4 Types of must-have styles in your wardrobe

As a young woman, your wardrobe should be full of clothes that follow the latest fashion trends. This way, when you go out, you are always looking stylish and elegant. However, with the growing inflation, you cannot invest in a huge range of clothes and definitely not an entire wardrobe revamp each season. 

Lucky for you, we are here with some must-have styles in your wardrobe in 2024 that will allow you to stay fashionable without breaking the bank. 

Some Must-Have Styles in Your Wardrobe

Here is a list of some must-have styles to invest for the year 2024 so your fashion is on point:

Matching Separates

Matching separates have been in fashion since 2023. Even though it has been a number of months since this style came into fashion, its popularity is still raging. Plus, with a variety of fabrics and designs, this style will get you through 2024. 

Consider investing in some matching separates with floral and geometric prints. To balance the look, pair your matching separates with plain-colored slides. I believe white and black are some classic colors to invest in. 

Matching separates styled with delicate jewelry and elegant slides will be enough for any casual outing. However, if you could pick geometric prints if you wish to wear this style to work or university. 

Ready-to-wear Solids

Ready-to-wear solids with well-tailored trousers add a touch of sophistication and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pick some classic colors like black, navy, and beige. I find Alkaram’s ready-to-wear solids range quite amazing. You could invest in 2pc solid outfits and wear them together or pair the top with jeans. 

That being said, your wardrobe should have a few pairs of jeans that will give you casual and stylish options.

Festive 3-piece outfits

Three-piece outfits never go out of style. And when we’re talking about the festive range, 3-piece outfits are a wardrobe must-have. Alkaram’s Meraki collection is the perfect pick for Eid and formal gatherings. And with Eid-ul-Azha being followed by loads of parties and dawats, you should have some formal wear ensembles to look your best in traditional style. 

Make sure you style your three-piece outfits with jewelry and heels. However, when choosing the fabric, consider the weather too. The Meraki collection has lawn dresses with silk and poly chiffon dupattas so you can beat the heat without compromising on your look. 

Western Wear

For some occasions, you cannot stay away from Western wear. Plain t-shirts are a great foundation for layering or creating casual looks. You can pair these plain T-shirts with trousers or jeans. Alkaram also has a range of Western tops that you can choose from. 

If you want a more polished look, have a collection of blouses in various styles and fabrics in your wardrobe. They can elevate jeans or trousers, or add a touch of formality under a blazer. We’ve often seen Nida Siddiqui – the first female head of commerce, wearing blouses with blazers to meetings, carrying an elegant, formal look to work. 

Final Words

With inflation on the rise, there’s no way you can invest in entire wardrobe revamps every season. However, to look stylish wherever you go and look fashionable whatever the occasion might be, there are some wardrobe staples to invest in. 

Our guide covers 4 must-have styles in your wardrobe. This includes matching separates, ready-to-wear solids, festive 3-piece outfits, and western wear. However, if you don’t prefer Western wear or don’t want to invest in festive outfits, your preference comes first. Your personal style and needs are most important when shopping. 

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