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Dorothée Lepère, born in 1965, is a talented and independent American woman with a flair for interior design. Once married to François-Henri Pinault, the chairman and CEO of Kering, Dorothée has since forged her own successful path. She has built a thriving home decor business, where her passion for creating beautiful spaces truly shines.

Beyond her professional life, Dorothée is a devoted mother who cherishes her time with her children. Her journey is one of strength and determination, as she has navigated life’s challenges with grace. Through her work and her family, she has created a life filled with creativity, love, and gratitude, inspiring those around her every day.

Who is Dorothee Lepere?

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Dorothée Lepère, formerly married to the prominent businessman François-Henri Pinault, has since embarked on an independent and successful career as an interior designer. She now runs her own home furnishings business and finds great joy in her family life.

As a Pisces, born under this compassionate and imaginative zodiac sign, Dorothée values deep, meaningful connections and often prefers the company of close friends over large social gatherings. The dual nature of Pisces means she experiences life both deeply and thoughtfully, sometimes needing solitude to reconnect with herself.

However, solitude for a Pisces is far from lonely. Dorothée’s rich imagination keeps her company, and she finds fulfillment in various creative activities such as reading, exploring new ideas, engaging in artistic projects, and enjoying music. These pursuits help her understand and express her emotions.

Despite her gentle and sometimes reserved exterior, Dorothée possesses a strong inner resilience. Guided by her moral integrity and sharp intuition, she consistently makes wise decisions that reflect her deep values. Her journey is a testament to her strength, creativity, and the harmonious balance she maintains in her personal and professional life.

Dorothee Lepere Wiki

Full NameDorothée Lepère
Date of Birth1965
OccupationInterior Designer, Entrepreneur
SpouseFrançois-Henri Pinault (Former)
ChildrenFrançois (Son), Mathilde (Daughter)
Net WorthUSD 20 million (2024)
Height5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
WeightApproximately 60 kilograms (132 lbs)
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorBrown
Body Measurements34-24-35 inches (86-61-89 cm)

Dorothée Lepère Biography

Dorothée Lepère, a Parisian with an unmistakable flair for elegance, became quite the talk of the town thanks to her former marriage to François-Henri Pinault, a big shot in the business world. Born back in 1965, she decided to keep her life simple, steering clear of the glitz and glam associated with her ex’s fame and fortune. Instead, she poured her heart and soul into her own interior design gig, where her impeccable taste shines through.

Recently, folks have been buzzing about François-Henri Pinault’s company, which made a hefty donation towards restoring Notre Dame Cathedral – to the tune of $450 million! It’s a real testament to their commitment to preserving French culture. And they’re not alone – other big names like the LVMH Group have chipped in too, pledging $226 million towards the cause.

In the midst of all this talk about massive restoration projects, Dorothée Lepère’s understated elegance is a breath of fresh air. Her dedication to her craft and the preservation of cultural heritage speaks volumes about the timeless values of French culture – simplicity, grace, and a deep appreciation for the past.


In 1965, amidst the captivating charm of Paris, France, Dorothée entered the world, her early life shrouded in mystery. Raised in a devoutly Christian environment, she embarked on her educational path at a prestigious boarding school in Paris. While details about her family background remain scarce, the romantic allure of the City of Love undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping the woman she would become.

Dorothée Lepère’s Family

When it comes to her personal life, Dorothée Lepère cherishes her role as a mother above all else. Despite the fame that came with her marriage to François-Henri Pinault, she’s shifted her focus to providing a safe and serene home life for her children.

She’s quite protective of her family’s privacy, keeping details like the number and ages of her kids under wraps. This speaks volumes about her commitment to their safety and happiness above everything else.

For Dorothée, family comes first, no matter her past or her career achievements. It’s this dedication to her loved ones that truly defines her, showing her unwavering values in a world that often focuses on the superficial.

Dorothee Lepere’s Personal Life

Dorothée Lepère With Husband

Dorothee Lepere’s personal life garnered public attention when she married François-Henri Pinault, a prominent French billionaire businessman, from 1996 to 2004. During their marriage, they welcomed two children into the world: their son François in 1998 and their daughter Mathilde in 2001. Following their separation, Pinault formed a relationship with supermodel Linda Evangelista, and they welcomed a son, Augustin James Evangelista, in October 2006.

Currently, François-Henri Pinault is happily married to actress Salma Hayek, a relationship that began in April 2006. Meanwhile, Dorothee Lepere has chosen a more serene path, away from the public eye. Immersed in her passion for interior decoration, she finds contentment in a life free from constant media attention.


François-Henri Pinault kids

Dorothee Lepere and her former husband, François-Henri, share something truly special – their love for their two wonderful children. Their family blossomed with the birth of their son, François, in 1998, followed by the arrival of their daughter, Mathilde, in 2001. Despite life’s ups and downs, Dorothee’s commitment to nurturing a loving relationship with her children remains unwavering.

