History and Facts About Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has been amongst Earth’s most distinguished natural features. These beautiful waterfalls are situated in Ontario, Canada as well as New York, USA and offer scenic delights. They also act as time capsules filled with histories and adventures.

Whether you plan to go for Niagara Falls Tours Canada or want to see the different types of packages they offer, this place will never fail to amaze you with something new every time.

This article shares the must-see locations close to Niagara Falls and various tours that can be taken there. It also talks about some fascinating details about the falls.

Intriguing Facts About Niagara Falls

  • Creation and Structure: Glaciers receded towards the end of an ice age some 12 millennia ago which gave rise to this wonder. The falls comprise three distinct waterfalls namely Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.
  • Canadian Waterfall: Horseshoe Falls is located on the Canadian side hence it is a common destination during Niagara falls tours Canada. 
  • Historic Landmark: For over two centuries now this region around these powerful cataracts has been attracting visitors from all corners of the earth making them one among world’s most visited natural wonders till date.It had romantic appeal that made it earliest promoted honeymoon spots in North America where lots newlyweds from across globe planned their romantic tours in Niagara falls Canada. 
  • Flow Rate: With an average flow of 3160 tons per second, this waterfall has the highest flow in North America. In terms of volume, it is also the largest waterfall.
  • Hydroelectric Power: Since the late 19th century, the falls have been utilized for producing electric power thereby serving as a significant hydro-electric power supplier for New York State and Ontario Province.
  • Thrill acts: In time, many brave feats occurred there but the most famous stunt was done by Annie Edson Taylor who became the first person to survive going over falls in a barrel in 1901.

Distance from Toronto to Niagara Falls

If you find yourself in Toronto or are visiting the city, a great day trip or weekend getaway option is Niagara Falls. 

There are several Niagara Falls tour packages available to choose from based on your travel plans. It is approximately 81 miles away from Toronto. 

The drive usually takes about one and a half to two hours, depending on traffic.

Exploring Packages: Niagara Falls Tours Canada

Niagara Falls has something for everyone, no matter how much time you have or what kind of experience you’re looking for! Here are some ideas to align with your wanderlust spirit:

Niagara Falls Guided Tour- Day Package

See the best of the falls in a whirlwind day trip from Toronto! These Niagara Falls tour package

take care of everything, from transportation to a guided walk around the falls. 

You might even get a chance to take a boat ride right up close to the base of the Horseshoe Falls – an experience you won’t forget!

Evening Tour

An evening tour lets you witness the falls come alive with colorful lights. During summer, you can even catch a dazzling fireworks display!

Some tours in Niagara Falls Canada even come with a dinner that is deliciously mouthwatering matched with a view that will take your breath away – the perfect end to any day.

Helicopter Tour

Take an adventurous helicopter ride across the sky! You will get to see the falls like never before, along with the Niagara River, massive Niagara Gorge and its surrounding countryside — unbeatable views from up high. 

This is an experience of a lifetime for any thrill-seeker or adventurer!

Winter Tour

Niagara Falls is attractive all year round, but in winter it becomes enchanting. Think of watching ice skaters zoom in the dark rinks… only this time they are icy sliding waterfalls that tinkle and glitter from above. See just part of what we mean by booking a winter Niagara Falls tour Canada!

Explore More:  Niagara Falls Winter Wonder Tour

Private Tour

For those who want exclusivity; private tour can do wonders for you. By using guide services such as relaxed strolls or action-packed whole day explorations, one could come up with their own itinerary around their interests and schedule.

A private tour ensures that everything about your visit revolves around Niagara Falls!

Attractions You Can’t-Miss & Things To Do

It’s not just about the historical facts about Niagara Falls– the waterfall has much more to offer! When you travel here, it becomes apparent that this place is filled with attractions and activities that will make your trip unforgettable.

Skylon Tower

775 feet above the falls is the Skylon Tower which gives an unmatched view of both Niagara Falls itself as well as its surroundings. There are indoor/outdoor observation decks and a revolving restaurant where guests can eat while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Journey Behind the Falls

To get closer to Horseshoe Falls, try Journey Behind The Falls during your Niagara Falls tour Canada. As its name suggests, visitors descend 150 feet by elevator before following tunnels through bedrock to observation decks located directly behind the cascade – where it roars so loud that not only can’t you hear anything else but also feel your body shaking from excitement.

Niagara SkyWheel

This giant Ferris wheel overlooking Clifton Hill offers breathtaking views of both falls and their surroundings from climate controlled gondolas — meaning it’s open year-round for sightseeing during any season.

Niagara Fury

Niagara Fury is an involved display that shows the tale of how Niagara Falls was made. By blending mist, quivers, and other sensory perceptions with wondrous sights, the exhibit makes people feel what is beneath this force of nature.

During this show, you’ll learn many interesting facts about Niagara Falls.

Wrapping Up

Not only being one of the most stunning sights produced by nature, Niagara Falls has a long history and provides many activities for both adrenaline junkies and people who want to relax in its scenic beauty. Whether you are considering driving over from Toronto for just a few hours or staying multiple nights while seeing every single attraction in town, rest assured that this place does indeed have something for everyone.

From roaring waterfalls to a variety of things to do, Niagara Falls will create memories that stick with you forever. Start planning your Niagara trip today and discover what it is about this internationally recognized place that touches people so deeply.

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