Nepal’s Peaks and Bhutan’s Monasteries: A Journey of Discovery and Adventure

There has been a growth in the number of travelers looking to explore places that give them peace and serenity. Nepal and Bhutan are two of the smallest countries in the world, with an equally small economy. However, there are lots of aspects in both the nations that the world is yet to explore. Many who have already been to either of the places know the great tourism potential that these countries hold. Moreover, Nepal’s Himalayas and Bhutan’s monasteries are famous worldwide, so much so that these are the factors that help people outside the nations recognize them.

Traveling with the help of the right traveling or trekking agency is important when you are on your tour to Nepal and Bhutan. With the help of proper research and adequate preparation, you can go on a journey of discovery and adventure to these two countries. Make sure to stick with us to know more about the beauty of Nepal’s peaks and Bhutan’s monasteries and how you can explore both in a single trip!

Trekking in Nepal’s Peaks

Since the 1950s, mountaineers from all around the world have had access to the tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest. Ever since, there has been an increase in the popularity of mountaineering in different mountains in Nepal. Every year, hundreds of trekkers and mountaineers visit the country with a motive to expedite these mountains.

Those who don’t make it to the top of the famous peaks in Nepal limit their trek to the base camps of the respective mountains. Trekking in Nepal’s peak is not quite the easiest task for anyone, even if you have the expertise and the skills to conquer the tough roads. Therefore, we can guarantee that Nepal’s peaks are not for everyone but for those adrenaline junkies who want to unleash the best in themselves and unfold the magic of the mystic mountains.

Almost all the famous mountains in Nepal are above the height of 8000 meters above sea level. Some popular mountains that you can choose to trek around during your Nepal Bhutan tours are Mount Everest, Mount Annapurna, Mount Makalu, Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Cho Oyu, Mount Lhotse, Mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna II, etc. It is just as important for trekkers and even mountaineers to keep in mind that they won’t be getting the chance to go to the peak of the mountains if they choose to go on both Nepal and Bhutan tours. However, discovering the beauty of these mountains from either the base camps or the nearest landmarks can be made possible.

For those who want to make it to the top of these mountains, they should train for several months and be able to spare more than a month or two to start their journey.

On the other hand, during your Nepal Bhutan tours, you will also be able to interact with people from different ethnic backgrounds in Nepal. Besides the mountains, you will also get to explore the cultural and traditional aspects of the beautiful nation. The cuisines, ancient architectures, historical facts, and the natural landscapes of Nepal will steal your hearts for sure.

What can you expect from the country of the Himalayas?

There are many things that can be expected from Nepal. Some of those aspects are:

  • Serenity of the hills and mountain areas will soothe the minds of the visitors.
  • Breathtaking views of some of the tallest snow-clad mountains in the world.
  • Trek to the base camps of the highest peaks in the world.
  • Close interaction with Buddhist and Hindu cultures.
  • Exquisite and somewhat exotic cuisines from all over Nepal.
  • Tour to the famous wildlife reserve Chitwan National Park.
  • Discovery of ancient architectural masterpieces including temples, palaces, courtyards, statues, scriptures, etc.
  • Chance to celebrate different festivals from the mountains, hills, and terai region of Nepal.
  • Explore the diversity of the geographical conditions and nature of different regions in Nepal.
  • Friendly nature of the inhabitants in all parts of the country will add up to the beauty of your trip.

Roaming around Bhutan’s Monasteries

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Bhutan is also known as the land of the dragons. This country is rich in culture and natural beauty and has served more than a thousand of visitors throughout the world to this day. Bhutan was not known to the other parts of the world for many years until it became accessible for all to pay a visit. The country is small but the regulations and the components of the nation are more impressive as can be thought of. One of the major highlights of Bhutan is its monasteries.

