Five steps to help you collect more gold in Tarisland

Very soon, Tencent will present to players their new project Tarisland, which is leaving the active testing stage and is preparing for release.

A cross-platform project awaits you, which you can play on all current devices and quickly switch between them without losing progress.

In the early stages, you will be able to choose one of seven game classes, which you will develop up to level 30 and complete quests, hunt and storm raids to collect the optimal equipment and weapons and prepare for future PVP and new updates.

You will also need a lot of Tarisland gold, which can be received as rewards for quests and in other ways, which we will consider in this article.

Step one – quests

The entire storyline in the world of Tarisland is based on completing tasks and gradually receiving rewards for this.

In fact, this is the fastest and most stable way to earn gold in Tarisland and at the same time not look for any additional ways to get rich, but simply follow the ideas that Tencent put into their MMO RPG project.

Step two – grind

If you do not want to follow strict rules and get relative freedom of action, then choose the grind format.

This is a type of hunting when you simply attack monsters that suit your level.

Just destroy enemies, fortunately all characters will have good damage for this and receive Tarisland gold as trophies, resources for crafting all types of equipment and weapons, jewelry and potions of healing and strengthening the hero.

All found resources can be spent on the development of crafting, or simply sold to other artisans and receive cheap Tarisland gold for it.

Step three – crafting

When you upgrade your hero to level 30 and above, you will need up-to-date equipment and weapons, and you can also get them through crafting. You will simply transform your existing resources into new items that will either speed up your grind or help you earn more Tarisland gold by selling them to other gamers who don’t want to come into contact with crafting at all.

Depending on the chosen profession, the type of weapon or armor produced will depend:

  • If you work with ore, you can get all types of steel products – heavy armor, swords and maces, helmets and shields.
  • If you work with leather, you can make all types of light armor and ranged weapons.
  • If you work with fabric and reagents, you will be able to create magical equipment and fighting staves suitable for both magicians and healers.

Of course, at the stage of launching the project and the maximum level of 30, it may seem that professions do not make any sense and this will be the case until the first major update, but when this happens, crafting will become a highly relevant alternative to raids and those players who have not engaged in it before will have to try and spend time which will again create a lag between the players. Therefore, it is better to take up crafting professions right away – in the future this will help you earn a lot of Tarisland gold.

Step four – raids

Dungeon trips are a tasty morsel for any player who wants and knows how to form groups.

Storming a raid is entering a combat zone and attacking the boss with his retinue, in order to destroy them to receive some of the best types of equipment and weapons that drop out randomly and their quality depends on the level of the dungeon itself.

You can gain a little experience in a raid, but mostly people go to them for the sake of equipment and weapons, which, among other things, can be sold to less fortunate and motivated players and earn their Tarisland gold.

At the moment, there are no raids of different difficulty levels, in which there is a greater chance of getting legendary weapons and armor, but a large number of players will also have to destroy the boss, which will affect the luck of obtaining valuable trophies and the likelihood that they will go to you.

Step five – gaming market

Quite quickly, players and their luck will form the cost for most items that will appear in Tarisland.

Your main task is to quickly figure out the total value of the main items, because not all players will do this, which will give you a chance to earn additional gold by buying and selling items at your own prices.

You can also buy resources for crafting there, which will allow you to get not a net profit, but taking into account the costs, but they will still be profitable than wasting time collecting resources. Prices will constantly change and adjust, so follow them

Conclusion on the steps that will help you collect a lot of gold in Tarisland

The launch of a new project from Tencent is just around the corner, or rather the transition from testing status to a full release, which means players will soon go to pump up the first 30 levels and mine gold in Tarisland, playing as one of seven characters.

To simplify your task and increase the number of coins you receive, you can follow simple but effective steps that are also applicable in other MMO RPG projects.

Pay attention to the quest system as a simple and clear way to learn game mechanics as the Tencent developers intended them and receive weapons and armor, experience and gold as a reward.

Pay attention to regular hunting – in which you can destroy monsters that suit your level and get resources from them, which you can then use for crafting, or simply sell them to other players. In general, each class will be able to use this mechanic to independently regulate the length of game sessions and accumulate resources and experience.

Next, it is advisable to immediately start crafting, taking into account your class and the understanding that sooner or later the project will begin to continue its development and crafting will become a relevant alternative to raids, from which you can make good money.

Don’t forget about the raids themselves – they won’t give you much experience gain, but in general you can get ready-made items of equipment and weapons that you can sell to other players if they don’t suit your level or class, or keep them for yourself to strengthen your own combat capabilities.

The last step will be the development of the gaming market, when the bulk of gamers have formed the general prices for goods, a period of attentiveness will begin, when you can buy goods cheaper and sell them more expensive, leaving yourself the difference in Tarisland gold.

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