Who Is Susan Guth? Know All About Bill Walton’s Ex-Wife

Bill Walton, renowned for his illustrious NBA career and charismatic commentary, has also navigated notable personal chapters through his marriages. Currently, Walton is married to Lori Matsuoka. Although Lori keeps a low profile and little is known about her professional endeavors, their relationship stands as a significant aspect of Walton’s life.

Prior to his marriage with Lori, Walton was wed to Susan Guth. Together, they have raised several children, including their sons Luke and Chris Walton, who have continued the family’s legacy in basketball and coaching. Despite his public image, Walton maintains a level of privacy regarding his personal life, concentrating on his career and commitment to his family.

Walton’s enduring influence in the realms of basketball and broadcasting, paired with his personal resilience, underscores a man who seamlessly blends his public achievements with a steadfast dedication to his personal life.

Who Is Susan Guth?

Who Is Susan Guth?

Susan Guth, often erroneously linked to Bill Clinton as his first wife, is in fact a distinguished businesswoman, philanthropist, communicator, and consultant. Despite her noteworthy professional achievements, Guth prefers to keep her personal life private, with limited information available about her early years and family.

Raised in La Mesa, California, Guth pursued her higher education at the College of Charleston, later obtaining a certification in Italian studies from the University of Maryland. Her career began in 2004 as a teacher at McLean High School. She then worked as an editor at the College of Charleston for three years and served as a Protégé mentor from 2009 to 2012.

Guth’s career evolved with a position at Mindfire, where she honed her skills as an account executive for a year. Since 2015, she has transitioned to freelancing, dedicating her efforts to offering innovative solutions and support to various clients. Her career reflects a blend of teaching, mentoring, and strategic consulting, demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to making a positive impact in her field.

Biography Of Susan Guth

Susan Guth is a prominent communication consultant renowned for her expertise in strategic communication, public relations, and organizational development. Her influential work has significantly enhanced public engagement and improved the operational efficiency of various organizations and individuals.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Guth is deeply passionate about education. She founded and presides over the Indigo Village Educational Foundation and Indigo Village, organizations dedicated to providing innovative educational programs and support services for children and families. Guth’s visionary leadership in these educational initiatives underscores her steadfast commitment to fostering learning and nurturing growth within communities.

Age Of Lori Matsuoka

Age Of Lori Matsuoka

California-born Lori Matsuoka has adeptly kept her exact birthdate undisclosed, though it is estimated she is in her mid to late 50s or early 60s as of 2024, inferred from her graduation from UCLA in 1986.

Who Is Bill Clinton’s First Wife?

Bill Walton, a towering presence in the world of basketball, embarked on a significant chapter of his personal life when he began dating Susan Guth in the late 1970s. The couple married in 1979 and welcomed four sons: Chris, Nathan, Luke, and Adam Walton, who all embraced their father’s enthusiasm for basketball.

Throughout their marriage, which spanned nearly a decade, Walton’s rising NBA career and Guth’s steadfast support at home were integral to their family’s dynamics. This era was characterized by Walton’s on-court successes and Guth’s essential role in maintaining family harmony and stability.

In 1989, after close to ten years together, Walton and Guth decided to part ways, finalizing their divorce. Despite the end of their marriage, they remained dedicated co-parents, continuing to nurture their sons’ athletic pursuits and personal growth. Their ongoing commitment to their children’s well-being stands as a testament to their collaborative parenting, even as they pursued separate lives.

Bill Walton’s Early Life 

Bill Walton's Early Life 

William Theodore Walton III, born on November 5, 1952, in La Mesa, California, grew up in a humble household with four siblings. Despite initial struggles with shyness and stuttering, Walton found a profound connection to basketball, which offered him comfort and confidence. His older brother, Bruce, played a pivotal role in fostering Walton’s interest in the sport.

In high school, Walton shared the court with Bruce, showcasing impressive skills despite recurrent injuries. His outstanding performance earned him a scholarship to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he played under the legendary coach John Wooden. Walton’s college basketball career peaked during the 1973 NCAA Championship game against Memphis State, where he achieved a remarkable 44-point performance, setting a record that remains unchallenged to this day.

Bill Walton’s NBA Career And Challenges

Bill Walton’s NBA Odyssey: Achievements Amidst Adversities

Bill Walton, drafted first overall by the Portland Trail Blazers in 1974, embarked on a professional basketball career marked by both exceptional accomplishments and significant challenges. Despite early setbacks due to persistent foot injuries, Walton’s resilience paid off during the 1976-77 season. Under the leadership of coach Jack Ramsay, he propelled the Trail Blazers to an NBA Championship victory, earning the Finals MVP award and solidifying his reputation as one of the premier players in the league.

