Lyzel Williams: From Jill Scott’s Husband to a Life Beyond the Limelight

Lyzel Williams was a web designer employed at Intermedia Interactive Solutions in New York before he gained public attention through his marriage to Jill Scott, a renowned singer, songwriter, and actress. The couple wed in 2001 and quickly became a notable pair in the media. However, their marriage encountered difficulties, leading to their separation after six years.

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For a comprehensive look at Lyzel Williams’ background, his marriage and subsequent divorce from Jill Scott, his age, current lifestyle, and net worth, continue reading this article.

Lyzel Williams’s Early Life

Lyzel Williams was born in Washington, D.C., in the early 1970s, although his exact birth date remains undisclosed. As of now, he is estimated to be between 42 and 45 years old.

Raised as the only child, Lyzel received considerable affection from his family, particularly from his grandmother, with whom he spent much of his childhood. His father, an electrical engineer, and his mother, a designer, were both well-educated professionals who provided a supportive and nurturing environment for Lyzel.

After completing high school at Forestville Senior High in 1989, Lyzel pursued a military education. During his school years, he was also an accomplished basketball player, actively participating in his local team before transitioning into his professional career.

Lyzel Williams Physical Features

Lyzel Williams is a notably fit individual, standing 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing approximately 70 kg. His physique reflects a commitment to maintaining physical fitness and balance. He has distinct brown eyes that contribute to his engaging presence, and his dark brown hair complements his overall look. Together, these features underscore his confident and appealing demeanor.

How Lyzel Williams Rose To Fame?

Lyzel Williams gained public attention primarily due to his marriage to renowned singer and actress Jill Scott, rather than his professional accomplishments.

Career Path of Lyzel Williams

After graduating from high school, Lyzel Williams was encouraged by his father to pursue a meaningful career. Following this advice, he enrolled at The Art Institute of Philadelphia to study graphic design. While at college, he was also known for his DJ skills, although he eventually chose to focus on his professional career.

In 1993, Lyzel began his career as a graphic designer at a software company, where he worked for approximately eight years. By 2001, he advanced to a position as a senior web developer and interface designer at Intermedia Interactive Solutions, where he furthered his expertise in the field.

Lyzel Williams Profession 

After completing high school, Lyzel Williams was guided by his father to embark on a professional path. He followed this advice by enrolling at The Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he focused on graphic design.

While Lyzel had a passion for music and was known as a DJ during his college years, he decided to prioritize his career in graphic design. He began his professional journey in 1993 at a software company, where he worked as a graphic designer for approximately eight years. By 2001, he achieved his goal of becoming a senior web developer and interface designer at Intermedia Interactive Solutions, where he continued to advance in his field.

Who Is Jill Scott’s Ex-Husband Lyzel Williams?

Who Is Jill Scott’s Ex-Husband Lyzel Williams?

Lyzel Williams, a talented graphic designer and DJ, gained prominence as the former spouse of acclaimed singer and actress Jill Scott. The couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony in Hawaii in 2001, a setting that highlighted their desire for an intimate celebration away from the public eye.

Jill Scott and Lyzel Williams’ marriage was an important phase in Scott’s life, coinciding with a peak in her professional career. Known for her expressive and soulful music, Scott found in Williams a partner who matched her creative spirit. Williams’ background in graphic design and music added a unique dimension to their relationship, reflecting a union of visual and musical artistry.

Despite their deep connection and shared passions, the marriage encountered difficulties. After six years together, Jill Scott and Lyzel Williams decided to divorce in 2007. Although their marriage ended, it had a significant impact on both their personal lives.

Since their separation, Jill Scott has continued to achieve success in music, film, and television, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Lyzel Williams, on the other hand, has remained relatively private while continuing his work in the creative field. Their marriage, though short-lived, is an integral part of Jill Scott’s personal and professional narrative.

Lyzel Williams Wife

Lyzel Williams Wife

Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott’s relationship began years before their marriage. The couple enjoyed a long courtship of seven years, during which they developed a deep connection and mutual understanding. In 2001, they celebrated their union with a private wedding in Hawaii, choosing an intimate ceremony away from the media spotlight to honor their preference for privacy.

Throughout their marriage, Jill Scott and Lyzel Williams appeared to share a supportive and harmonious partnership, united by their passion for the arts. Jill Scott, acclaimed for her soulful music and compelling performances, and Lyzel Williams, known for his work as a graphic designer and DJ, complemented each other through their creative pursuits. Their relationship was often viewed as a blend of artistic talent and mutual inspiration.

However, after six years together, the couple decided to end their marriage, leading to their divorce in 2007. The split came as a surprise to many, given their high-profile status and the public’s admiration of their relationship. Following the divorce, Jill Scott continued to excel in her career, using her experiences to fuel her music and public performances.

In contrast, Lyzel Williams chose to retreat from the public eye after the separation. He has maintained a low profile, focusing on his personal and professional life away from the media’s scrutiny. Unlike Jill Scott, whose career has continued to thrive and attract public attention, Williams has remained private about his current endeavors and personal life. It is unclear whether he has remarried or entered new relationships since their divorce.

Lyzel Williams’ decision to avoid the limelight has kept details of his current life largely undisclosed. While Jill Scott remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Lyzel Williams continues to pursue his artistic interests in a more secluded manner. Despite their relationship’s end, it remains an important part of both their personal histories, reflecting the intricate dynamics of high-profile partnerships.