From what we gather, Dorothee deeply values the bond she shares with her kids, making sure their happiness and well-being come first. Whether it’s having heart-to-heart talks, creating unforgettable memories, or simply being there for them, she’s determined to keep that special connection strong. As a devoted mom, Dorothee finds true happiness in the everyday moments spent with François and Mathilde, guiding them with all the love, care, and support a mother can give.

Dorothee Lepere Career

Dorothee LepereFrancois Pinault
Self-employed entrepreneurPresident of Group Artemis and Luxury Group Kering
Owner of a thriving home décor businessAdvocate for sustainable development
Generous pledge of €86 million for Notre Dame cathedral restoration
Ambitious plans for Gucci’s success

After earning her interior design degree, Dorothee Lepere embarked on a successful journey as a self-employed entrepreneur, establishing herself as the proud owner of a thriving home décor business.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Francois, has garnered fame in the luxury world, attaining billionaire status. Currently, he serves as the President of Group Artemis, the umbrella organization of Kering, and the Luxury Group Kering, playing pivotal roles in their growth and development.

Francois’s professional trajectory began in 1988 when he started as a manager in the buying division. Through dedication and perseverance, he climbed the ranks, eventually becoming president of the Pinault group, transforming it into a global leader in fashion and luxury.

In 2003, Francois assumed the presidency of Group Artemis, later becoming the President and CEO of PPR, now known as Kering. He is a strong advocate for sustainable development, as reflected in his funding of the documentary “Home,” which highlights the threats to our planet’s ecological balance.

Not content with his luxury enterprise’s success, Francois has pledged a substantial €86 million for the restoration of the iconic Notre Dame cathedral, following the devastating fire in 2019. Looking forward, he aims to elevate Gucci’s reputation beyond that of the Louis Vuitton brand, outlining ambitious plans for continued success in the competitive market.

Dorothee Lepere Net Worth

Dorothee LepereFrancois Pinault
Estimated net worth: USD 20 million (2024)Net worth: USD 43.4 billion
Entrepreneurial journey in interior designPresident of Kering Group
Self-employed business ownerGlobal influence and substantial wealth
Net worth growth from USD 15 million (2022)Immense financial impact
Projected net worth: USD 25 million

Dorothee Lepere’s financial story is a testament to her hard work and passion for interior design. With an estimated net worth of around USD 20 million as of 2024, she’s built her wealth through her own business ventures, living a life of luxury that she’s earned over the years. Her net worth has seen a rise from about $15 million back in 2022, and it’s expected to keep growing, possibly reaching $25 million soon.

In contrast, her ex-husband’s financial success is on a whole different level. With an eye-popping net worth of USD 43.4 billion, his role as president of the Kering Group has made him a heavyweight in the business world. His wealth and influence stretch across the globe, showcasing his place among the wealthiest people alive. While Dorothee Lepere has made her mark in her own way, her ex-husband’s immense fortune serves as a stark reminder of the stark inequalities that exist in the world of finance and business.

Awards & Achievements

The former partner of Dorothee Lepere has been celebrated in the business world with several prestigious awards. Back in 2016, she was honored with a spot in the esteemed Vanity Hall of Fame, and even earlier, in 2006, she was recognized as a Chevalier of la Legion d’Honneur.

His professional journey is truly impressive; he’s ranked as the third-best CEO globally and has been listed among the top 30 global CEOs for the year 2019. Adding to his list of achievements, he was awarded the Fiorino d’Oro in 2020, a prestigious honor in Florence, showcasing his outstanding contributions throughout his career.

Exploring Dorothee Lepere’s Hidden Depths: A Closer Look at Her Philanthropic Efforts and Advocacy Work

Dorothee Lepere isn’t just about fashion; she’s about making a difference where it counts. While she’s made waves in the fashion world, her heart beats for something more profound: giving back.

She’s not just a philanthropist on paper; she’s out there, rolling up her sleeves and getting involved in causes that matter. Whether it’s supporting education, healthcare, or environmental sustainability, Dorothee is hands-on, making a real difference in people’s lives.

But she doesn’t stop there. Dorothee is passionate about social change. As a fashion icon, she uses her voice to advocate for gender equality, human rights, and environmental protection, shedding light on issues that need our attention.

Her dedication and kindness serve as a reminder that true success isn’t just about what you achieve for yourself—it’s about the impact you have on others and the world around you.

Before Fame

Before gaining recognition for her high-profile marriages and esteemed career as an interior designer, Dorothée Lepère was a young Parisian with a passion for beauty and a desire to transform spaces.

Her journey into the design world began with a commitment to education. Through hard work and dedication, she earned a degree in interior design, laying the foundation for her future endeavors. Her formative years were marked by rigorous academic pursuits and artistic exploration, setting the stage for her eventual success.

Lepère’s narrative transcends mere personal connections; it embodies her unwavering commitment to her craft. Her perseverance and dedication to her love of design have been integral to her career trajectory and values, making her early experiences a cornerstone of her path to success.

