Top Reasons To Upgrade Your Legal Office Printer

Decades ago, there were dreams of a paperless society, in which all documentation would take place online. While the law profession has benefited from great leaps in online documentation, paper documents are not yet obsolete. Your legal office needs a printer, and here are some reasons to consider an upgrade to an all-in-one printer that has scanning capabilities.

Sharing Legal Files

Legal files contain sensitive information that it is important to keep confidential. Lawyers have to maintain attorney-client privilege, but data breaches can affect large and small organizations and compromise client information. Sometimes the breaches come from within the firm.

Since doctors and lawyers have a similar duty of care to patients and clients, respectively, a medical records scanner would be appropriate for a law office. Security features can allow you to control who has access to printed and scanned documents.

Ensuring Clarity

The documents in a legal file have sometimes been copied several times over. Over time, this can lead to a loss of information as each copy becomes a little less clear. The best scanner for law office is one that has improved quality in its printing and scanning so that documents come out as clearly as possible. New printers and scanners are more consistent, with greater color accuracy and sharper resolution.

Fewer and Easier Repairs

New printers and scanners are more functional because they come equipped with the latest technology. This means that they do not break down as often as older units. In a law office, time is money. Fewer breakdowns mean less downtime, which equates to greater cost-effectiveness.

Even if your printer does break down, having a newer unit still helps to minimize the downtime. Your service provider will not have to waste time looking for old parts to repair an obsolete printer.


All-in-one printers can function as a scanner and a fax machine as well as a printer. You do not need multiple devices to do each job, which saves time and money. All-in-one printers can also come with additional features, such as the quietest mechanical keyboard switches.

User-Friendly Interface

When people in your law firm do not know how to use the office equipment, the result is frustration and wasted time. You need an all-in-one printer with a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Faster Print Speed

Did you know that the more you use your printer, the slower it will operate? This is because excessive use causes the parts to break down over time. You will probably be amazed at how much faster your documents will print after you upgrade to a new printer.


Compatibility with more document editors, data processing systems, and other computer programs makes it easier to import and export necessary documents.

Decreased Costs

Increased print speed, intuitive interfaces, multifunctionality, and decreased downtime all equate to cost savings per print job. All of which helps to decrease your overhead, improve your bottom line, and keep your law office operating at peak efficiency. More importantly, increased security helps you to fulfill your ethical duty to protect your clients.

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