Kelly Dale Anderson: Meet Joni Mitchell’s daughter, Biography, Career,  Kilauren Gibb (previously Kelly Dale Anderson) 

Since emerging onto the music scene in the 1960s, Joni Mitchell has profoundly shaped the singer-songwriter landscape. Her innovative musical style and deeply introspective lyrics have left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. Notably, Mitchell’s poignant song “Little Green” was born out of a deeply personal experience: the revelation of her long-kept secret, her daughter, whom she chose to keep private for more than two decades.

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Throughout her storied career, Joni Mitchell has amassed an impressive collection of achievements, including 11 Grammy Awards. Yet, amid the accolades and acclaim, Mitchell’s journey as a mother has been marked by separation from her daughter, whom she placed for adoption in her youth. This decision, while perplexing to some, underscores the complex realities of Mitchell’s life and the profound personal choices she faced. Delve into the intriguing facets of Joni Mitchell’s motherhood odyssey to uncover a deeper understanding of her remarkable life.

Joni Mitchell’s profile summary 

Full NameRoberta Joan Anderson
Famous asJoni Mitchell
Date of Birth7 November 1943
Age80 years old (2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
BirthplaceFort Macleod, Alberta, Canada
Height5’6’’ (168 cm)
Weight63 kg (139 lbs)
Hair ColourGrey
Eye ColourBlue
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-spousesChuck Mitchell and Larry Klein
ProfessionSinger-songwriter and painter
Net Worth$150 million
Social MediaInstagram
X (Twitter)

Who is Joni Mitchell’s daughter? 

Joni Mitchell, renowned for her chart-topping song “Big Yellow Taxi,” joyfully welcomed her daughter Kelly Dale Anderson into the world on February 19, 1965, at the age of 21. Following her daughter’s birth, Joni spent a poignant ten days in the hospital. However, shortly thereafter, Mitchell made a pivotal decision that would profoundly impact both her own life and that of her daughter Kelly. Mitchell’s choice marked a significant turning point in their shared journey.

Mitchell gave birth to her daughter in 1965(Kelly Dale Anderson)

Mitchell gave birth to her daughter in 1965

On February 19, 1965, Mitchell gave birth to her daughter, then named Kelly Dale Anderson, at a Toronto hospital. The Los Angeles Times reported that Mitchell remained in the hospital for ten days due to complications during childbirth.

Facing a difficult decision, Mitchell entered into what she described as a “marriage of convenience, at best,” with folk singer Chuck Mitchell, as detailed by the Los Angeles Times. “Within a month, we both backed out,” she explained. “The marriage had no foundation other than providing a home for the baby.” Following their divorce, Mitchell made the heart-wrenching choice to place her daughter for adoption.

Reflecting on that pivotal moment, Mitchell admitted, “I took a chance. I accepted the unknown. I took a risk that the people who stepped forward to adopt this child truly desired her and felt a void in their lives without her.”

Mitchell wrote songs about her daughter (Kelly Dale Anderson)

Mitchell wrote songs about her daughter (Kelly Dale Anderson)

In her fourth album, Blue, Mitchell featured a poignant song titled “Little Green,” inspired by her daughter whom she named Kelly Dale Anderson, reminiscent of Kelly Green. The lyrics poignantly depict the challenges of a young mother faced with an impossible decision.

“You sign all the papers in the family’s name,” Mitchell sings, capturing the heartache and resolve of the situation. “You’re sad and you’re sorry, but you’re not ashamed.”

Reflecting on the song in a 2000 interview with PEOPLE, Mitchell described it as a “message in a bottle” to Gibb. When they eventually reunited, Mitchell recalled her daughter’s reaction, saying, “It’s so cryptic, Mom. I never realized it was about me.”

What happened to Joni Mitchell’s daughter?

In a pivotal moment, Mitchell confided in her then-boyfriend and father of her unborn child, Brad MacMath. Upon learning of the pregnancy, MacMath promptly departed for California, expressing hesitance about fatherhood. Left to navigate the situation alone, the singer made the difficult decision to place her daughter for adoption at the tender age of six months. Adopted by David and Ida Gibb, the child was renamed Kilauren Gibb.

Reflecting on the decision in an April 1997 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Roberta candidly explained the circumstances that led to adoption. “At that time, concealment was paramount,” she recalled. “The scandal was overwhelming because having a child out of wedlock was unforgivable. It carried a stigma akin to a serious crime.”

Financial constraints also played a significant role in Mitchell’s choice, as reported by Hollywood Life. These challenges compounded her inability to provide the necessary support for her daughter during that period.

