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David Bromstad, a beloved figure in American television, entered the world on August 17, 1973, in the quaint town of Cokato, Minnesota. His family ties run deep, being the youngest among his siblings: Dean Richard Bromstad, Dynelle Renee Bromstad, and Dyonne Rachael Bromstad. Their parents, Diane Marlys Bromstad (formerly Krueger) and Richard Harold David Bromstad, fostered an environment of love and camaraderie.

The Bromstad siblings share a profound connection, reflecting the importance of family bonds in David’s life journey. While some may speculate about the existence of twins among them, each sibling is a unique individual. Let’s delve into the lives of these siblings who played pivotal roles in shaping David Bromstad’s formative years.

Who is David Bromstad?

Renowned for his magnetic presence on television screens, David Bromstad is a multifaceted personality cherished by many for his fearless approach to life’s journey.

Beyond the surface, his biography unveils a tapestry of experiences, weaving together significant milestones and unexplored dimensions of his persona.

From an early age, Bromstad nurtured aspirations of channeling his creativity into transformative art and design.

Actualizing his dreams, he honed his skills as an illustrator at Disney, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Embracing the realm of TV show hosting, Bromstad stepped into the limelight, captivating audiences and elevating his career to new heights. Alongside his growing fan base, his professional success soared, marking a testament to his impactful contributions to the industry.

David Bromstad twin brother

David Bromstad’s family dynamic reveals an intriguing narrative, debunking the misconception of a twin sibling in his life. Instead, he shares a special bond with his elder brother, Dean Richard Bromstad.

Dean, a figure shrouded in mystery, opts for a private existence, contrasting with David’s public persona. While David’s sisters occasionally make appearances on his social media platforms and collaborate with him on television projects, Dean maintains a low profile, evading the public eye.

Despite his elusive nature, Dean remains a pillar of support in David’s life, a fact that David openly acknowledges. However, Dean’s occupation and personal details remain veiled, reflecting his preference for privacy.

Despite the scarcity of information and visual documentation of Dean online, his significance in David’s life is undeniable, underscoring the importance of familial bonds in David Bromstad’s journey.

What is the size of David Bromstad’s family?

David Bromstad belongs to a family of six, enriched by the presence of three elder siblings. His parents, Diane Marlys Bromstad and Richard Harold David Bromstad, have cultivated a profound sense of familial closeness within their home.

With ancestral ties tracing back to Norway on his father’s side and to Sweden and Germany on his mother’s side, the family enjoys a diverse heritage. Diane, born on February 29, 1944, in the United States, is renowned not only as David’s mother but also as a retired nurse who concluded her career at the age of 79. Richard, born on April 15, 1943, is currently 80 years old, serving as a steadfast source of support for his son’s endeavors, although his own profession remains undisclosed.

This cohesive family unit, embracing its multicultural lineage, frequently gathers to celebrate holidays and special occasions, often convening in a residence specifically acquired by David for such gatherings. While details about extended family members remain undisclosed by David, the Bromstad family remains tightly knit, epitomizing the essence of familial unity.

What are the names of David Bromstad’s siblings?

David Bromstad grew up in a close-knit family alongside his three older siblings: Dean Richard Bromstad, Dynelle Renee Bromstad, and Dyonne Rachael Bromstad. Despite being the youngest, David shares a strong bond with his brothers and sisters. While David has become well-known as a reality TV star, his siblings prefer to keep a lower profile, valuing their privacy.

Their family background is a mix of cultures, with their dad having Norwegian roots and their mom having Swedish-German heritage. Despite David’s fame, we don’t know much about his siblings’ lives—like when they were born, what they do for a living, or what they’re like personally. And just to clear things up, David doesn’t have a twin brother, but he does have an older brother named Dean Richard Bromstad.

Who are the parents of David Bromstad?

David Bromstad is a familiar face to many as a charismatic TV show host, admired for his bold approach to life’s journey.

Beyond the surface, his biography reveals a treasure trove of experiences, unveiling not only significant milestones but also lesser-known aspects of his personality.

From a young age, Bromstad nurtured a profound aspiration to become a visionary artist and designer.

To fulfill this dream, he dedicated years to honing his craft as an illustrator at Disney before embarking on a quest for new opportunities.

