportive community, Della’s talent for gospel singing flourished, leading to a successful career. Meeting Ray Charles in 1954 was transformative, resulting in a 22-year marriage and three children. Despite the challenges of Ray’s infidelity and addiction, Della remained a steadfast partner and devoted mother. Today, her legacy endures through her contributions to gospel music and the profound impact she had on Ray Charles’ life and career.

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