Did Kilauren Gibb ever know she was adopted? 

Despite efforts by David and Ida Gibb to shield Kilauren from the truth, she eventually discovered that they were not her biological parents. Joni Mitchell, pictured during the 66th Grammy Awards at Arena in 2024, has long kept her personal life private.

As reported by PEOPLE, the daughter of the famous singer began to notice gaps in her childhood that hinted at undisclosed truths. “I would pore over our family albums and realize there were no pictures of me before I turned eight months old,” she shared. “My mother would brush it off, saying the camera wasn’t around back then, but I always sensed there was more to the story.”

It wasn’t until Kilauren reached the age of 27, expecting her first child, Marlin, that her adoptive parents finally revealed the truth about her adoption. This revelation ignited Kilauren’s determination to seek out her birth mother, leading her on a deeply personal quest for answers.

Does Joni Mitchell know her daughter? (Kelly Dale Anderson)

The revelation of Joni’s child remained a well-kept secret until 1993, when her former roommate disclosed the adoption story to a tabloid magazine, as reported by Distractify. In a candid 1996 interview with The New York Times, Mitchell publicly expressed her desire to reconnect with her long-lost child. “I’ve cleaned up my act and have no more secrets,” she stated. “But I worry because I want my daughter to meet her grandparents while they’re still with us.”

A turning point came when one of Joni’s devoted fans, Wally Breese, established a website that facilitated their reunion a year later. According to AmoMama, the iconic Woodstock performer shared the profound joy of meeting her child after more than two decades apart, remarking, “I’ve known happiness and sorrow, but this is something else entirely. It’s an indescribable emotional experience.”

Since reuniting, Joni Mitchell and Kilauren Gibb have chosen to maintain a mostly private relationship, away from the public eye.

Gibb started looking for her birth parents as a teenager

From her teenage years onward, Gibb embarked on a quest to uncover her birth parents. Reflecting on her early years, Gibb shared with The Toronto Star in 1997 that she began to sense something missing from her childhood. “As I flipped through our family photo albums, I noticed a gap – no pictures of me before I turned 8 months old,” she recalled. “My mother tried to reassure me, suggesting second children often get fewer photos, or that the camera wasn’t readily available then. But I always wondered.”

Despite these uncertainties, Gibb emphasized feeling deeply loved by her parents, who she described as nurturing and protective. “They believed they were acting in my best interest by keeping my adoption a secret,” she explained. “They wanted to shield me from feeling like an outsider and feared losing me.”

This exploration into her past highlights Gibb’s journey of self-discovery and the complexities of adoption and family bonds.

Joni Mitchell and Kilauren Gibb Reconnect Thanks to a Dedicated Fan

Mitchell and Gibb’s reunion was facilitated by a devoted fan, Wally Breese, who took action after Mitchell expressed her desire to reconnect with her daughter in a 1996 interview with The New York Times. “I’m in a better place now, with no secrets,” Mitchell shared. “But I worry about what she should know – her genetic history, health risks. It would mean a lot if she could meet her grandparents while they’re still here.”

In response, Breese created a website to sift through the flood of inquiries, aiming to identify genuine connections amidst the numerous claims. Remarkably, his efforts bore fruit.

A friend browsing the site noted similarities between Gibb’s appearance and details from Mitchell’s story, prompting a closer look. “The more I read, the more I saw how much we had in common,” Gibb recounted to The Toronto Star in 1997. “She was a musician, I loved music. She was an artist, I painted. Our interests aligned.” The coincidences were compelling enough that Breese referred Gibb to Mitchell’s manager, leading to their eventual reunion.

“My goal was always to repay Joni for the music she gave the world,” Breese reflected to Wired in 1997. “But this outcome exceeds anything I imagined.”

Gibb felt “complete” after reconnecting with Mitchell

After an extensive search, Mitchell and Gibb finally connected over the phone, leading to Gibb traveling to her mother’s residence in Los Angeles with her then 3-year-old son Marlin to meet her as an adult. (Gibb later welcomed a daughter, Daisy.)

“It was an incredible experience,” she shared with The Toronto Star. “Meeting her brought immense relief and a sense of completeness to me.”

During their initial meeting, Mitchell expressed regret for the past. “She wanted to express how sorry she was for giving me up,” Gibb remembered. “She explained the financial struggles she faced at the time—she couldn’t even afford to join the musician’s union. Revealing her situation to her parents, raised in a strict Victorian household, was also daunting.”

