How To Use Social Media to Unlock Hidden Travel Gems?

Social media has changed the way we plan, enjoy, and share our travels in the digital era, making it a vital tool for travellers. One effective strategy to enhance your travel content and reach is to buy Instagram followers, which will boost your visibility and engagement.

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or a first-timer, using social media’s power can enhance your trip with insightful thoughts, helpful recommendations, and even additional perks. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how to utilize social media for travel, from finding hidden treasures to joining organizations. 

How To Find Travel Destinations Using Social Media?

The way we approach our travels has changed in recent years due to the thriving symbiotic link between social media and travel. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have developed into vibrant communities where travellers can interact, exchange ideas, and work together. 

They are more than just places to post status updates and share photos. Using these platforms, let’s look at valuable ways to plan a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

1. Follow Travel Influencers And Bloggers

Travel bloggers and influencers share their knowledge and experiences on social media, a great resource. 

Get ideas for locations, things to do, and even travel hacks by following influencers whose travel preferences coincide with your own.

2. Research Places Using Hashtags

It may be quite useful to use hashtags on social media to discover and organize information. 

Through hashtag research on your vacation destination, you could discover an extensive number of postings that guide you toward undiscovered gems, well-known spots, and unique experiences that other travellers have documented.

3. Join Travel Groups And Communities

There are travel groups on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. They organize a lot of group tours with specific destinations. 

By joining these groups, you can gain plenty of first-hand information and guidance from those most familiar with that place.

4. Discover Places With Pinterest Boards

Simply enter your preferred region, nation, or keyword into Pinterest’s search bar and hit enter. Create your trip using this method. It’s even better when you follow some amazing accounts that motivate you to visit places you had never thought about.

5. Explore Geotagged Posts 

Millions of geotagged images are now accessible through online platforms. Contributors share their vacation experiences with geotagged photos on social media. 

Key information-sharing details like location, time, weather, tags, and title are shown in the image itself. You can travel to the places based on your preferences.

6. Follow Tourism Boards 

You can follow the tourism boards to find travel content with their separate board for each place. 

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or a first-timer, using the travel board’s power can enhance your trip with insightful thoughts, helpful recommendations, and even additional perks. 

7. Connect With Locals

With apps like Instagram and Twitter, social media allows direct communication with locals. 

Talking to locals could offer helpful guidance, recommendations for off-beaten-path activities, and even an opportunity to gather together for an authentic local experience.

How To Grow Your Travel Blog on Instagram?

With millions of daily users and incredible growth, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks. 

Instagram has grown to be a handy tool for users and bloggers, particularly when it comes to travel-related content. You need to be active on social media if you want people to follow and help grow your travel blog on Instagram.

Consequently, if you’re persuaded to create an Instagram account to showcase your travel blog, you have to go over and put these strategies into practice to grow your blog’s following on the platform.

1. Post Consistently

You must stick to a regular posting schedule to keep up engagement and gain loyal followers. 

The aspects your followers are interested in, the quality of your content, and the amount of time you spend on your travel account will determine how frequently you post on Instagram. Keep it constant, don’t go for long without posting, and focus on quality!

2. Choose a Particular Niche

It is necessary to choose a niche to grow your travel blog on instagram. You’ll need to create a niche to stand out from the crowd.

You can focus on trip food photography, for example, or you could become an expert in landscape photography. The niche is crucial since it helps in identifying your intended audience.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Using Instagram hashtags related to travel is another essential trait to acquire. They can raise your profile on the platform, and the more people that view your content, the better! 

You may increase your account’s traffic and follower count by interacting with people you haven’t previously interacted with.

4. Keep Engaging Your Audience

Try to interact with them through comments and polls. Keep collaborating with other influencers. To improve your credibility and make it simpler for people to find your Instagram profile, you can tag and interact with popular accounts in your field. 

There’s a good possibility they’ll see your postings and write about your blog on their accounts, maybe something about you in their story.


If you are a travel enthusiast, then growing your Instagram account is a must. Inculcate the above ways to grow your travel channel seamlessly. You can also take help from reputable platforms like offers growth services to skyrocket your social media presence by providing real and organic followers, likes and views. Focus on creating quality content while Thunderclap ensures your posts gain the visibility they deserve.

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