How to Optimize Your Coaching Landing Page to Get Better Conversions

As a coach, your job is to develop and train people to achieve greatness. Usually, you’re showing them the ropes on how to produce the kind of results you currently produce. However, you can’t coach anyone if they are not signing up for your classes.

Therefore, you need to develop strategies that will help you get people to sign up. Landing pages are one of the best ways to get conversions for your business. You can check out Clickfunnels to learn more about landing pages. While most coaches have a landing page, they don’t get the results they desire. 

There are many factors responsible for such a scenario. A poorly optimized webpage is the most likely cause of such poor results. Therefore, in this article, we’ll guide you on how to optimize your landing page to get better conversions. 

Create a Sales Funnel

You might be wondering: What does the sales funnel have to do with the landing page? The answer is a lot. Your landing is not an isolated tool but a complementary tool, and your sales funnel must be considered when developing the webpage. It is the sales funnel that will determine, to a large extent, the content of the webpage. 

Therefore, you need to create a sales funnel before you create a landing page. The model of the sales funnel you use depends on what you want to achieve. However, we recommend the Value Ladders sales funnel, as it works well for coaching businesses. The stages of this funnel are:

  • Bait: This is where you offer a lead magnet to your potential client to get their email address. 
  • Frontend: The next stage is to offer them your least valuable or expensive service or product. 
  • Middle: The next offer is a more valuable or expensive service or product.
  • Backend: The final stage is where you offer the most valuable or expensive service or product. 

This continuity program model allows you to continue to engage your customers and build trust. The landing page is where you offer the bait, as the other offerings will be made via the customer’s email. Therefore, it’s crucial to optimize your landing page because it determines if you can move on to the other stages of the sales funnel. 

Design an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Remember when we said that the landing page is where you offer the bait? This bait is known as the lead magnet and is designed to attract the potential client to give up their email address to get a freebie. For the lead magnet to attract a person, it must be something that they need. The value of the freebie depends on whether the item is valuable to the person you are trying to give it to. 

You cannot substitute this value with A/B testing, optimization techniques, or copywriting skills. You can visit to learn about some copywriting skills you need. Once your target audience doesn’t value it, they won’t exchange their email address for it. Therefore, to design an irresistible lead magnet, you need to do the following:

  • Discover the most difficult problem your target audience has. 
  • Design a product that solves this problem. 
  • Give out the product for free. 

Bear in mind that the lead magnet must be in a format that matches your niche. So, you can use an email course or eBook if the information can be passed across via text. If the information requires demonstration, a video format is the best approach. 

Select the Perfect Format

The lead magnet format determines your landing page format. To explain what we mean, we’ll look at some common lead-generation funnels. These models should give you an idea of how to format your lead capture webpage.

Squeeze page funnel: This has squeeze and thank you webpages. It is best for lead magnets in text format. So, you get the email, offer the product, and then thank them. 

Reverse squeeze page funnel: It has a squeeze page with a free-to-watch video that doesn’t require the customer’s email address. After the video, the thank-you webpage then requests their email to enable them to receive more free items. This funnel is perfect for lead magnets that are in video formats, such as video courses and masterclasses. The free video can be a snippet of the entire course you’ve created. 

Webinar funnel: In this funnel, the lead magnet is a webinar and the funnel has the following pages: Web registration, thank you, webinar, and product order.  

Use Only a Proven Template

One common mistake people make is to design a lead capture page from the ground up, especially for people without in-depth design experience. While we admire your creativity and ingenuity, you should stick to what works. Search for templates that match the format you have chosen. Once you find such a template, use it for your page.

Create a Captivating and Compelling Headline

The headline is the power of your landing page. It determines whether visitors will stay or leave. The headline must be captivating enough to hold their interest and convincing enough to make them read further. 

Our recommendation when writing the headline is to focus on communicating your lead magnet’s value to the visitor. You must reveal how this product or service will benefit them. You can read this article for more tips on how to write a headline. This must be clearly stated in the headline. 

Stress the Lead Magnet’s Benefits

After capturing the visitor’s attention, you need to convince them and get them to release their email address. The best way to do this is to stress the benefits of the product. Don’t just talk about the functions of the product, that won’t interest them. For instance, don’t say “This jacket is fire resistant,” but instead say “This jacket will protect you from fire.” 

This will help them take action faster than just reading the product’s features. Moreover, since the product is free, they won’t be so concerned about the features. The only time you can include features is if it adds to the value of the lead magnet. 


Your landing page is very important for getting customers for your coaching business. If it is not well optimized, you will lose leads every time. The article above is a guide on how to optimize this page to get better conversions.

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