Murad Williams Biography: Net Worth, Age, Music Career, Family, and More

Meet Murad Williams, the eldest son of the acclaimed hip-hop sensation Meek Mill. From the moment he entered this world, Murad has been capturing hearts and commanding attention, especially on social media where his popularity is soaring. With his impeccable style and infectious smile, he effortlessly stands out in any crowd.

Despite his young age, Murad’s resolve to follow in his father’s footsteps in the music business is what really intrigues me about him. He’s not just following in his father’s footsteps; driven by a desire to leave his mark, he’s throwing himself into the music industry headfirst.

Murad has an opulent lifestyle and is known to be wealthy, with an estimated net worth of $1 million. However, beneath all of the glamor and flash, there is a young man full of promise and talent. Murad Williams has a bright future ahead of him and is ready to create waves and establish his own enduring legacy in the music industry.

What occupies Murad Williams’ time?

Murad Williams is swiftly ascending in the realm of music, inheriting fame from his father, Meek Mill. However, his renown surpasses mere lineage; Murad emerges as a formidable artist in his own right, embarking on a journey to carve his niche in the industry.

Despite his youth, Murad harbors ambitions of emulating his father’s success. As his social media following burgeons, captivated audiences are drawn to his distinct style and infectious smile. Enjoying the trappings of affluence, with an estimated net worth of $1 million, Murad’s trajectory toward stardom seems inevitable. With a promising future ahead, Murad Williams is primed to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. Keep a close watch on this rising talent; his ascent promises to be remarkable.

Here’s some essential insight into Murad Williams

Introducing myself as Murad Williams, I came into this world on March 15, 2007, making me 15 years old. As a proud American, my family background includes my mother Fahimah Raheem and my father Meek Mill. In addition to my parents, I have older relatives such as Parker Robert Williams and Kathy, along with my aunt Nasheema Williams. Within my immediate family, I share a bond with my brother Rihmeek Williams, also known as Czar. Currently, I’m not married and am focused on navigating my teenage years and pursuing my passions.

What’s the age of Murad Williams?

Murad Williams, born on March 15, 2007, is currently 15 years old. He is cherished by his parents, Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem.

While Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem maintain a significant presence on social media, Murad’s upbringing reflects their shared experiences despite their separation. Despite never formalizing their union, Murad’s parents, Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem, enjoyed many blissful years together before parting ways. Following their separation, Murad and his brother Rihmeek Williams primarily resided with their father.

Murad’s aunt, Nasheema Williams, enjoys prominence as an influencer on social media platforms. Kathy Williams, Murad’s grandmother, devoted herself to ensuring the success of her grandchildren, including Meek Mill and Nasheema Williams.

Tragically, when Meek Mill was just five years old, his grandfather Robert Parker met an untimely demise during a theft. Despite the challenges of their past, Murad endeavors to maintain meaningful connections with both of his parents, a testament to the enduring love they share for him.

Which high school does he attend?

Introducing myself as Murad Williams, I came into this world on March 15, 2007, making me 15 years old. As a proud American, my family background includes my mother Fahimah Raheem and my father Meek Mill. In addition to my parents, I have older relatives such as Parker Robert Williams and Kathy, along with my aunt Nasheema Williams. Within my immediate family, I share a bond with my brother Rihmeek Williams, also known as Czar. Currently, I’m not married and am focused on navigating my teenage years and pursuing my passions.

How many siblings does Murad Williams have?

Murad Williams has two younger brothers, each with unique family connections. Rihmeek Williams, affectionately known as “Papi,” is Murad’s biological brother. Meanwhile, Czar is the son of Meek Mill but is considered Murad’s cousin. In a heartwarming image, we see Rihmeek, born on May 13, 2011, alongside Czar, who is another of Meek Mill’s children. Within the Murad, Rihmeek, and Fahimah family, there exists a sense of joy and tranquility, largely due to the close bond shared between Murad and Rihmeek.

At eleven years old, Rihmeek, one of Fahimah’s children, embodies qualities of attractiveness, healthiness, politeness, intelligence, and a strong devotion to family. On the other hand, Czar, Murad’s younger half-brother, will celebrate his first birthday on May 6, 2019. Born to rapper Meek Mill and model Milan Rouge Harris, Czar shares a unique bond with his father, both sharing the same birthday. Despite their separation in 2019, Meek Mill emphasized the enduring love between them, expressing a desire to maintain a close friendship. At the tender age of three, Czar exudes undeniable cuteness, adding to the warmth and happiness within the family circle.

Exploring Murad’s Appearance and Everyday Routine

Murad Williams, a radiant young talent, not only possesses striking looks but also enjoys a fulfilling personal life. Much like his father, he exudes warmth and kindness, his infectious smile illuminating his brown eyes. His stylish hair, ranging from trendy buzz cuts to intricate braids, reflects his unique flair and creativity in fashion.

Surrounded by a loving family, Murad finds solace and joy in their company. He cherishes moments spent with his parents, relishing the excitement of their shared adventures. Regular interactions with his brothers bring him immense joy, indulging in playful activities that strengthen their bond.

Despite his youth, Murad radiates positivity, uplifting those around him with his kind demeanor. In his leisure time, he eagerly explores new interests, from art and sports to the rhythmic movements of dance. With a generous heart and captivating charm, Murad Williams shines as a beacon of goodness and beauty in his world.