Stepping into the realm of TV show hosting, Bromstad discovered himself in the limelight, garnering not only a dedicated fan following but also achieving remarkable financial success, testament to the impact of his career.

What is David Bromstad’s nationality?

David Bromstad came into the world in Cokato, Minnesota, USA, a place rich in familial roots. His father, Harold David, proudly traces his lineage back to Norway, while his mother’s heritage extends to Sweden and Germany.

With his birth on American soil, David holds a proud American nationality.

His early passion for design and art flourished, with his experience at Wayzata High School serving as a turning point. Driven by his love of creation, he set his sights on becoming a Disney animator there.

David carried on with his adventure, attending the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, a school well-known for its connections to Disney careers.

Upon completing his studies, he seamlessly transitioned into the role of a Disney illustrator, marking the beginning of a fruitful artistic odyssey.

David Bromstad’s Education

Reed’s journey into the world of design and the arts began at an early age, fueled by a passion that would shape his future. Following his graduation from Wayzata High School, he made a deliberate choice to further his education at the esteemed Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota.

The college’s reputation for nurturing talent destined for Disney caught Reed’s attention, drawing him to its doors. Upon completing his studies, Reed embarked on a career as a Disney illustrator, a move that proved to be both financially rewarding and catapulted him into the public spotlight, where he now enjoys widespread recognition and success.

David Bromstad Career

David initially embarked on his career as a Disney Illustrator, although he found this role somewhat lacking in fulfillment initially. However, his exceptional talent caught the attention of his superiors, leading to a significant career transition into the realm of animation and illustration at Disney’s ‘Parks Productions.’

His journey within the Disney universe expanded as he delved into a multitude of artistic endeavors across various Disney parks. From mural painting to woodwork and sculpture creation, David immersed himself in diverse creative pursuits. He played a pivotal role in bringing major installations to life at iconic destinations such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure.

Even though David made a substantial contribution, he was unprepared for the difficulties he encountered when Disney laid off employees. This was made worse by the market slump that followed the horrible events of 9/11, which left David jobless and forced to navigate an uncertain future.

David’s career path unexpectedly shifted by chance when he was asked to help a friend who was an interior designer decorate children’s rooms. David started creating creative designs for these treasured areas by utilising his skills as a woodworker, painter, and illustrator in addition to his knowledge in prop design.

Journey to Television Fame

Bromstad’s audition for HGTV Design Star was a game-changer in his career. Winning the title not only earned him a car but also landed him his own show on the network. From 2007 to 2012, he lit up the screen as the host of Color Splash on HGTV, showing off his unique design flair and infectious personality.

Over time, Bromstad became a familiar face on HGTV, appearing on shows like Design Star All-Stars, Rock the Block, and Design at Your Door. And in 2015, he added another hit show to his resume with My Lottery Dream Home, solidifying his spot as a beloved name in home design and renovation TV.

David Bromstad’s sisters made appearances alongside him on HGTV

David Bromstad shares a deeply cherished bond with his sisters, Dynelle and Dyonne Bromstad, which is evident from their frequent presence on his social media platforms. The HGTV star often brightens his feeds with heartwarming snapshots of his older siblings and their parents, showcasing the strong familial ties within the Bromstad clan. In a post from 2017, he shared a photo featuring each family member except his older brother, expressing sentiments of joy and gratitude: “Having the best time with my fantastic family!” David’s active engagement on social media reflects his admiration for his siblings, but the ultimate confirmation of their close relationship came with their joint appearance on one of his television shows.

In 2021, Dynelle and Dyonne had the opportunity to join “My Lottery Dream Home Holiday Extravaganza,” an experience that David fondly commemorated with shared photos of the trio on set.

David was deeply touched by the collaboration, expressing, “I can honestly say this is one of the most fulfilling experiences in my career. It’s been truly remarkable, mainly because of the incredible team, including my wonderful sisters!” He warmly described their bond as a mix of quirkiness, honesty, and creativity, adding a unique charm to their work together. David ended with heartfelt gratitude for the chance to collaborate with his sisters, creating cherished memories that will always remain close to their hearts.

David Bromstad Net Worth

David Bromstad has really made a name for himself in TV and interior design, and it’s paid off big time! His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, thanks to all his hard work. You’ve probably seen him on various shows, and he’s even won ‘Design Star’ on HGTV.

