Top picks for the best THCA flowers

THCA flowers have gotten to be our newest favorites. These nugs of delight are the perfect conclusion for a heavy day’s work. And with tons of lovely strains on offer, the popularity of THCA flowers is really deserving of all the attention it is getting. 

This post is going to be a guide into the THCA flower benefits and effects and help you pick up some amazing strains along the way.

A quick look at THCA flowers

Let’s get the basics out of the way very quickly. THCA is the precursor to THC and is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It is when THCA is heated, it converts into THC which is the primary main euphoric component of cannabis.

So, THCA flowers are basically those uncured cannabis buds that have super high THCA content and very low THC content. And while these may look like normal buds you buy from a dispensary near you, it is the THCA content that sets these flowers apart. 

The effects of THCA

In its pure form, THCA flowers are not psychoactive. The mode of consumption dictates if the product will cause a high. 

Consumption processes that need heat like smoking, dabbing, and vaping will cause the THCA to break down into THC and cause you to get high. Other non-euphoric modes of consumption include edibles, drinks, and more as preparation of such infused edibles does not require the THCA flowers to go through very high heat.

With all this out of the way, let us focus on some of the most loved THCA flower strains available on the market. 

Favorite THCA flowers

Skip all the hard work and choose from some of the bestsellers. We have listed all these based on user reviews and recommendations.

Lemon Kush

This wonderfully balanced THCA flower strain should be the top pick for those in love with the citrusy tang. The Lemon Kush is a very balanced hybrid that draws its lineage from two equally impressive parents; namely, the Lemon G and Afghan Kush strains. Thanks to the strong genetics, this particular THCA flower offers over 17 percent THCA content along with traces of other cannabinoids and 3 percent terpenes. 

Expect a wonderfully fresh citric taste with this flower, with each puff leaving behind a very fruity aftertaste.

Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes THCA flower is an Indica strain that is known for its berrylike flavor profile. Progeny of the DJ Short and Blueberry strains, this particular strain is well regarded for its potent THCA percentage of over 17 percent. Blended along with other cannabinoids, expect around 3 percent of wonderfully fragrant terpenes that offer its iconic blueberry and sweet vanilla flavors.

Cookies and Cream

Not your average THCA flower by any stretch. This is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that draws its lineage from the Starfighter and GSC strains. And thanks to heavyweight parents, this THCA flower is blessed with pleasant nutty notes with each hit that leaves behind a sweet vanilla taste in the mouth lingering for hours. But beware, as this strain is quite potent with over 25 percent THCA and other cannabinoids in minor quantities. The total cannabinoid strength of this product is estimated to be over the 28 percent mark. New users should exercise caution when trying the Cookies and Cream THCA flower.

Cat Piss

Don’t let the name of the strain put you off its trail. Hilariously, contrary to the name, the strain has a reputation for its extremely skunky smell that fills up the room every time you crack open a pack of Cat Piss THCA flowers. The total THCA content of this strain hovers around the 23 percent mark, which can be high for new users. This Super Silver Haze phenotype offers a very gassy and earthy flavor profile thanks to its very high terpene content. Try out this sativa strain to experience the wonderful strain yourself.

Banana Kush

Another awesomely well balanced hybrid on this list is the Banana Kush. Bringing in tropical flavors and a sweet taste with every puff, this is a mild strain that can be recommended for new users. The Banana Kush has around 11 percent THCA content, which is remarkably lower than the other THCA flower strains mentioned on this list. And drawing genetics from the Ghost OG and Skunk Haze strains, Banana Kush is famed for its lovely experience.

Do not forget to try out these strains when in the shop buying THCA flowers. Offering a well balanced THCA experience, these strains are going to be the perfect addition to your THCA flower starter pack. Plus, you also get to be more confident when you choose a strain the next time.

How to consume THCA flowers?

Like your regular cannabis flowers, THCA flowers too can be consumed through a plethora of consumption options. The major ones include


Smoking blunts or joints is really popular with THCA flowers as it offers an instant hit of euphoria. Simply crush the flower into a consistent texture and roll it into a joint or blunt. Light up one end and enjoy your favorite THCA flower strains.


You can also use vapes for the same purpose. Just add a little bit of the dry herb into your vaporizer and vape it like you normally would. For the most efficient use, make sure to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual of the product.


Add your favorite THCA flowers to preferred foods and drinks for a non-euphoric way of THCA consumption. And while edibles won’t be getting you high, expect to reap all the other benefits. Just skip past the high.

THCA flowers are all the rage now and users have been piling up shopping carts with their favorite flowers. And like a double edged sword, THCA flowers allow users to customize the way they want to integrate THCA into their wellness regimen. Want to get high with these? Try smoking or vaping these. Skip on the high? Infuse into edibles and still retain the benefits without any euphoria. This flexibility is what many users needed and THCA flowers came in to plug in the gap. Try your favorite THCA flowers today!

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