Murad Williams, the son of Meek Mill, enjoys participating in sports

Meet Morad Williams, a rising star on the high school football field and the proud son of Meek Mill. Currently a junior, Morad is set to graduate in 2025, marking the culmination of his high school journey.

Explore Morad Campfield’s MaxPreps profile, and you’ll discover a formidable athlete standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 195 pounds. Throughout the 2022-2023 seasons, Morad showcased his prowess with an impressive tally of four touchdowns per game. His scoring repertoire includes three rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown, with an average of 3.6 receiving yards per game.

Beyond the football field, Morad savors memorable experiences with friends and family. A highlight was his visit to Universal Studios Florida in August 2020, where he enjoyed leisurely moments and lively games with his companions. In 2021, Morad returned to Florida, opting for a relaxing stay at Universal Orlando.

In October 2019, Morad embarked on a picturesque getaway to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the company of his father Meek and their close associate Meek Di Rouge. Amidst the sun-kissed beaches, they indulged in swimming, basketball, and moments of serene relaxation.

Expressing admiration for his father’s musical performances, Morad frequently takes to social media to share his heartfelt sentiments.

Adding to the family’s adventures, Fahimah delights in creating lasting memories with her children, often chronicling their travels on social media. Among their escapades, the family ventured to Jamaica in 2020, immersing themselves in the tropical beauty of Moon Palace Jamaica and Ocho Rios.


Let us discuss Murad Williams, the gifted son of legendary musician Meek Mill. On May 6, 1987, in the center of South Philadelphia, Murad was born. His father, Meek Mill, began his career as a battle rapper before forming The BloodHounds with other musicians. When Meek signed a record deal with T.I. in 2008, he truly started to take off and became well-known in the music industry.

Now, Murad’s mom, Fahimah Raheem, she’s quite the influencer on social media. Born in 1988, she juggled school and work while raising Murad all on her own. Talk about dedication! In 2011, she and her husband welcomed their second bundle of joy, Rihmeek Williams. Despite the challenges of being a single mom, Fahimah made sure her kids lacked nothing, working hard to provide for them.

Murad and Rihmeek were born as a result of Meek Mill and Fahimah’s 2006 romance. Regretfully, they had a difficult time together, and in 2012, their marriage ended in divorce. Regarding the reason behind the breakup, there have been discussions and speculations, with some accusing Meek Mill. However, partnerships can be challenging, don’t they?

Murad Williams’ hobbies and passions

Murad Williams shines brightly as a rising talent in the music industry, demonstrating remarkable success. Beyond his professional pursuits, Murad finds joy in a diverse array of interests during his leisure time. Here are some of Murad’s cherished pastimes:

Getting involved in athletics

Murad finds immense joy in staying active and engaging in sports. Whether it’s with his loved ones or friends, he relishes the opportunity to partake in basketball, soccer, and baseball. Known for his competitive spirit, Murad gives his all in every game, driven by his desire to emerge victorious.

Venturing into the world

Dancing is one of his passions, and he possesses a natural talent for movement. From hip-hop to ballet, he enjoys exploring various dance styles, finding freedom and expression in each step.

Expressing creativity through art

Murad indulges in painting as a means of expressing his innate creativity. Whenever he’s faced with a blank canvas and a set of paintbrushes, he eagerly dives into the world of artistry. Through painting and drawing, Murad finds an outlet to explore his artistic inclinations, crafting beautiful creations that reflect his unique vision and passion for creativity.

Exploring the wonders of the natural world

Murad finds solace and joy in immersing himself in the great outdoors and embracing the beauty of nature. His preferred sanctuary is amidst the natural world, whether he’s trekking through lush woodlands or simply strolling along the sandy shores of the beach.


Murad’s Instagram presence boasts a substantial following of seven thousand devoted fans, with a total of eight captivating posts shared on his profile. Describing himself as “The Villain” on his bio, Murad’s handle @muradc3_ hints at his intriguing persona. His profile highlights his affiliation with CHS, proudly showcasing his jersey number 3 and his involvement in football.

Scroll through Murad’s Instagram feed, and you’ll find a series of snapshots capturing him in action on the football field. His inaugural post, shared on September 18, 2021, depicts him skillfully maneuvering with a football, setting the tone for his gridiron prowess. Recent updates showcase his spirited performances for Cherokee High School, demonstrating his dedication to the sport.

In addition to his public Instagram account, Murad maintains a private profile under the handle @yung.za1, offering a more exclusive glimpse into his life with 147 dedicated followers across two pages. Beyond Instagram, Murad curates his visual narrative on a VSCO account, sharing captivating images that offer a deeper insight into his world.

Net worth

Even though he’s still young, Murad Williams is already making waves in the music scene. His talent and determination are paving the way for his success, and it’s no surprise that his hard work is paying off financially too. While he’s starting to see some serious cash flow, what really fuels Murad is his passion for creating music that resonates with his generation.

His primary source of motivation is the connections he can create with people via his songs, not money. Murad stays focused and concentrates on what really matters to him—his music and the influence it has on other people—despite his growing notoriety and wealth. Murad Williams has a bright future ahead of him in the music business, his talent and passion guiding the way.

Final words

Within the ever-evolving music industry, Murad Williams is a rising star who is sure to make a lasting impression. Authenticity and talent are the driving forces behind Murad’s journey, along with an enduring enthusiasm for his profession and a desire to connect with his audience. His dedication to making meaningful music doesn’t waver while he negotiates the complications of fame and money. Murad Williams is a rising star in the music industry who captures listeners’ hearts and inspires admiration with every note and word.

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