Wedding Photography Trends for 2024: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Cleveland, with its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and stunning landscapes, offers an idyllic backdrop for weddings. From the shores of Lake Erie to the cultural elegance of the Cleveland Museum of Art, this city provides countless picturesque settings for your special day. As you plan your Cleveland wedding, staying updated on the latest photography trends can ensure your memories are captured beautifully. Whether you’re exchanging vows in a classic downtown venue or a charming park, understanding these trends will help you and your photographer create unforgettable images. Let’s explore the top wedding photography trends for 2024, tailored for those celebrating their love in the beautiful city of Cleveland.

1. Documentary Style Photography

In 2024, documentary-style wedding photography remains a favorite. This approach focuses on capturing candid, authentic moments throughout the day, telling a story through unposed, natural shots. Couples prefer this style because it reflects the genuine emotions and spontaneity of their special day. Photographers blend into the background, allowing the events to unfold organically without interference. This trend moves away from traditional posed photos, favoring a more relaxed and intimate feel. The result is a collection of images that resonate with the real emotions and experiences of the couple and their guests, providing a heartfelt narrative of the wedding day.

2. Personalized Photo Shoots

Personalization in wedding photography continues to gain traction in 2024. Couples want their photos to reflect their unique personalities and love stories. This trend involves customizing photo shoots to include meaningful locations, themes, and props that tell the couple’s story. For instance, the photographer might capture a couple’s engagement session at the place they first met or their favorite local park. When working with a Cleveland wedding photographer, incorporating meaningful local spots adds a personal touch that makes the photos deeply memorable. Personalized shoots can also integrate hobbies, pets, or cultural elements, adding depth and significance to the images and creating lasting memories.

3. Film Photography Revival

Film photography is making a strong comeback in 2024. Many couples and photographers are drawn to the nostalgic, timeless quality that film offers. Unlike digital photography, film captures images with a unique texture and depth, creating a classic and romantic feel. The process of shooting with film also requires a more deliberate and thoughtful approach, which many find appealing. Film photography brings a sense of artistry and craftsmanship that stands out in a world dominated by digital. This trend is particularly popular for engagement sessions and intimate weddings, where the aesthetic of film can truly shine.

4. Drone Photography

Drone photography continues to soar in popularity for weddings in 2024. Drones provide a unique perspective, capturing stunning aerial shots of the venue, ceremony, and reception. These images add a dramatic and cinematic quality to the wedding album, showcasing the scale and beauty of the location. Drones can also capture moments that might be difficult to photograph from the ground, such as large group shots or scenic views. As drone technology advances, the quality and accessibility of aerial photography improve, making it a hot trend for modern weddings. Couples and photographers alike appreciate the breathtaking visuals that drones can deliver.

5. Minimalist Aesthetics

Minimalism in wedding photography is gaining momentum this year. This trend focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and uncluttered compositions. Photographers use natural light, neutral tones, and minimal props to create elegant and timeless images. The minimalist approach emphasizes the couple and their connection, avoiding distractions and unnecessary elements. This style is particularly popular for urban and contemporary weddings, where the sleek and modern aesthetic complements the overall vibe. Minimalist photography captures the essence of the moment with sophistication and grace, resulting in photos that are both beautiful and understated.

6. Bold Color Palettes

Bold color palettes are making a statement in wedding photography for 2024. Couples are moving away from the traditional soft pastels and opting for vibrant, striking colors that reflect their personalities and add a unique touch to their wedding photos. Deep blues, rich greens, and bright oranges are just a few of the hues gaining popularity. This trend allows for more creative and eye-catching compositions, making the photos stand out. Photographers are embracing these bold colors in both the environment and post-processing techniques, creating vivid and memorable images that capture the celebratory spirit of the wedding day.

7. Editorial Style Portraits

Editorial style portraits are increasingly popular, influenced by fashion photography. This trend involves staging and styling shots that look like they belong in a high-end magazine. Photographers focus on dramatic lighting, glamorous poses, and creative backdrops to achieve this look. Couples are drawn to the sophistication and artistic flair that editorial photography offers. This style adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the wedding album, with each photo meticulously crafted to look stunning and unique. Photographers often collaborate with stylists and makeup artists to perfect the editorial look, ensuring every detail is polished and professional.

8. Interactive Photo Booths

Interactive photo booths have evolved beyond the traditional setup, becoming a significant trend in wedding photography for 2024. Modern photo booths offer a variety of fun and engaging features, such as GIF creation, green screens, and social media sharing capabilities. These booths provide entertainment for guests and capture candid, playful moments that add a lively dimension to the wedding album. Customizable backdrops and props allow couples to tailor the experience to their wedding theme. Interactive photo booths not only entertain guests but also produce high-quality, spontaneous images that complement the more formal wedding photos.

9. Environmental Consciousness

Environmental consciousness is influencing wedding photography as couples become more eco-aware. This trend includes choosing sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly photo albums, digital-only packages, and local vendors to reduce the carbon footprint. Photographers are also embracing natural settings, using the beauty of outdoor landscapes as backdrops to minimize the need for elaborate setups. This approach not only supports environmental sustainability but also creates stunning, nature-inspired images. By incorporating green practices, couples can celebrate their special day while honoring their commitment to the environment, resulting in beautiful, responsible wedding photography.

10. Hybrid Photography Services

Hybrid photography services, combining photos and videos, are becoming more popular in 2024. Couples want a comprehensive documentation of their wedding day, and hybrid services provide both still images and cinematic footage. Photographers offer packages that include highlight reels, drone footage, and short films alongside traditional photos. This trend allows for a richer, more immersive storytelling experience. The seamless integration of photography and videography ensures that all aspects of the wedding are beautifully captured. Hybrid services cater to the increasing demand for dynamic and versatile wedding documentation, making it a top choice for modern couples.


Wedding photography in 2024 embraces both timeless techniques and modern innovations. From the heartfelt authenticity of documentary style to the nostalgic charm of film photography, couples have a range of trends to choose from to make their wedding photos unique. Personalized shoots, drone photography, and minimalist aesthetics highlight the diversity and creativity in the field. As the industry continues to evolve, staying informed about these trends helps couples and photographers create memorable and meaningful images. Embrace these exciting developments to capture the magic of your wedding day in a way that truly reflects your love story.

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