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Melanee Raney story is a tale woven with threads of adventure, family legacy, and a deep love for Alaska’s untamed wilderness. Born on a crisp October day in 1976, she carries the adventurous spirit of her father, Marty Raney, a legendary Denali mountain guide, and talented musician.

Fuelled by her father’s passion, Melanee embraced the call of the wild, carving her own niche as a certified ski guide and an enterprising entrepreneur. Anchored in Anchorage, she orchestrates thrilling rafting expeditions, offering seekers of thrill and serenity a chance to commune with nature’s grandeur.

But Melanee’s story doesn’t end there. You might catch her on your TV screen, where she shines as a charismatic personality on Discovery’s Homestead Rescue and Raney Ranch, bringing the raw beauty of Alaska into homes across the globe.

Now, at 47, Melanee Raney stands as a testament to resilience and adventure, her life intertwined with Misty Raney, her beloved sister, in tales of triumph and the unyielding spirit of the great outdoors.

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What is Melanee Raney’s age?

Melanee Raney’s journey began on a crisp October day in 1976, as she took her first breath in Whitehorse, Yukon. Born into the embrace of both Canadian and American citizenships, her heritage reflects the diverse tapestry of her upbringing.

Raised by her adventurous father, Marty Raney, a seasoned Alaskan mountain guide, and her nurturing mother, Mollee Roestel, Melanee’s childhood in Haines, Alaska, was colored with tales of wilderness exploits and the warmth of family bonds.

With each passing October 16th, Melanee commemorates another year of life, guided by the harmonious energy of her Libra zodiac sign. In the rugged landscapes of Alaska, she finds solace and inspiration, a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration.

While her father commands the spotlight as the charismatic host and producer of beloved TV shows like Homestead Rescue and Raney Ranch, Melanee’s mother remains the quiet cornerstone of their family, her love and support unwavering.

As she navigates the intricate dance of life, Melanee Raney embodies the beauty of cultural diversity, her identity woven from threads of Canadian and American heritage. In her story, we find echoes of resilience, adventure, and the timeless allure of Alaska’s untamed wilderness.

Alaska was her childhood home, where she grew up

Melanee Raney’s childhood in Alaska wasn’t a walk in the park. Back then, life was tough without electricity or clean water, and the weather could be relentless. But those challenges? They made her tough too.

Surrounded by Alaska’s rugged beauty, Melanee fell head over heels for nature. Growing up near Talkeetna mountain, she found her passion for hiking, skiing, and guiding others through the snowy slopes.

Being the oldest among her siblings—Misty, Matt, and Miles—Melanee took on a big sister role with gusto. While her academic journey remains a mystery to the public, her life story speaks volumes about her resilience and determination to thrive against all odds.

In a world where adventure and adversity go hand in hand, Melanee Raney’s journey stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of those who dare to embrace the wild unknown.

What is Melanee’s occupation?

Melanee spent years exploring Alaska’s wild side as a ski guide and mountain climber, guiding adventurers through the rugged terrain of Girdwood. Now, she’s the proud owner of a rafting business in Anchorage, offering locals and tourists alike the chance to experience the thrill of rafting in Alaska’s stunning scenery.

But Melanee’s not just about outdoor adventures. Music runs in her veins, just like her dad. She’s been strumming the guitar and tinkling the piano keys since she was a kid. And at 15, she started teaching music lessons, passing on her passion to others.

Even though her family’s known for reality TV fame, Melanee’s happy to stay out of the spotlight. While her dad shines on Homestead Rescue, she’s content running her rafting business, enjoying the peace and quiet of the Alaskan wilderness.

Introducing Melanee Raney’s Brothers and Sister

Melanee Raney shares a close bond with her siblings, two brothers, and a sister. Her sister, Misty Raney, entered the world in 1979 in Sitka, Alaska, experiencing the same rugged upbringing as her older sibling.

Misty’s resilience and resourcefulness mirror those of her sister, navigating life’s challenges with grace and determination. She’s best known as an American reality TV star, captivating audiences with her appearances on the hit show, Homestead Rescue, since its inception in 2016.

Beyond the screen, Misty wears many hats, showcasing her versatility and skill. As a farmer and hunter, she leverages her agricultural expertise to aid families in surviving Alaska’s harsh climate. Her prowess extends to carpentry, earning her the title of “homestead builder” for her creative construction of shelters and greenhouses.

While Misty’s ventures outside of television remain shrouded in mystery, her contributions to her community and her family are undeniable. Married to her partner, Maciah Bilodeau, Misty is a devoted mother to their son, Guage Raney. Together, they share homes in both Hawaii and Alaska, weaving a tapestry of love and adventure amidst the wild beauty of the islands and the Last Frontier.

Marty Raney’s oldest daughter was once an avid hiker

Melanee Raney’s journey is one of adventure and passion. From scaling the majestic Denali mountain as a hiker to guiding thrill-seekers through the snowy slopes of Girdwood, her career has been defined by a love for the great outdoors. While she may no longer call Girdwood her workplace, weekends still find her wandering the trails, soaking in the beauty of nature. As a guide for Chugach Adventures, she continues to share her expertise and enthusiasm with fellow adventurers.

While her family’s reality TV show, Homestead Rescue, has garnered widespread acclaim, Melanee prefers to keep a low profile. Though she’s made guest appearances on shows like Moby and Supergirl, she’s chosen to step away from the spotlight, declining opportunities to feature on National Geographic’s reality TV program.

