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Amarah Dean’s prominence is heightened by her lineage, being the daughter of the renowned American actress, Alex Martin, who herself is the granddaughter of the iconic Whoopi Goldberg. However, Amarah is not solely defined by her family connections; she is a versatile individual with engagements spanning television, acting, and comedy. Additionally, she finds fulfillment in her married life and embraces the role of a devoted mother to her daughter.

Biography of Amarah Dean

Amarah Dean

Born in the United States on November 13, 1989, Amarah Dean has carved out a reputation for herself in the business world. While she is widely recognized for her professional endeavors, her familial connections are equally noteworthy, being the daughter of the renowned American actress Alex Martin. Amarah hails from a distinguished Hollywood lineage, with Alex Martin herself being the daughter of the iconic Whoopi Goldberg.

Apart from her illustrious family background, Amarah shares close ties with her two brothers, Mason and Jerzy. However, details about her educational journey and alma mater remain undisclosed, reflecting her preference for privacy.

Since 2011, Gary Bernard Dean and Alex Martin have enjoyed a blissful marital life, blessed with three children, with Amarah being the eldest among them. This familial bond contributes to the intricate tapestry of Amarah Dean’s life, adding depth and richness to her story.


Full NameAmarah Dean
Date of birthNovember 13, 1989
Birth placeUnited States
Age33 years old
Birth SignScorpio
Net worth$4 Million

Exploring Amarah Dean’s Early Years

A shroud of mystery envelops the early chapters of Amarah Dean’s life, a period marked by secrecy and introspection. Growing up as an only child, she shared a close-knit bond with her single mother, with the absence of her biological father casting a poignant shadow over her upbringing. Rumors hint at his Vietnamese and African heritage, yet his presence in Amarah’s life remains elusive, obscured further by his incarceration prior to her birth.

While Amarah’s artistic talents are undeniable, the details of her formal artistic education remain veiled, mirroring the enigmatic beauty of her creations. Her academic journey, from childhood to the present, remains unconfirmed, although murmurs suggest she may have received education within her neighborhood.

Sibling Connections, Shared Bonds, and Collective Aspirations

Entwined within the fabric of celebrity, Amarah Dean’s lineage links her to her illustrious grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg. Emerging from a desire for privacy, Amarah stepped into the spotlight in August 2022, choosing to reveal her familial ties on the reality TV show “Claim To Fame.” Amongst a dozen contestants veiled in familial anonymity, she gracefully unveiled her connection to fame.

Amarah Dean’s journey from solitude to sisterhood marked a significant transition in her life. Following her mother’s union with Alvin Martin, she embraced her role as a sister to her two half-siblings, Jerzy and Mason Dean. While their family life remains relatively private, glimpses of their close bond are evident on social media, reflecting the depth of their connection.

Insights into Amarah Dean’s Family Origins

Father NameGary Bernard Dean
Mother NameAlex Martin
SiblingsJerzy and Mason
Grand ParentsWhoopi Goldberg, Alvin Martin

Amarah’s mother, Alex, embarked on a complex journey with Gary, marked by uncertainty and separations early on. Although the precise date of their first marriage remains undisclosed, their relationship weathered storms that ultimately led to divorce. However, overcoming these challenges, they reconciled and reaffirmed their commitment in a humble ceremony conducted in January 2011. Their enduring partnership serves as a testament to the strength of their love and unwavering devotion to each other.

Amarah Dean’s Siblings

For a considerable period, Amarah Dean stood as her mother’s sole offspring. However, this family dynamic experienced a shift when her mother entered into a union with a man named Bernard Dean. Their journey together, marked by two distinct but intertwined marriages, resulted in the addition of two more members to the family: a daughter named Jerzey and a son named Mason.

In a gesture reflecting the strength of their familial bond, Amarah chose to take on Dean’s last name following his marriage to her mother. This decision signified not only the legal and emotional bonds between them but also underscored the unity and connection shared within their family circle.

