Tips to Unlock Cheap Car Rental Deals in Dubai

Car rental in Dubai is highly sought after by tourists looking for a comfortable, safe and budget friendly trip. The car rental industry in Dubai has considerably developed over the years. Today, you can choose from a variety of cars from economy to luxury. If you are looking to rent a car in Dubai cheap there are certain tips that you must know. Using them in the right way will allow you to rent even luxury car brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes, Audi, Roll Royce, etc. at an affordable price.  

Tips to Book the Perfect Economical Car for Rent in Dubai  

Renting a cheap car in Dubai requires prior research and awareness of the existing market. Know about some useful tips to access the most affordable rental cars in Dubai below:

Choose Compact Cars

Car rental companies in Dubai feature cars of varied types and categories. For the ones looking for budget friendly deals, a compact car will best serve your purpose. A compact car consumes less fuel and hence offers more mileage. A compact car is also favorable to navigate through the packed roads of Dubai and allows easy parking options too.  

Book in Advance

The next step for cheap car rental United Arab Emirates is advance booking. Most car rental companies allow for advance booking of cars in Dubai. If the company has an online presence, check out their website or app and confirm the booking of your favorite car. Advance booking of cars is also a good way to be sorted for the trip. 

Self Drive

Car rental companies in Dubai offer the options of chauffeur services and self drive. A car rental Dubai with driver does come with a number of perks like enhanced comfort, safety and security, the service is chargeable as well. So, if you want to have an economical car rental experience in Dubai it is recommended to choose self drive over chauffeur services.   

Go Off Season

Around the month of April to October, the number of tourists visiting Dubai is comparatively less. Along with rental cars, the rates of hotels and other touristy things are also less during this time. Off season tourists can easily avail a cheap car rental in Dubai. So, plan your trip during the off season in Dubai to access affordable deals on everything. 

Avoid Airport Transfers

Whether it is a pick up or drop off, airport rides charge higher than usual rentals all over the UAE. This is because of the additional charges that the airport authorities charge on all rental cars. So, if you want a cheap car rental deal in Dubai try avoiding airport rides. 

Avail Repeat Customer Deals

The last tip for cheap car rental in the United Arab Emirates is to get monthly car hire dubai avail repeat customer discounts. Car rental companies in Dubai highly value their loyal customers and reward them with additional deals and discounts. Save up on your next car rental in Dubai by opting for the same rental source that you might have availed before. 

By following the above mentioned tips and tricks you can conveniently get attractive deals on rental cars in Dubai. Furthermore, to access the best car rental deals in Dubai check out OneClickDrive, your one stop destination for car rental in the UAE.

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