Despite these challenges, Gibb cherished her upbringing. “She asked about my childhood, and I could honestly say it was wonderful,” she recounted. “I had a fantastic upbringing, perhaps the best. Looking back, I realize I could have grown up in California as a privileged child. Instead, I’m grateful for my down-to-earth upbringing with my loving family.”

This heartfelt reunion underscored the complexity of their shared history and the profound gratitude Gibb felt towards her upbringing.

Who are Joni Mitchell’s grandparents? 

Who are Joni Mitchell’s grandparents? 

Joni Mitchell’s family includes two grandchildren: Marlin Kohler, aged 30, and Daisy Gibb, aged 24. Over the years, they have accompanied their grandmother to various high-profile events, making appearances on the red carpet together.

What does Joni Mitchell’s daughter do for a living? 

Joni Mitchell’s daughter, Kilauren, maintains a discreet lifestyle despite her mother’s fame. As a result, details regarding her professional endeavors remain undisclosed.

Gibb met her biological father after meeting Mitchell

After reconnecting with Mitchell, Gibb also met her biological father, Brad MacMath, a photographer based in Toronto. Mitchell shared with PEOPLE in 2000, “He has a daughter from one marriage and a son from another. We all spend time together as a unique family unit.”

Reflecting on the reunion, MacMath expressed to TIME his long-held desire to find his daughter. “I had always felt a sense of searching, even if I didn’t realize it consciously,” he explained. “Having an adult daughter and grandson suddenly appear in my life is truly incredible.”

Who is Joni Mitchell’s partner now? 

Currently unattached, Roberta has been married twice in the past: firstly to Chuck Mitchell from 1965 to 1967, and later to Larry Klein from 1982 to 1994. Kilauren Gibb, Joni Mitchell’s daughter, only discovered her mother’s identity when she turned 27. Mitchell made the difficult choice to place her for adoption six months after her birth due to financial constraints. Their reunion nearly three decades later led to a rekindled relationship that appears to be strong and close to this day.

Mitchell and Gibb have a lot in common

Joni Mitchell and Gibb discovered they share many similarities beyond their early careers in modeling and their mutual love for music and art. Their connection extends to a shared affinity for fashion and accessories, as well as a spirited confidence that Mitchell attributed to their Irish heritage. Speaking to The New York Times in 1998, they discussed these commonalities and reflected on their bond, which goes beyond their familial reunion.


Joni Mitchell, the iconic singer-songwriter known for songs like “Big Yellow Taxi,” has a deeply personal story intertwined with motherhood. In 1965, at the age of 21, Mitchell gave birth to a daughter named Kelly Dale Anderson, whom she later placed for adoption due to financial challenges and societal pressures. This decision remained a secret until 1993 when it was revealed publicly. Over two decades later, Mitchell and her daughter, renamed Kilauren Gibb by her adoptive parents, reunited with the help of a dedicated fan. Their reunion brought profound emotional fulfillment to both, marking a new chapter in their lives.


Q: Who is Joni Mitchell’s daughter? 

A: Joni Mitchell’s daughter is Kilauren Gibb, formerly known as Kelly Dale Anderson. She was born in 1965 and was adopted by David and Ida Gibb, who renamed her Kilauren. Her reunion with Joni Mitchell occurred in 1994, after nearly three decades apart.

Q: What happened to Joni Mitchell’s daughter? 

A: Joni Mitchell placed her daughter for adoption shortly after her birth in 1965. Kilauren Gibb, unaware of her biological origins for most of her life, discovered the truth at the age of 27. Their reunion in 1994 was facilitated by a fan-driven effort, leading to a renewed relationship between mother and daughter.

Q: What does Joni Mitchell’s daughter do for a living? 

A: Despite her mother’s fame, Kilauren Gibb leads a private life, and details about her professional endeavors remain undisclosed.

Q: Who are Joni Mitchell’s grandchildren? 

A: Joni Mitchell has two grandchildren: Marlin Kohler, aged 30, and Daisy Gibb, aged 24. They have occasionally accompanied their grandmother to public events.

Q: Who is Joni Mitchell’s partner now? 

A: Joni Mitchell is currently single. She has been married twice in the past, first to Chuck Mitchell from 1965 to 1967, and later to Larry Klein from 1982 to 1994.

Q: What similarities do Joni Mitchell and Kilauren Gibb share? 

A: Beyond their shared careers in modeling and mutual love for music and art, Joni Mitchell and Kilauren Gibb also bond over their similar fashion tastes and a spirited confidence attributed to their Irish heritage.

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