Swap Face, Clothes and Anything With Face Swapper


We’ve seen AI come a long way with almost everything that we own. And nowadays, technology allows us to work with pictures and videos like never before. What if we told you that you no longer have to reach out to your graphic designer friends to edit your pictures? 

Ever wanted to swap some faces around in pictures? Or look at new clothes you would like on you? You can just be using your phone or laptop to do the same thing yourself! With FaceSwapper AI, you can have complete freedom over however you want to edit and spice up your pictures. Continue reading and we’ll tell you all about the website and how you can get the best results using it.

How Does Face Swapper Work?

Before you can go ahead and use the tool, you’ll have a better chance at getting the results you want once you understand how the process really works. To use the AI Face Swap, you need to upload a couple of pictures first. From those pictures, the AI tries to find where the faces are in the pictures or videos that you upload. It looks for distinct features such as your nose or eyes and tries to capture your entire face accurately.

Once the face is selected, the next part of AI’s job is to carry that face onto the other picture. This part also involves finding where to paste the face in the new photo. But it also involves making your new picture look as realistic as possible. This means AI uses its algorithms to try and match the lighting and colors, so your picture doesn’t turn out weird.

The Different Modes Available in Face Swapper

Now that you have a basic idea of how the tool works, the next part is learning all about the different features. Let’s see:

Clothes Swap

We’ve all tried online shopping before and we’ve definitely wondered how certain clothes would look on us. But the problem is that sometimes our outfits don’t turn out looking the same way as we imagined. That’s why you need to be able to see what you’ll actually look like. And that’s possible through the AI Clothes Swap!

Here, you’ll first have to add a picture of yourself. After that, you’ll find a prompt box where you can describe the outfit that you have in mind. Explain how you want the dress to look and the different features it’ll have. Then, just hit “Start Clothes Swapping” and watch as your imagination is quite literally brought to life. The Clothing Swap tool will use the information you provide it in the prompt box and to replicate it as best as possible.

AI Swap Face

The AI Face Swap tool works exactly the way we described it earlier for you. It’s the most basic feature of the tool which lets you pick a face from one picture and transfer it onto the next. 

To use this tool, you’ll need two pictures. The first picture is where the face will be copied from, and the second picture is where the face will be transferred to. After your picture is done processing, you’ll have complete freedom to further edit it as you want. Click the pencil to get started with that.

You’ll get better results as long as you have just one face in the target picture. Having more faces is more likely to mess up your results. But if you want to mess around with more faces, then the feature will help you with that.

Multiple Face Swap

As we just told you, adding pictures with multiple faces in the normal face swap feature can potentially mess up your final outcome. When you’re trying to face swap more than one face, the multi face swap will help you get the best results. 

Like the other tools, you’ll have to upload two pictures — One from where the face is first taken, and the other where the face is transferred. The AI running the multi face swap will then separate each face in the target picture and present them to you. Here, you’ll be able to pick which faces you want to swap around separately. And so, you’ll get better results as the AI will be focused on each face rather than trying to swap them at once.

Swap Face into Video

The last feature that we’ll tell you about is best used to create stuff like deepfakes. Deepfakes are those videos of people where someone’s face is swapped onto another person’s body. You can use it to create videos like Justin Bieber’s face on Drake’s body. And AI will do all the work making sure your video looks as real as possible. 

When you’re trying to swap a face into video, you’ll need a picture and a video. As always, the first picture is where the face will be taken from. The video is where the face will be added. In order to get the results you want, it’s better to have less. What we mean by that is your video should focus more on whose body the face should go rather than what’s happening in the video. If your video has too much happening in it, there is a chance that the results might not end up being what you want. 

The video that you upload should be in an MP4 file format and the maximum space it should take is 50MB. 

The Bottom Line 

Forget about asking your digital marketing friends about how to use those complicated editing apps. Instead, you can swap faces into video content or check out what that blue dress looks like on you by just clicking a few buttons. The FaceSwapper website isn’t going to slow down your computer and the process is pretty straightforward. With its help, you can just add your pictures and leave with some pretty fun and spicy pictures. And before we leave you, just remember; you’ll get the best results when your pictures are clear and there’s less happening in it.

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