Top Trends in Cabinet Refacing in Mississauga

For those living in Mississauga, cabinet refacing is very ideal when it comes to making home improvements in the kitchen. This offering major transformations to the space eliminates the need for heavy costs and disruptions typically associated with kitchen renovations. More than the cabinetry, there is more to appreciate when designing a beautiful kitchen. By using the newest trends in design you can make the process of getting the Best Cabinet Refacing Mississauga and getting an amazing and well-coordinated look in general.

Things To Remember

  • Lighting: The color chosen should also factor in the presence of natural light in the room where it will be decorated. In a dark room, lighter colors will help create light, while dark colors will look good in a well-lit kitchen.
  • Hardware: In some instances, it is crucial to get better hardware to achieve an improved aesthetic appeal of the cabinetry. Make sure you choose the correct colors when it comes to finishes so that they fit into the overall color scheme of your house.
  • Expert Assistance: Cabinet refinishing is a hectic process; to some of the best results we recommend that you hire any of our specialists.

Cabinet Refacing Styles

Sleek and Minimalist Designs

In detailing today’s kitchen designs, especially the new ones, trends that are most preferred are smooth surfaces and straight and simpler lines. When refacing cabinets in contemporary terms, you would use slim door panels, minimalist furniture fixtures, and handleless furniture for the design and handling.

Transitional Elegance

Known for its timeless appeal, transitional style kitchens combine aspects of modern and classic design. They are becoming more and more popular. Traditional door designs, such as raised panels or shaker doors, are used in this trend of cabinet refacing to create a modern yet classic effect by combining them with contemporary hardware and finishes.

The Color Craze

  • Earthy Green Shades: Green is one of a major color, ranging from sage to olive. These serene green cabinets lend a hint of refinement while evoking the outdoors.
  • Deep Blue Tones: Undertones of royal blue and other blue colors are becoming popular. They are particularly dramatic and deep in well-lit kitchens.
  • Traditional Neutrals: Warm white, greige, and taupe provide a comfortable and classic choice. It is very eye-catching with blocks of clear color and shades of natural wood.

Two-Tone Magic

To reach for the idea of a playful approach when dealing with design, utilize two color choices. Moreover, to achieve the best aesthetic effect, paint the upper cabinets in pale colors and the pendants in vibrant colors. To go even further, it is possible to add a white countertop, which will look very contrasting.

Open Shelves

Homeowners seek to brighten and engage the dull and sometimes closed-off kitchen space by making open shelving a trend. Placing kitchenware and decorative objects on open shelves makes access to them convenient and allows for the artistic arrangement of utensils. Install open shelving next to your top cabinets, or replace a few cabinet doors with open shelving to finish the cabinet refacing project yourself.

Natural Wood Treatments

Refacing kitchen cabinets is bringing back wood treatments, which embrace the beauty of natural materials. Natural wood treatments, such as warm oak rich walnut, add coziness, character, and warmth to the kitchen. Natural wood cabinets offer a classic elegance that never goes out of style, whether you choose a darker finish for a more dramatic effect or a lighter, natural stain to highlight the wood’s grain.

Combining Metals

It is possible that the incorporation of several metals in your kitchen equipment and accessories can make the area fashionable and lively. With a different finish of metal, such as copper, brass, or stainless steel, you can make new focus points where your refaced cabinets will stand out.

Moreover, to create a unified impression in your kitchen design with mixed metals, choose one dominating metal and use it extensively. Introduce one or two accent metals as focal points.  In the kitchen, you can select stainless steel cabinet hardware and appliances. On the other hand, to provide contrast and apparent delineation, it is recommended to select the copper pendant light and the brass faucet. Further, to learn about other methods of refacing your kitchen, visit here for related posts.


Finally, in the discussed area of the kitchen cabinet refacing, there are many fresh trends and innovations that can be offered to meet people’s different standards and tastes in design. For those who prefer bold expressions, choose strong and dramatic statements. For a classic look, select traditional styles. To achieve a contemporary feel, go for sleek modern forms. To create an exquisite display of sophisticated, individually styled designs in your kitchen, adopt these top trends in finishes, colors, and style.

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