There are plenty of monasteries and Dzong style buildings in the country which makes it stand out from the rest of the world. These unique style buildings have increased the aesthetics of the already alluring nation. Along with the monasteries, you also get to experience the natural beauty of Bhutan during your trek or hike to the major destinations. Speaking of the monasteries, these architectural excellences are truly some masterpieces to marvel at for generations to come.

Some major monasteries of Bhutan that you can explore during your Nepal Bhutan tours are Taktsang monastery, Kyichu Lakhang monastery, Rinpung Dzong monastery, Cheri monastery, Tango monastery, Memorial Chorten, Kurjey Lhakhang Monastery, Tamshing Lhakhang Monastery, Punakha Dzong Monastery, Lhuentse Dzong Monastery, Jambay Lhakhang Monastery, Gangteng Monastery, etc. Almost anyone with the least to no experience in hiking can make it to these monasteries unlike the peaks in Nepal. You will also be appointed guides to help you tour throughout the country’s major locations. And, there are easily accessible forms of transportations that can take you almost anywhere you want.

What can you expect from the land of the dragons?

Bhutan has lots of aspects that are yet to be discovered by the tourists. Some of the major aspects that stand out from the rest are:

  • Cultural tour through some of the most historically popular locations.
  • Exploration of Buddhist culture in an in depth manner.
  • Discovery of the colorful cultures and traditions of the people living in Bhutan.
  • Relish on amazing cuisines in the country.
  • Historical knowledge taking sessions with the locals of Bhutan.
  • Visit some of the most popular monasteries and Dzong style buildings in the country.
  • Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The monastery is said to have been the haven where the first Dalai Lama rode in the back of a tiger and meditated for three months.
  • Observe the make of the phenomenal architecture of ancient craftsmen who invented solid and strong buildings to save the locals from the wartime.
  • Enthralling mountains and landscapes.
  • Friendly and extremely mannered population ready to serve the tourists and give them the experience of a lifetime.

What are the similarities between Nepal and Bhutan tours?

While you have the option to make Nepal and Bhutan tours together, there are some similarities that will help you explore both the countries with familiarity and ease. These common factors are as follows:


Nepal is known as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Likewise, the major religion of the Bhutanese people is Buddhism. The people in both the countries incorporate this religion in their daily lives. So, when you are traveling to either Nepal or Bhutan, you will come through similar aspects when it comes to the religion and beliefs of the people.


Dashain, Tihar, and Teej are some of the major festivals in Nepal. However, even Bhutanese people celebrate these festivals with great joy. Though these are Hindu festivals, there are plenty of Hindu Bhutanese who rejoice in these festivals every year. Likewise, Tshechu is another popular festival that is celebrated with lots of colors and amazing foods in Bhutan, just like they do for any festivals in Nepal.

Prayer flags and Mani walls

Both Nepal and Bhutan have plenty of prayer flags and mani walls throughout their trails. This is one of the reasons why many places in both Nepal and Bhutan look similar to one another. These prayer flags are walls symbolize peace, prosperity, and a strong belief in Buddhism, which is relevant to both the countries.

Ancient architecture

The architecture in both Nepal and Bhutan are works of excellence. The craftsmen and architects in the past have been working with great skills, engineering abilities, and craftsmanship when they were building the architectural artifacts that are still intact in both Nepal and Bhutan. These architectural masterpieces look similar in both the countries, though not completely.

Richness in nature

Both Nepal and Bhutan are rich in culture. During Nepal Bhutan tours, you will surely be enchanted by the richness in nature of both the countries. The greenery along with the freshness in the surrounding will make your experience in Nepal and Bhutan all the more special. There aren’t many countries in the world that possess the spellbinding natural beauty of Nepal and Bhutan.


Nepal Bhutan tours are one of the most popular and sought-after tours among foreign travelers. This trip is not only going to be a memorable one but also very easy on your pockets. Both the countries have similarities, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time doing your research on two different cultures and traditional values of the countries. Moreover, both Nepal and Bhutan are very close to one another, further adding convenience to your trip!

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