Top 7 Sustainable Material Choices for Beard Oil Boxes

Sustainability is one of the core features of modern tailored packaging. Today, consumers are more eco-conscious and demand products in green boxes. Considering this fact, the skincare and beard oil market is widely adopting eco-friendly packaging solutions. This study sums up the top 7 green materials for custom beard oil boxes. Use them and grab sales from countless eco-conscious consumers.

Which Green Materials Suit Custom Beard Oil Boxes?

The following are some of the green materials that beard oil brands usually opt for:  

  1. Recycled cardboard  
  2. FSC-certified paper
  3. Bamboo
  4. Seed paper
  5. Kraft paper
  6. Corrugated fiberboard
  7. Plant-based plastic

Recycled Cardboard

It is one of the most common green materials, particularly used for beard oil boxes. Made from already used paper, it is known for reducing carbon ratio. This recycling process averts waste from landfills and saves valuable energy. It is recommended to choose a high percentage of consumer content before opting for this cardboard for oil boxes.  This ensures that the packaging is made from the materials that were once used by consumers. 

Creativity is another perk offered by this green material. One can mold it in any shape and size to fit a wide range of oil bottles. Plus, it is customizable and brands can add their logos, names, taglines, and other features to it. Hence, this sturdy material not only saves the oil but also effectively promotes its brand. Today, many oil brands use it to boost a circular economy. 

FSC-Certified Paper

This material is a hallmark of eco-friendliness in the packaging market. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global non-profit sector that affirms forestry is eco-friendly, socially helpful, and financially viable. Brands using the FSC-certified paper not only offer green boxes but also take part in a larger movement of careful source management.

Traceability is one of the key features of this paper. The FSC label affirms that the paper is sourced from a certified forest. Today, consumers keep an eye on the ecological impact of their purchases. Therefore, it is revealed in global surveys that 77% of consumers pick the paper with FSC labels.

For custom beard oil boxes, this paper offers an appealing and sturdy packaging solution. Indeed, it is vital in the market where the box looks and the brand’s image highly impact the buyer’s purchasing decision. Hence, FSC-certified paper can help brands attract more eco-conscious consumers in no time.


It is one of the most reliable materials for beard oil boxes. Its in-built strength makes it the top choice for packaging subtle glass bottles of oils. Plus, the bamboo’s natural looks add style to the boxes. Hence, brands can boost their image by offering quality products and high-end looks. Bamboo is often chosen by oil brands for its flexibility. It can be molded in any shape, size, and style, they want. Plus, it can be designed with handy printing and finishing methods. No doubt, high-end box finishing is vital for brands to stand out on the store’s shelves.

Apart from this, bamboo is also cheaper to buy. It is one of the compostable things that can be naturally decomposed at the end of its lifecycle. Without compromising on quality and design, bamboo is known to have a positive impact on the environment.

Seed Paper

It is one of the latest packaging materials, that is filled with wildflower seeds. This unique material is capable enough to turn a simple box into a brand’s positive ecological gesture. Besides its eco-friendliness, this material is highly picked for its strength. Delicate oil bottles can safely be stored and shipped in boxes made with seed paper. Plus, it rots easily, leaving no mark. It benefits the Earth by aligning with the corporate goals to cut the ecological impact.

The concept of using seed paper fits best with the law of giving back to nature. Boxes made with this material offer a tangible way for people to enjoy a greener future. By getting these boxes, people take part in the renewal cycle that helps biodiversity. Other than eco-friendliness, seed paper boxes are also sturdy in composition. They can save the oil’s delicacy and quality during its storage and transit. They help brands and people make a difference in ecological improvement.  Hence, these zero-waste materials are a great source to boost a brand’s positive image in the market.

Kraft Paper

It is one of the emerging go-to materials for green packaging, especially for beard oil boxes. Made from wood pulp, this natural material is both renewable and biodegradable. Unlike old materials, its production process is energy-efficient. Besides eco-friendliness, kraft is preferred for its strength. It is cheaper to buy and process. It is ideal for making and tailoring beard oil boxes of many sizes, shapes, and prints. With its classic brown hue, it offers timeless looks. Besides tempting countless eco-conscious people, kraft is known to align with the natural quality of beard oil. Indeed, it is one of the top green choices of oil brands.

Corrugated Fiber Board

It stands out as one of the best green options for beard oil boxes. It is light in weight and sturdy in composition. Originating from cardboard or recycled paper, it offers an energy-efficient packaging process.  Its biodegradability is another ecological perk, that helps brands to appeal to the eco-conscious people. By choosing corrugated fiberboard for beard oil boxes, brands can prove their dedication to a greener future.

Plant-Based Plastic

It is one of the novel green choices for beard oil boxes. Unlike old plastic, it is made from green sources, such as plant fats, oils, and cornstarch. Plant-based boxes are not only green but also have tempting looks. They lower the carbon ratio in contrast to petroleum-based plastics and are often compostable. By using these plastics, brands can prove their oath to a greener future while offering high-end, strong custom printed boxes for their oils. This aligns with people’s interest in green options, boosting the brand image and appeal in the oil market.

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