But it’s not just his TV gigs that have made him rich. He’s also scored some sweet endorsement deals and ventured into business, adding even more to his bank account. People love him not just for his talent but also for his down-to-earth charm and knack for creative design.

David Bromstad’s Awards

He made waves by becoming the inaugural TV personality to grace the coveted ‘100 List’ by ‘OUT’ magazine. Not stopping there, he was recognized for his advocacy and openness by receiving the 2011 ‘HRC Visibility Award’. The accolades continued as he was celebrated as the ‘Miami Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year’ in 2012.

An assortment of luxury automobiles

Apart from his lavish property, Bromstad indulges in a range of high-end cars. His prized collection includes a Mustang GT Convertible, a Toyota Celica, and a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500. These vehicles are a testament to his appreciation for sophistication and exquisite design.

Has David Bromstad tied the knot?

Back in 2013, David Bromstad shared something really personal—he came out as gay. It was a big moment for him, embracing who he is and letting everyone know. Since then, he’s been a strong voice for LGBTQ+ rights, speaking out for acceptance and visibility.

In his personal life, David was in a serious relationship with Jeffrey Glasko. Jeffrey had a background in law enforcement, even working as a police officer and eventually becoming a SWAT team leader. After college, he joined the force as a Uniformed Patrol Detective before moving on to new things in December 2010.

Jeffrey changed careers and began working as Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager at Bromstad Studio after quitting police enforcement. This was a significant departure from his prior position.

Though they had a deep friendship, David and Jeffrey regretfully parted ways in 2015. David allegedly used drugs and was financially exploited by Jeffrey, thus their split was difficult.

Personal Life

Known for his work in design, David Bromstad made headlines in 2013 when he came out as gay. He has been transparent about his relationship with law enforcement veteran Jeffrey Glasko ever since.

Following his Roger Williams University graduation, Jeffrey began his career in police enforcement. Before quitting the police force in December 2010, he advanced from being a Uniformed Patrol Detective to serving as the unit’s leader. After that, he started working at Bromstad Studio as a project manager and chief operating officer.

David and Jeffrey had a meaningful relationship, but they decided to part ways in 2015. Their breakup was tough, especially with Jeffrey making some accusations against David, like financial wrongdoing and drug abuse. Despite all this, no charges were ever filed against David.

Dealing with the breakup and the allegations wasn’t easy for either of them, but David has been focusing on his career and personal growth despite the challenges.

How tall is David Bromstad?

In addition to his engaging personality, the dynamic TV host never fails to impress viewers with his striking appearance.

His fit physique is adorned with intricate tattoos. David stands tall at 1.85 meters (6 feet) and weighs 77 kilograms (170 pounds).

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David Bromstad Facts

One of those multi-talented Americans you have to admire is David Bromstad. He is the animated host of HGTV’s “Colour Splash with David Bromstad” and “My Lottery Dream House,” which you have undoubtedly seen.

However, he began his career as an illustrator for Disney before rising to fame on television. Later on, he pursued his dream and founded his own business making amazing fantasy bedrooms for children.

Remember the first season of HGTV’s ‘Design Star’? Well, he won that! And then he stuck around to mentor others on the show.

But David’s not just about TV. You might have spotted him as a judge on ‘Brother vs Brother’ or seen him in ads for big brands like ‘Mythic Paints’ and ‘Microsoft.’ Plus, he’s got the cool gig of being a brand ambassador for ‘Miele’ and even writes a blog for HGTV.

And let’s not forget, David’s also been a strong voice for LGBTQ+ visibility. He’s openly gay and has made appearances on shows like the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ and the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show.’ It’s pretty awesome how he’s using his platform to make a difference, don’t you think?

Final Words

Despite rumors of a twin brother, David Bromstad actually shares a special bond with his elder brother, Dean Richard Bromstad. While David’s sisters occasionally appear in his public life, Dean opts for a more private existence. Despite the lack of information about Dean, his significance in David’s life is undeniable. The Bromstad family, including parents Diane Marlys and Richard Harold David Bromstad, fosters a tight-knit environment, epitomizing the essence of familial unity. With David’s multifaceted career spanning from Disney illustration to television hosting, his journey reflects not only professional success but also the importance of family support. Through his advocacy for LGBTQ+ visibility and his impactful television presence, David continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide, solidifying his legacy as a beloved figure in American television.

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