Exploring the Diverse Artistic Talents of Amarah Dean

While specifics regarding Amarah’s education are limited, it is apparent that she diverged from the path of acting. In an interview with Essence regarding her career decisions, she expressed, “I never wanted to pursue a career in acting just because I felt like that was her thing.” She consciously opted not to follow in the footsteps of her mother or grandmother in the acting realm. However, her inherent creativity led her towards painting. Much of her artwork focuses on the experiences of women, particularly those of Black women.

Amarah Dean’s Career Journey and Professional Endeavors

Amarah Dean’s prominence received an added boost due to her mother, Alexandra Dean, a respected American actress and film producer. Alexandra Dean’s acting journey commenced in 1993 with her role as Classroom Kid in the American musical comedy film “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.”

In the same year, she portrayed Mannerjay in “Quest of the Delta Knight.” Subsequently, in 1999, she took on the character of Hugh in Paige Taylor’s satirical comedy “American Intellectuals.”

Alexandra Dean’s career continued to flourish with roles such as in the American made-for-television Christmas comedy film “Call Me Claus” in 2001, and as Maria in the movie “Strange as Angels” in 2003. Her appearances extended to the big screen with the 2008 film “Descendants.” Additionally, she contributed to “The View,” an American talk show, from 2015 to 2018.

Further showcasing her versatility, Alexandra Dean featured in the short film “Sensitive Men” in 2018. Through her mother’s notable career, Amarah Dean garnered recognition, emerging as the daughter of a celebrated American actress and film producer.

Exploring the Uncharted Aspects of Amarah Dean’s Romantic Journey

Within the intricate fabric of Amarah Dean’s life lies an untold chapter—a story entwined with love, engagement, and the faint whisper of separation. This narrative centers around her relationship with Chris, a bond that blossomed between 2010 and 2012. Their affection, immortalized in snapshots shared on Instagram, reached its zenith with an engagement announcement captured in a photo on February 13, 2014.

As speculation swirls regarding the eventual direction of their journey, the enduring presence of their daughter, Charlie Rose, serves as a poignant reminder of the path they once shared.

Amarah Dean, the 33-year-old custodian of artistic heritage, reveals a narrative steeped in mystery, lineage, and creative brilliance. Her odyssey is one of creation, connection, and the relentless pursuit of identity, navigating the realms of family, artistry, and love.

Amarah Is One of her Mother’s Three Children

For a period, Amarah Dean was her mother’s sole offspring, until her mother married Bernard Dean. The couple, who have experienced two marriages, share two children: a daughter named Jerzey and a son named Mason. Amarah, in a gesture of familial unity, adopted Dean’s last name following his marriage to her mother.

Amarah Dean Before Fame

Amarah Dean’s character was defined by her empathetic demeanor and her eagerness to lend a helping hand, even from her earliest years. In childhood, she nurtured lofty dreams, envisioning herself accomplishing remarkable feats despite her young age. Engaging in imaginative play, she frequently transported herself into fantastical realms, assuming the role of a hero and embarking on adventures in far-off lands, all within the confines of her backyard. On occasion, her siblings would join her in these imaginative exploits, further enriching the enchantment of their shared moments.

Unbeknownst to her at the time, Amarah Dean would evolve into a beacon of inspiration for those around her. Each passing day unfolded fresh avenues for exploration and ignited her imagination with the boundless possibilities of the future. Rooted in her core was a profound faith in the transformative power of kindness, a conviction that continued to guide her unwaveringly as she navigated the journey into adulthood.

Amarah Dean’s Appearance

Height5 feet 11 inch
Weight70 kg 
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown

Amarah Dean’s Age, Height, and Weight

Amarah Dean’s presence is remarkable, defined not only by her accomplishments but also by her distinctive physical attributes. At 33 years old, she commands attention with a striking height of 5 feet 11 inches and a weight of 65 pounds.