Lyzel Williams And Jill Scott Got Divorced

Lyzel Williams And Jill Scott Got Divorced

Despite the outward appearance of a loving relationship, Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott faced underlying issues that led to their separation. In 2007, the couple decided to end their marriage without disclosing the specific reasons for their split. Jill Scott later provided some insight into their relationship challenges during an interview. She mentioned that one contributing factor to their breakup was a significant change in Lyzel’s behavior, noting, “One of the reasons my ex-husband and I broke up is that he stopped eating my food.”

Scott explained that Lyzel began to refuse the meals she prepared, often leaving them untouched for extended periods. This shift in behavior was seen as a sign of a deeper emotional disconnect and growing distance between them. Such changes in routine and intimacy ultimately played a role in the deterioration of their marriage.

What Happened To Lyzel Williams After His Separation From Ex-Wife Jill Scott?

Lyzel Williams has remained notably private following his separation from Jill Scott. He has chosen not to comment publicly or make media appearances regarding the reasons behind their divorce.

Currently, Williams focuses on his career as the Creative Head at Comcast Interactive Media. Since the end of his marriage, he has maintained a low profile and has not been seen frequently in public.

There is no public information or speculation about any new relationships or a second marriage for Williams, as he has kept his personal life strictly confidential. Furthermore, he is not active on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, reinforcing his decision to stay out of the public eye.

Know About Jill Scott

Jill Scott’s early years were shaped significantly by her mother, Joyce Scott, who was a pivotal influence in her life. She attended Philadelphia High School for Girls, where she began her academic journey. With aspirations of becoming an English teacher, Jill pursued higher education at Temple University.

Growing up in a middle-class family, Jill encountered financial obstacles that required her to be resourceful and hardworking. To support herself and fund her studies, she took on a job as a waitress at an ice cream shop. This period of hard work and perseverance played a crucial role in building the foundation for her future achievements and resilience.

Jill Scott’s Exceptional Career

Jill Scott initially began her professional journey as a poet, performing her work at live events. Her talent caught the eye of Ahmir Thompson, co-founder of the renowned music group The Roots.

Scott’s prominence in the music industry is largely attributed to her critically acclaimed albums, including “Who Is Jill Scott?” (2000), “Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2” (2004), and “The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3” (2007). In addition to her music career, she has made notable appearances in popular films such as “Why Did I Get Married?” (2007) and its sequel, “Why Did I Get Married Too?” (2010).

Her contributions to music and film have earned her several prestigious accolades, including three Grammy Awards, three Soul Train Music Awards, and an NAACP Image Award. She has also received nominations for other prominent awards like the BET Awards, Satellite Awards, and Vibe Awards.

Jill Scott’s Multiple Love Affairs 

Following her divorce, Jill Scott began a new chapter in her personal life. She entered into a relationship with musician Li’l John Roberts. Their relationship became public on June 20, 2008, when they were seen sharing a kiss during Jill Scott’s performance at Carnegie Hall in New York. They confirmed that they had been dating for some time prior to this public display.

On April 20, 2009, Jill Scott and Li’l John Roberts welcomed their son, Jett Hamilton Roberts. However, their relationship faced challenges and they decided to part ways just two months after the birth of their child. They separated on June 23, 2009, without formalizing their relationship through marriage.

In a subsequent personal development, Jill Scott married her third partner, Mike Dobson, on June 25, 2016. Unfortunately, this marriage also encountered difficulties, and they filed for divorce within 15 months of tying the knot.

Lyzel Williams Net Worth

During his marriage to the renowned singer Jill Scott, Lyzel Williams led a life of luxury. However, after their separation, his lifestyle underwent significant changes. Presently, Lyzel resides in a private residence in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

As a skilled visual content creator, Lyzel continues to earn a substantial income, enabling him to uphold a comfortable lifestyle. Despite the shifts in his personal circumstances, his career has remained successful. His net worth is currently estimated to be approximately $2 million, reflecting his continued success and financial stability in the industry.

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  1. Who is Lyzel Williams?
    Lyzel Williams is a graphic designer and DJ who gained recognition primarily as the former spouse of acclaimed singer and actress Jill Scott. His prominence is largely attributed to their marriage in 2001.
  2. When did Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott marry?
    Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott were married in 2001 during an intimate ceremony held in Hawaii.
  3. How long were Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott married?
    The couple was married for six years before they divorced in 2007.
  4. What were some reasons for their divorce?
    Although the specific reasons for their separation were not fully disclosed, Jill Scott noted in an interview that a notable issue was Lyzel Williams’ refusal to eat the meals she prepared, which she interpreted as a sign of deeper emotional issues.
  5. What is Lyzel Williams’ current profession?
    Lyzel Williams currently holds the position of creative head at Comcast Interactive Media.
  6. Where does Lyzel Williams live now?
    He currently resides in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.
  7. What is Lyzel Williams’ net worth?
    Lyzel Williams’ estimated net worth is approximately $2 million.
  8. Has Lyzel Williams remarried?
    There is no publicly available information indicating that Lyzel Williams has remarried or is involved in a new relationship since his divorce from Jill Scott.


Lyzel Williams, initially a web designer, gained public attention through his marriage to renowned singer and actress Jill Scott. Their relationship, which started in the late 1990s, led to a private wedding in 2001. Despite their initial closeness, they separated in 2007, with the reasons for their split remaining largely private, though Jill Scott has suggested there were emotional challenges.

Post-divorce, Lyzel Williams chose to maintain a low profile, concentrating on his professional role as a creative head at Comcast Interactive Media. He lives in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and has managed to achieve financial stability, with his net worth estimated at around $2 million. Lyzel keeps a low profile, staying away from social media and public events, thus keeping his personal life largely out of the spotlight.

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