DIY Guide To Enhancing Your Speed Car’s Aerodynamics

Improving your vehicle’s aerodynamic performance is a great way to increase your acceleration and fuel efficiency without making major changes to core systems. You can install aerodynamic improvements at any stage of a vehicle customization, too. That means it’s worth looking into these improvements even if you have already done a lot of work to your car.

Install a Front Splitter

Front splitters are one of the most important aftermarket additions when it comes to upgrading your vehicle’s aerodynamics. They are widely available, and you can even benefit from one if your vehicle is highly engineered for aerodynamic efficiency from the beginning.

Since many muscle cars include aerodynamic considerations in their design but do not optimize for it, these upgrades are very popular for those just beginning to customize vehicles. You can find them pretty much wherever Mustang car parts and other performance racing parts are sold.

Splitters work by splitting the air in front of the vehicle, building up pressure in front, and pushing the front end down as it builds. This combats lift, resulting in a more efficient acceleration with less resistance from the oncoming air.

Smooth Underbody Panels

Smooth underbody panels help by channeling the air under the vehicle to reduce drag and turbulence. By providing a smooth pathway for air to pass easily, the ride itself smooths out, and that results in both easier handling and more efficient acceleration. When combined with a splitter, it makes a big difference in a car’s ability to reach top speed from a standstill. That is why these upgrades are a key part of any track car, whether it runs distance events or drag.

Underbody panels are available pretty much wherever you shop for Camaro car parts, but you might need to check out their compatibility with other upgrades that change the underbody like custom exhaust work. Since both upgrades greatly change the landscape under the car, comparing specs to confirm they will work together becomes important in a way it would not be if you were starting from stock. If you are new to car customization, this is an important lesson to learn early, because eventually, every future upgrade will require this much consideration if you really push your limits.

Tonneau Covers for Trucks

Trucks have an additional aerodynamic challenge that car owners do not have to worry about unless they drive an old El Camino. Open truck beds can create drag and slow down acceleration, and over long distances, this translates to decreased fuel efficiency as well. To reduce drag caused by open beds, there are a couple of solutions. Some owners remove the tailgate or replace it with a mesh option that allows air to move freely, but this limits the bed’s usefulness and also introduces security issues if you store belongings in your truck bed while you shop or run errands.

Tonneau covers allow you to cover over the bed with a smooth surface that reduces drag and provides you with a way to secure and obscure the contents of your truck bed at the same time. They remove or retract easily when it is time to open the bed for big jobs, too. You can find tonneau covers wherever you already shop for your Chevy Silverado 1500 parts, so start browsing today.

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