Nevertheless, Walton’s career was continually plagued by injuries, including a critical foot injury during the 1978 Playoffs. His time with the San Diego Clippers was similarly affected by health issues. Walton’s career saw a resurgence with the Boston Celtics in the mid-1980s, where, often contributing from the bench, he played a crucial role in their 1986 NBA Championship win. This achievement not only highlighted his comeback but also served as the culminating triumph of his storied playing career.

Bill Walton’s Ongoing Health Challenges

Walton’s professional and post-retirement life has been profoundly influenced by severe health issues. His extensive use of painkillers during his career led to considerable health complications, necessitating numerous surgeries. Among these, a notable procedure was an 8-hour spinal fusion surgery in 2009, involving the insertion of titanium rods into his spine. Though the surgery was successful, it required a lengthy and arduous recovery period, reflecting Walton’s enduring struggle with his health.

Bill Walton’s Legacy And Contributions

Bill Walton’s illustrious basketball journey took flight at UCLA, where he emerged as a standout player under the mentorship of the iconic coach John Wooden. During his college career, Walton amassed a collection of championships and individual honors, establishing himself as one of the most promising talents in the sport.

Walton’s transition to the NBA was marked by continued excellence. Leading the Portland Trail Blazers to their inaugural NBA championship in 1977, he delivered an exceptional season performance that earned him the league’s MVP award. This period solidified Walton’s status as a premier player, despite his career being frequently disrupted by injuries. His steadfast determination enabled him to overcome these physical challenges and achieve significant milestones both on and off the court.

Following his retirement from professional basketball, Walton successfully ventured into broadcasting. His insightful commentary and passionate analysis quickly earned him respect and recognition in the field. Walton’s memoir, Back from the Dead: Searching for the Sound, Shining the Light, and Throwing it Down, provides an in-depth look at his life’s journey, chronicling his victories, struggles, and personal development. This candid narrative resonated with readers, becoming a New York Times bestseller and inspiring fans and aspiring athletes with its themes of resilience and dedication.

Bill Walton’s influence extends beyond his basketball achievements, as he continues to inspire many through his diverse talents, perseverance, and enduring passion for the game and life’s broader aspects.

Professional Journey

Lori Matsuoka pursued her academic path at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), graduating with a degree in sociology and business. This solid educational foundation equipped her with essential skills for her dynamic professional journey.

Beginning her career in the sales and marketing sector, Matsuoka gained invaluable experience across various companies. Her roles encompassed business operations, customer engagement, and strategic planning, laying the groundwork for her career advancement.

Transitioning later into blogging and philanthropy, Lori found a new avenue for expression and impact. She established herself as a lifestyle blogger on BdaKiNE.com, sharing personal insights on music, travel, and more, connecting deeply with a diverse audience.

Passionate about philanthropy, Lori dedicates significant time and resources to various causes close to her heart. Her philanthropic interests span animal welfare, child abuse prevention, cancer research, and veterans’ support, reflecting her commitment to community well-being.

In editorial roles, Lori serves as the philanthropy editor for Giving Back Magazine, spotlighting individuals and organizations making a difference through charitable endeavors. This role underscores her dedication to highlighting impactful contributions and promoting community engagement.

Additionally, recognizing the importance of leadership development, especially among women, Lori founded the Nancy Walton Laurie Leadership Institute within the Chi Omega sorority. This initiative underscores her commitment to empowering women and fostering leadership skills in academic and collegiate environments.

Susan Guth’s Marriage To Bill Walton

Lori Matsuoka’s life has been profoundly influenced by her enduring marriage to Bill Walton, an iconic figure in basketball and broadcasting. They first crossed paths at a gathering hosted by the rock band Grateful Dead in 1989, a meeting that sparked a connection leading to their marriage in 1990. Throughout the past three decades, their relationship has been marked by unwavering mutual support and a shared passion for diverse interests. While Lori doesn’t have biological children, she has embraced the role of stepmother to Bill Walton’s four sons from his previous marriage, actively engaging in their lives and nurturing a cohesive family environment. They reside in San Diego, California, where they have cultivated a home that fosters both their personal and professional endeavors.

