Discovering Pittsburgh: Top Vegan Restaurants and Dining Spots

Pittsburgh is a treasure trove of history, culture, and a burgeoning food scene. For the vegan foodies, many top destinations feature plant-based options. This guide will run the best vegan restaurants in Pittsburgh and hit the best dining spots around town for some flavoursome and innovative vegan food. Let’s explore together the vibrant vegan dining scene of Pittsburgh. You will have more depth about vegan restaurants Pittsburgh in this article.

Onion Maiden

Onion Maiden is located in the Allentown neighbourhood of Pittsburgh, with a hardcore punk rock theme, catering to vegans. Onion Maiden has set a completely new bar in the Pittsburgh food scene for menu innovation and flavours exploding with Asian-inspired cuisine. Among the must-try dishes are ‘Creeping Lotus’—a dish made from steamed buns with hoisin tofu, pickled vegetables, and sriracha mayo, an all-time must-try—and ‘Hell Ramen,’ spicy miso ramen with tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables. Mix an edgy ambience with an innovative menu, and you have one of the most popular eateries—both locals and visitors love to frequent.


Apteka sits within the Bloomfield neighbourhood, offering vegan cuisine with an Eastern European flair. Lots of dishes are inspired by the flavours of Eastern Europe and many others are exotic, infused, and flavorful—like nowhere else. A few of the must-try items are “Bigos”. There is something about the ambience and the take on general Eastern European food that makes Apteka a must-visit over all other vegan spots in Pittsburgh.


B52 is a Middle Eastern-inspired vegan cafe located in Upper Lawrenceville, and their menu offers endless rotating menus full of delectable, all-vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Some of the highlights are the “Tofu Scramble”: a taste explosion full of tofu, vegetables, and spices; and the “Falafel Wrap”: crispy falafel with tahini, pickles, and fresh vegetables. B52 also boasts a range of house-made pastries and desserts, making it just a perfect place for a lazy brunch or dinner.

The Zenith

The Zenith is a unique place on the South Side, merging a vegan café, an antique shop, and a gallery in one place. The café has a rotating menu with vegan dishes, and the most popular ones are the “BBQ Seitan Sandwich” and the “Vegan Mac and Cheese.” The Sunday brunch is the most famed in The Zenith because it gives an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet, which consists of a wide variety of vegan cuisine. The quirky design and friendly vibe of the place facilitate a great experience in terms of vegan dining in Pittsburgh.

Reed & Co.

Reed & Co. is located in the Lawrenceville neighbourhood and is essentially a vegan café and juice bar that concentrates on fresh, nutrient-rich, plant-based food. The menu boasts lots of smoothies cold-pressed juices and bowls. The most popular items are the “Sunrise Smoothie,” which has a mixture of mango, pineapple, and coconut water, and the “Buddha Bowl,” a bowl full of colour—quinoa, veggies, and tahini dressing. With the kind of commitment Reed & Co. has to fresh, high-quality ingredients, it is one of the healthiest options among the many dining options in Pittsburgh.

Everyday Noodles

Everyday Noodles in Squirrel Hill is a hand-pulled noodle restaurant, with just a few vegan options. Not strictly vegan, this restaurant serves some first-rate plant-based dishes that shouldn’t be missed. Not to be missed is the vegan dan dan noodles and the vegetable dumplings. Creative preparation and great flavor parings put this place right at the top of the Pittsburgh vegan food scene.

Fortuitea Café & Bakery

The second place on the list is Fortuitea Café & Bakery in the North Hills. It is a wonderful vegan café and has an absolutely inspiring selection of delicious items, both savory and baked. This is also the spot for dishes like the BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich and Chickpea Tuna Salad Wrap. The small café is chock-full of vegan cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. The intimate setting of Fortuitea with friendly service is the best for a relaxed meal or treat.

LoveRocks Café

LoveRocks Café, located at the beginning of the Strip District, is a fabulous little vegan café that has a large plant-based menu. Must-try items here are Buffalo Cauliflower Wings and the Vegan Philly Cheesesteak. It also offers a variety of smoothies, juices, and desserts. These combinations of nice environment and tasty food have made LoveRocks Café popular among Pittsburgh’s vegan community.

Zenith Vegetarian Café

Located on the South Side, Zenith Vegetarian Café is a bit of an oddity: it is a vegetarian café and an antique store and art gallery rolled into one. The café has a revolving menu of vegan and vegetarian items, along with mainstream favorites like the Seitan Sandwich and the Vegan Lasagne. Sundays lay out their pièce de résistance: a vegan brunch buffet not to be outdone. Zenith is a destination spot for vegan dining in Pittsburgh.

Randita’s Organic Vegan Café

With locations in Aspinwall and Saxonburg, Randita’s Organic Vegan Café is devoted to providing a host of organic, plant-based meals that are equally high in taste and nutrition. Choices for meals include items like the ‘Lentil Loaf’ or the ‘BBQ Tofu Sandwich,” to name a couple–not to mention a variety of soups, salads, and sweet desserts. Tack on the incredibly eco-conscious ingredient choices that Randita’s makes in order to keep meals both organic and locally produced, and you have a clear choice for a vegan restaurant to consider.

Navigating Pittsburgh’s Vegan Dining Scene

Pittsburgh vegan dining scene is pretty big nowadays, and there are numerous spots to accommodate everyone’s tastes and preferences. Tips to help you make the most out of your vegan experience in the Pittsburgh dining scene are:

Planning Ahead

Research and plan your meals ahead. Find those vegan locations and have a list of go-to spots ready for a great experience when dining.

Trying Something New

Let the idea of eating foods you’ve never had before excite you to the moon and back. Pittsburgh is recreating the art of veganism with amazing chefs constantly creating dishes that will be to die for.

Supporting Local Businesses

Most of Pittsburgh’s vegan restaurants are businesses owned and run by locals. Supporting these businesses means you support the local economy and sustainable, ethical eating across the communities.

Exploring Different Neighborhoods

It is said that each neighborhood in Pittsburgh hosts a different kind of dining experience. From the hustle and bustle of the Strip District to the old touches of Lawrenceville, just start exploring.


Pittsburgh is a heavenly place for a vegan. There are so many great restaurants to choose from, serving every type of cuisine—from the comfort of at-home-style foods to the most gourmet. These epic spots around Pittsburgh are sure to convert you not only to tour the world of vegans but also to soak in what life as a vegan feels like. Let’s take your fork around the best vegan cuisines that this city has to offer. Get more, and the latest at Veggieinthe6ix, on vegan dining in Pittsburgh.

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