Mathilde exhibits a keen passion for fashion, mirroring her father’s enthusiasm in the field

Inspired by her father’s legacy, Mathilde has delved into the captivating realm of fashion. Her remarkable debut at an exclusive Harper’s Bazaar exhibition in February 2020 showcased her innate sense of style and creativity. With her undeniable talent and passion for fashion, Mathilde seems to be following in her father’s footsteps, carving out an impressive career for herself in the industry. It’s worth noting that her father holds the esteemed positions of chairman and CEO at the renowned luxury fashion group Kering.

Mathilde, who is already well-known in the fashion industry, has worked with luxury labels such as Olgana, Mitsuki, and Sadh Leven, solidifying her position as a rising star in the industry. Beyond her career in fashion, Mathilde enjoys participating in equestrian activities and frequently wows her fans on social media with intriguing tales of her horseback riding exploits. Mathilde has a bright future ahead of her and is a captivating combination of inventiveness, sophistication, and unbridled excitement. She is well-positioned to leave a lasting impression in the fashion industry and beyond.

Dorothee Lepere’s Height and Weight

HeightFive feet five inches
WeightApproximately sixty kilograms
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorBrown
Body Measurements34-24-35

Dorothee Lepere weighs around sixty kilograms and stands elegantly at five feet five inches tall. She possesses a fair complexion, accentuated by captivating dark eyes that exude charm, and a flowing cascade of brown hair. Her physique is characterized by the proportions 34, 24, 35.

Dorothée Lepère’s Leisure Activities

Finding Inspiration Through Travel: Traveling isn’t just a vacation for Lepère—it’s her source of fresh ideas. Whether it’s admiring unique architecture or soaking in design sites, every trip fuels her creativity and adds a new dimension to her work.

Exploring Interior Design: Besides her professional gigs, Lepère loves diving into new interior design trends and techniques. It’s not just about staying creative; it’s about staying ahead in her field and finding joy in the process.

Capturing Life’s Beauty Through Photography: Photography isn’t just a hobby; it’s her way of preserving life’s beautiful moments. From textures to landscapes, each snapshot serves as inspiration, enriching her design journey and offering a new perspective on the world.

Nurturing Mind and Body: Amidst the hustle and bustle of her career, Lepère finds solace in mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga. It’s her way of finding balance and clarity, ensuring she can tackle each day with focus and energy.

Creating Culinary Delights: Cooking up French cuisine isn’t just about food for Lepère; it’s about creating memorable experiences. Sharing her culinary creations with loved ones is a way to express her cultural heritage and bring people together.

Favorite Things

French Art & ArchitectureDraws inspiration from French cultural heritage
Antique Furniture ExplorationEnjoys finding unique antique pieces for interior design
GardeningFinds joy and inspiration in tending to plants and flowers
Exploring Historic DestinationsFascination with global cultures and architecture
Design LiteratureStays informed and inspired by reading design magazines and books
Quality Family TimeCherishes moments with children, both at home and on adventures

Dorothee Lepere On Social Media

The French interior designer, Dorothee Lepere, consciously refrains from participating in social media platforms, preferring to cultivate a serene and private existence. Despite her noteworthy career and previous associations with prominent individuals, she deliberately chooses not to partake in social media interactions, opting instead for a more discreet lifestyle.

This deliberate choice underscores her value of privacy and emphasizes her dedication to leading a peaceful and undisturbed life, removed from the constant gaze of online platforms. By abstaining from social media, Dorothee Lepere retains authority over her personal narrative, allowing her to concentrate on her passion for interior design and the satisfaction it brings to her life.

Intriguing Insights & Support

Dorothée Lepère passionately advocates for the principles she holds dear, particularly in supporting women’s rights, a cause she champions through her involvement with the Kering Foundation. Her commitment to effecting positive change is seamlessly woven into her life, demonstrating a genuine dedication to philanthropy.

Her support extends to the endeavors of François-Henri Pinault, underlining her commitment to social impact. Despite the significant chapters in her story, including François-Henri’s relationships, such as with Linda Evangelista, Dorothée remains steadfast in her advocacy work and meaningful contributions to causes close to her heart.

Final Words

Dorothée Lepère’s life is a tale of strength and beauty, painted with the colors of passion and resilience. Beyond the glitz of her past associations, she’s carved her own path as an interior designer and loving mother. Her story isn’t just about success; it’s about the warmth of family, the joy of creativity, and the quiet strength of standing for what’s right. Despite the whispers of fame, Dorothée cherishes her privacy, finding solace in the simple joys of life. Her heart beats for causes close to her, from championing women’s rights to supporting those in need. In her, we see not just a designer, but a beacon of kindness and inspiration, reminding us that true richness lies in the depth of our connections and the impact we leave behind. Dorothée Lepère’s journey is a reminder to embrace our own unique paths, filled with love, laughter, and the beauty of being human.

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