Balancing a successful career with deep commitments to philanthropy and family, Lori Matsuoka embodies a multifaceted approach to life. Her partnership with Bill Walton serves as a cornerstone of her personal journey, complementing her professional accomplishments and extensive community engagement. Through her various roles and initiatives, Lori continues to make a significant impact, inspiring others with her leadership, advocacy, and steadfast commitment to fostering positive change.

Susan Guth Children

Susan Guth and Bill Walton’s union led to the upbringing of their four sons: Adam, Nathan, Luke, and Chris. Each son has pursued a path in basketball, following their father’s illustrious legacy in the sport. Luke Walton, in particular, has attained notable achievements. He had a successful tenure as an NBA player, securing championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Moving into coaching, Luke took on the head coaching position for the Sacramento Kings. This familial commitment to basketball highlights their collective love for the game and its profound influence on their journeys.

Susan Guth Divorce

Susan Guth and Bill Walton finalized their ten-year marriage in 1989, with the details of their divorce kept private to respect their personal privacy. Following their separation, Susan chose to maintain a low profile, prioritizing her career and her role as a dedicated mother to their four children.

Since their divorce, Susan Guth has embraced a single lifestyle. In contrast, Bill Walton embarked on a new chapter in 1990 with his marriage to Lori Matsuoka, marking a fresh beginning for both of them.

This narrative sheds light on Susan Guth’s professional achievements, her nurturing role as a mother to their basketball-involved sons, and the private circumstances surrounding her divorce from Bill Walton. It underscores her commitment to communication consultancy and educational advocacy, emphasizing her significant impact on her family’s athletic and educational legacy.

Quick facts

  • Susan Guth and Bill Walton married in 1979 and separated in 1989 after a decade together.
  • They have four sons: Adam, Nathan, Luke, and Chris.
  • Susan Guth is an experienced communication strategist.
  • She founded the Indigo Village Educational Foundation, emphasizing her dedication to education and philanthropy.
  • Her career centers on fostering learning and community impact.
  • Susan remarried Bill Walton in 1990, marking a new chapter in their lives.
  • She is actively involved in charitable causes, including animal welfare, child protection, and cancer research.
  • Susan holds a degree in sociology and business from UCLA.
  • She founded the Nancy Walton Laurie Leadership Institute at Chi Omega sorority, empowering women in leadership roles.
  • Susan shares her insights on music, travel, and various topics through her blog on BdaKiNE.com.

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Q. What are Bill Walton’s notable achievements? 

A: Bill Walton gained prominence as a former NBA player, securing two NBA championships and an MVP award. He is equally recognized for his distinctive on-air persona and commentary style as a television sportscaster.

Q. Who was Bill Walton’s first spouse? 

A: Bill Walton’s initial wife was Susan Guth. They wedded in 1979 and separated in 1989, raising four sons together: Adam, Nathan, Luke, and Chris.

Q. What is Susan Guth’s professional field? 

A: Susan Guth is a seasoned communication strategist with a diverse career encompassing education, mentoring, and strategic communication. She is also the founder of the Indigo Village Educational Foundation, dedicated to advancing innovative educational programs.

Q. When did Lori Matsuoka marry Bill Walton? 

A: Lori Matsuoka married Bill Walton in 1990, subsequent to his divorce from Susan Guth. They have remained married for more than three decades.

Q. Does Lori Matsuoka have children? 

A: While Lori Matsuoka does not have biological children, she assumes the role of stepmother to Bill Walton’s four sons from his previous marriage to Susan Guth.


Bill Walton’s life has been profoundly shaped by two remarkable women: Susan Guth, his former spouse, and Lori Matsuoka, his current wife. Susan Guth played a crucial role in nurturing their four sons and supporting their educational and personal growth. Her career as a communication strategist and dedication to educational initiatives highlight her influence beyond their family dynamic.

On the other hand, Lori Matsuoka has brought her own unique passions and strengths into Bill Walton’s life. Her career journey, spanning from sales and marketing to philanthropy and blogging, reflects her diverse interests. As Bill Walton’s second wife, Lori has embraced her role as a stepmother and continues to make significant contributions to charitable causes, enriching their community and inspiring others through her leadership and advocacy.

Both women have profoundly influenced Bill Walton’s personal and professional journey, showcasing the varied influences that have shaped his enduring legacy in basketball and broadcasting. Their narratives not only celebrate their individual achievements but also emphasize the importance of family, resilience, and a commitment to making a positive impact in their respective spheres.

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