Her captivating long black hair, styled in various ways, complements her curious and determined sparkling brown eyes. Amarah Dean’s physical appearance is but one facet of her inspiring personality, contributing to her overall allure and charisma.

eight5’11’’ feet
Weight70 kg
Body MeasurementN/A
Body TypeN/A
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Amarah Dean’s Professional Journey

In her professional realm, Amarah Dean embodies a superhero-like figure, dedicating herself to aiding others and illuminating the world around her. While some individuals construct homes or educate children, Amarah pursues her distinctive calling. She serves as an entrepreneur, a term denoting someone who initiates and manages a business venture.

Consider the image of setting up a lemonade stand and single-handedly overseeing its operations. Amarah’s endeavors mirror this scenario, albeit on a grander scale. Leveraging her imagination and diligent effort, she crafts initiatives aimed at bringing joy to people’s lives and enhancing communities. Despite not donning a cape, her impactful work renders her a real-life hero to countless individuals.

Amarah Dean Has a Career as a Painter

Amarah Dean Do Painting

While detailed information about Amarah’s education remains scarce, it’s evident that she veered away from pursuing acting. In an interview with Essence about her career decisions, she candidly expressed, “I never wanted to pursue a career in acting just because I felt like that was her thing.” She consciously chose not to follow in the footsteps of her mother or grandmother in the acting field. Nevertheless, she channeled her inherent creativity into painting. Much of her artwork delves into the experiences of women, with a particular focus on the narratives

Amarah Dean Participated in a Reality TV Program

While detailed information about Amarah’s education remains scarce, it’s evident that she veered away from pursuing acting. In an interview with Essence about her career decisions, she candidly expressed, “I never wanted to pursue a career in acting just because I felt like that was her thing.” She consciously chose not to follow in the footsteps of her mother or grandmother in the acting field. Nevertheless, she channeled her inherent creativity into painting. Much of her artwork delves into the experiences of women, with a particular focus on the narratives

Amarah Dean’s Strong Bond with Her Grandmother

Amarah Dean’s life journey has been profoundly influenced by her distinctive upbringing, her fervent dedication to the arts, and the steadfast encouragement of her family, notably her grandmother. Their bond is exceptionally close, particularly since Goldberg played a significant role in Dean’s upbringing. Additionally, the shared birthday between Dean and her grandmother serves as another testament to their closeness.

While much is celebrated about Amarah Dean’s professional accomplishments, her personal life remains largely private. She holds her privacy dear, and as a result, little information is available about her personal affairs. In 2014, she welcomed a daughter into the world, yet details about her daughter or the father remain undisclosed.

Amarah Dean Net Worth

Determining Amarah Dean’s net worth can be likened to counting the myriad stars in the night sky – a challenging feat given its vastness. In the realm of wealth assessment, one’s net worth encapsulates their financial assets akin to a treasure trove. For Amarah Dean, envision her treasure chest brimming with golden coins, dazzling jewels, and perhaps even a sprinkle of magic beans, with an estimated net worth of approximately $4 million.

The precise count of coins and gems within her chest remains shrouded in secrecy, a closely guarded aspect of her personal finances. However, it’s evident that she has diligently accumulated her wealth, akin to a busy bee tirelessly collecting nectar. Through astute business acumen, she has expanded her treasure chest, much like saving an allowance for a cherished item. It’s essential to recognize that the value of the treasure chest extends beyond its contents; it encompasses the enriching experiences and meaningful connections forged along the journey of accumulation.

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Final Words

Amarah Dean, born on November 13, 1989, in the United States, is a multifaceted individual with deep Hollywood roots. As the daughter of actress Alex Martin and the granddaughter of the legendary Whoopi Goldberg, Amarah has carved her own path in the business world and as a painter. Despite her family’s fame, she values privacy, especially regarding her early life and education. Married to Gary Bernard Dean since 2011 and a devoted mother to her daughter, Amarah’s artistic talents shine through her paintings, which often explore the experiences of women. With a net worth of approximately $4 million, she continues to inspire through her creativity and dedication.

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