15 Ways To Get More Google Reviews

81% of US-based customers check Google reviews to evaluate local businesses as per a 2024 survey. These statistics clearly indicate that Google reviews can play an important role in driving your target consumers to your business. 

Therefore, it is very important for businesses to increase reviews on Google and build a good review score to increase their visibility. You can even think of buying Google reviews from a reputable platform.

Also, you can plan strategies to bring more Google Reviews to your business. Here in this blog, we will help you with 15 simple and easy ways to get more reviews for your business.

15 Effective Strategies to Increase Google Reviews for Your Business

Are you struggling to get enough reviews for your business? If Yes, here is the list of 15 effective strategies that will help you increase Google reviews for your business.

Let us make bringing Google Reviews easy!

  1. Make It Easy

To simplify the process of leaving reviews, make sure you provide a direct link to your Google review page for your customers. For customers who are unfamiliar with leaving reviews, offer clear step-by-step instructions to guide them. 

When you minimize the effort on their part, the possibility of you getting reviews from them increases.

  1. Ask For Reviews

You must have heard the quote, “If you want something then ask for it”. The same is the case for reviews. It is good to request reviews immediately after a positive interaction with your customers for the best results. 

Use a polite and straightforward approach, either in person or via e-mail with a thank you note and a direct link to your Google review page.

  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Excellent service naturally leads to excellent reviews. Train your staff to be attentive and courteous towards your customers. Create a welcoming atmosphere for them and be prompt in addressing their issues. 

When your customers are satisfied with your services, they are more likely to leave a positive Google review which helps your online reputation.

  1. Follow Up With Customers

Reach out to your customers via e-mail or SMS after a purchase or service. Include a thank you note to show appreciation and request a review with a direct link. 

There are high chances that this personalized follow-up will encourage your customers to share their positive experiences which in turn will boost your Google reviews.

  1. Use Signage

Place signs in your stores or office to prompt your customers to leave you a review. Design eye-catching signs with a QR code that directly links to your Google review page. 

This will make it easy for your customers to leave reviews on the spot and increase your review count. 

  1. Incentivize reviews

You can offer small incentives such as discounts, coupons, points, or freebies in exchange for reviews. Make sure that these incentives are in line with Google’s review policies to avoid penalties. 

Using this strategy will motivate your customers to share their experiences with your products or services. 

  1. Leverage Social Media

Today, social media is a boon for businesses to increase their reach and visibility. Create posts requesting reviews and include a direct link to your Google review page. 

Engage with your audience on social media by responding to their comments and messages. When you interact with your customers actively, not only does it encourage them to leave a positive review but it also enhances your relationship with them.

  1. E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Personalize your e-mails to ask for reviews. Regularly include review requests in your e-mail newsletters. It will remind and encourage your customers to share their experiences and leave positive reviews. 

When you practice this consistently, it will help you build a steady flow of positive reviews over time. 

  1. Use Google My Business Features

Be active, post updates, and respond to reviews on your Google My Business Profile to show engagement. Keep your profile interesting by regularly adding photos and posts.

This activity from your end will increase more customer interaction and reviews which will eventually enhance your business’s online presence.

  1.  Provide Review Cards

Distribute physical cards to your customers requesting their reviews. Make sure to include a QR code or link for easy access. Hand these cards to your customers with the receipt or at the end of a service. 

This is a simple, tangible reminder for your customers to leave reviews.

  1.  Host Events

You can host and organize customer appreciation events. This will engage and delight your customers prompting them to leave reviews. 

You can also follow up with attendees via e-mail expressing gratitude for attending the event with a request for a review.

  1.  Highlight Reviews

You can feature positive reviews on your website and social media platforms. This will help you build trust with potential customers and also inspire your current customers to leave you a review. 

Your chance to get a review from them increases when they know that their review might also get featured on your website and social media handles.

  1.  Create a Landing Page

Develop a dedicated page on your website to guide your customers on how to leave a review. Make sure you provide clear instructions and links on this page. 

Optimize this landing page for search engines to increase visibility and attract more traffic. 

  1.  Engage with Both Positive and Negative Reviews

Make sure you respond professionally and respectfully to both positive and negative reviews. Show appreciation for positive reviews and address the concerns in the negative reviews in your responses. 

Try to resolve the issues promptly and request reviewers to update their feedback based on improved experience. This demonstrates proactive customer service from your end which will help with your credibility online.

  1.  Train Your Team

Train your team to ensure all team members understand the significance of reviews. Train them on how they can ask for reviews politely. 

Make sure your team is consistent in requesting reviews across all customer interactions to maximize your chances of receiving positive feedback.

Why are Google Reviews Important? 

Google Reviews can help your business greatly. Want to know how? 

Read the points given below:

  • Trust and Credibility: They build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  • Increased Visibility: Reviews contribute to local SEO, improving your business’s visibility in search results.
  • Consumer Decision Making: Many consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision.
  • Feedback Loop: Reviews provide valuable feedback on your products or services.
  • Social Proof: Positive reviews serve as social proof, influencing others to choose your business.
  • Competitive Advantage: Businesses with more positive reviews often have a competitive advantage.
  • Customer Insights: Reviews offer insights into customer preferences and expectations.
  • Business Growth: Positive reviews can lead to increased sales and revenue.
  • Customer Engagement: Responding to reviews can enhance customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Free Advertising: Positive reviews act as free advertising for your business, reaching a wide audience.


You are now equipped with effective strategies to get more Google reviews for your business. So what are you waiting for, start using these tips today and let us know how it works out for you. 

And if you are still getting stuck in navigating this review process, we at BuyReviewZ are here to help you with our services to help you with your online Google reviews. 

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