Music has always been a cherished part of Melanee’s life, inherited from her father, Marty. From a young age, she’s displayed talent and passion, mastering both the guitar and piano. Sharing her love for music, she began teaching lessons at just 15 years old.

In addition to her adventurous pursuits, Melanee is a savvy business owner, overseeing a thriving rafting business in Anchorage, Alaska. Catering to tourists seeking thrills on the water, her business earns her a respectable income, estimated at around $100,000.

While Melanee’s success is undeniable, she remains grounded in her values and passions, a testament to her resilience and dedication to living life on her own terms.

Professional Journey and Accomplishments

Melanee Raney’s journey intertwines both the realms of entertainment and adventure, establishing her as a notable figure in both industries. While she’s recognized for her television presence, her hands-on engagement in outdoor pursuits as a guide and business owner is equally noteworthy.

Television Exposure

Many may recognize Melanee Raney through her association with the beloved Discovery Channel series, Homestead Rescue. While her father, Marty Raney, takes the spotlight on the show, Melanee’s own background in adventure and survival likely lends valuable insights to the series, which focuses on assisting struggling homesteaders nationwide.

Outdoor Guiding and Entrepreneurship

Melanee has established a respectable career in the outdoor business outside of television. She applies her extensive knowledge as a rafting guide and her intense love of exploration to her business endeavours. Melanee is the proprietor and operator of Chugach Adventures, a rafting company that provides engaging adventures in the Alaskan wilderness. Her experience as a fish biologist and as a ski guide in Girdwood give her efforts legitimacy and draw in travellers looking for real wilderness experiences.

Melanee’s narrative highlights the profound beauty and limitless opportunities that lie ahead in the vast outdoors, inspiring those who share her passion for exploration and the natural world.

Melanee Raney’s Net Worth

The exact size of Melanee’s fortune is a bit of a mystery, but she’s likely doing quite well for herself. Her job brings in most of her income, allowing her to live comfortably. Meanwhile, her dad, Marty Raney, is estimated to be worth about $1 million, thanks to his work as a producer and host on TV, as well as owning a big piece of land in Alaska.

Melanee’s sister, Misty Raney, has a net worth of around $400,000 as of March 2024, mainly from her TV appearances. They live the good life, with fancy homes in Alaska and Hawaii. It’s said they rake in about $100,000 per show, adding to their financial success.

Who Is Her Husband

Melanee Raney found love with Ari Stiassny, a native Alaskan renowned for his skills as a skier and river guide. Their paths crossed atop Cornbiscuit Mountain during a ski tour, where their shared passion for the outdoors sparked an enduring friendship that blossomed into romance.

As partners both in life and work, Melanee and Ari share a common bond as guides with Chugach Adventures. Their professional synergy extends beyond the bounds of their marriage, as Ari has also collaborated with Melanee’s family on the television series ‘Homestead Rescue.’

Ari’s diverse skill set speaks volumes about his adventurous spirit. From navigating the seas as a sailor to guiding thrill-seekers on remote fly-fishing expeditions, his experiences as a rafting guide, fish biologist, and fisherman underscore his deep connection to the natural world. Together, Melanee and Ari exemplify the beauty of a shared journey rooted in love, adventure, and a reverence for nature’s wonders.


Their love story took root atop the beloved Cornbiscuit Mountain, a place that holds a special meaning in their hearts. From this bond, they’ve nurtured a beautiful family, blessed with three children: daughter Mia, and sons Col Dov and Taz.

Presence in the Public Eye and Online Platforms

Melanee Raney, daughter of the renowned reality star Marty Raney from Discovery Channel’s Homestead Rescue, is more celebrated for her mountain adventures than her online presence.

With a background as a ski guide and owner of a rafting business, Melanee inherited her love for the outdoors from her illustrious father. Despite her familial ties to the limelight, she opts for a private life, steering clear of public attention.

While Melanee isn’t actively seeking fame or crafting an online persona, her association with the hit Discovery series and her father’s fame naturally piques curiosity.

In an age dominated by social media, Melanee’s absence from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter sets her apart, particularly when contrasted with other family members closely tied to reality TV.

The Raney family, renowned for their rugged and adventurous lifestyle, often shares glimpses of their lives with fans through various social media accounts associated with Homestead Rescue. However, Melanee seems to cherish the tranquility of her Alaskan surroundings, maintaining an air of mystery in a digital age where online presence is often considered essential, especially for reality TV personalities.

Body statistics

Miles maintains a strong physique, reflecting his adventurous spirit inherited from his father, a seasoned mountain climber. With his athletic build and striking features—including his distinctive black-gold-hued dreadlocks and captivating black eyes—Miles possesses a natural handsomeness.

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Final Words

Melanee Raney, an embodiment of resilience and adventure, epitomizes the spirit of the Alaskan wilderness. From her roots in the rugged landscapes of Haines to her thriving career as a ski guide, entrepreneur, and rafting business owner in Anchorage, Melanee’s journey is a testament to passion and perseverance.

Her presence, though understated, is felt through her impactful contributions to outdoor exploration and her unwavering commitment to family. With her husband, Ari Stiassny, and their three children by her side, Melanee continues to navigate life’s adventures with grace and determination.

While she may shy away from the spotlight, Melanee’s legacy shines brightly through her dedication to her craft and her deep love for the untamed beauty of Alaska. In a world often defined by fame and fortune, Melanee Raney stands as a beacon of authenticity, reminding us that true fulfillment is found in the simple joys of nature and the bonds of family.

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