Trends in Residential Construction in Atlanta

New trends are often introduced in the construction of residential buildings due to changes in human activities, technologies, and increasing consciousness of the environment. Contemporary homeowners expect and demand convenient, efficient, smart, environmental, and individually adapted living areas. 

Hence, residential construction in Atlanta is changing allowing builders to be innovative. So let’s discuss more of the most important trends for the present day in this industry.

The Rise of Sustainable Homes

Eco-friendly homes are no longer a trend; they are now a standard. Every day, more and more people are looking for efficient energy solutions and using environmentally friendly materials. 

Architects and construction companies are coming up with designs that are environmentally friendly and efficient in power consumption. Solar panels in houses, high energy efficient windows, and proper insulations are now conventional. 

Also, there is an increase in the use of natural and sustainable building materials like reclaimed wood and recycled steel. Other new developments include green roofs and rainwater harvesting systems. Their advantages include insulation, less runoff, and efficient water usage. 

Many homeowners are also embracing the idea of passive houses to maintain comfortable internal temperatures with little energy. These homes are well insulated with the best qualities and are sealed hence serving as efficient energy savers.

Multifunctional Spaces

The global pandemic has impacted the way people use their home spaces leading to increased demand for versatile rooms. Housing needs space where people can study, work, exercise, and host parties or meetings. 

This trend has sparked new home adaptations such as turning spare rooms into working places and basements into fitness centers. Movable objects like fold-away desks and freely moving storage solutions meet the needs of functional flexibility and space.

Spaces used as family rooms are slowly merging with the entertainment areas in the homes. Such openness improves this flexibility of activities since the entire compound can adopt diverse layouts. Shelves are very important for creating order in an urban home. They serve multiple purposes, making it easier for families to declutter their homes.

Smart Home Technology

Automated home appliances are becoming the new norm in the contemporary residences. Smart speakers (such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home) act as central controllers to operate different aspects of a home. Energy-efficient thermostats, smart lighting, and security systems are convenient, energy saving and bring more security.

Smart lighting systems, which can be turned on/off through apps or voice commands, can be set to have a particular timetable. These smart gadgets are more convenient and secure. Smart thermostats can identify user habits and set temperatures for heating or cooling in the most efficient ways possible. However, smart security systems, such as video doorbells and smart locks for homes, offer increased protection and the ability to monitor from a distance.

Personalized Design

Current homeowners have high expectations of new designs that characterize their personality and lifestyle. Further, open floor plans and designs are desirable due to their layouts for vast and versatile spaces. Quality, individualistic choices, everything from built-in cupboards to splendid floor covers offer people a chance to indulge their personalities.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most busy spaces in a home that allows for individualization. Owners also seek individualized kitchens with complex appliances, original countertops, and bathrooms with luxurious vanities and facilities. High-design programs and VR tools can help homeowners conceptualize and tweak their designs before beginning their projects, making modification easier.

Multigenerational Living

Many families today live with more than two generations under one roof due to housing expenses, caretaking of the elderly, and strengthening family relations. People are getting their houses built with dual living units, master bedrooms, or even facilities for elderly family members.

Moreover, living together is financially advantageous because members share the costs of rent and other utilities. Hence, multigenerational living designs provide safety and comfort to all the members of the family.

Outdoor Oases

Outdoor facilities have become indispensable, allowing people to have a piece of heaven in their backyard. These features make such areas functional and aesthetically appealing as they host facilities like barbecues and fire pits. Barbecues, built-in sinks, and disposals between the outdoor kitchens, grills, refrigerators, fireplaces, and fire pits make it enjoyable.

These outdoor oases require landscaping, which is a vital element in this aspect. It is always wise to hire professional landscapers to design attractive gardens. Additions such as patios, decks, or even pergolas extend the livable area and also complement outdoor living.

Further, lighting makes the outdoor space reusable into the night, string lights and light fixtures make the place welcoming. Smart lighting systems bring an additional level of comfort and personalized solutions.

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The Final Verdict

Residential construction trends are rather a result of changes in the lifestyle and preferences of homeowners. Architects are meeting such needs with new strategies that provide efficient, and modifiable homes. As these trends evolve, the future of residential construction remains vibrant and full of potential, where everyone can build their dream house.

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