Kristin Grannis: The Life And Career Of Jamie Foxx’s Ex-Girlfriend And Devoted Mother

Kristin Grannis may not be widely recognized, but she plays an important role in the life of Jamie Foxx, one of Hollywood’s most talented and versatile actors.

As the mother of Foxx’s youngest daughter, Anelise Bishop, Kristin Grannis has her own unique story within the entertainment world. This article explores Kristin Grannis’s background, her relationship with Jamie Foxx, and her pivotal role as a mother to Anelise Bishop.

Kristin Grannis Quick Wiki

Full NameKristin Grannis
Famous AsJamie Foxx’s ex-girlfriend
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1977
Age46 years
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthThe United States of America
Height173 cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight67 kg (147 lbs)
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorBlack
ChildrenBishop Annalize

Who is Kristin Grannis?

Who is Kristin Grannis?

Kristin Grannis, a 46-year-old licensed marriage and family therapist living in Agoura Hills, California, initially met Jamie Foxx through her work in public relations. Though she maintains a low profile, her identity became known in October 2017 when she was photographed enjoying a casual outing in Los Angeles with her daughter, Anelise Bishop. The couple welcomed their daughter in 2009 and have occasionally been seen together publicly, highlighting a close-knit family dynamic.

In 2019, following Jamie Foxx’s reported breakup with Katie Holmes, he and Kristin were spotted together again. They were photographed celebrating Memorial Day on a luxury yacht with their daughter. Kristin looked elegant in a white summer dress, while Jamie wore a printed jacket. Later that year, Jamie shared in an interview that Kristin had recently lost her father and was caring for her mother during an illness, offering a glimpse into the personal challenges they faced amidst their public appearances.

Early Life And Education

Details about Kristin Grannis are limited, but available information indicates she was born on January 4, 1977, in Phoenix, Arizona, to Richard and Maryann Grannis. Kristin completed her high school education locally before earning a degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University. She later relocated to California, where she obtained her Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Antioch.

Kristin Grannis’s Biography

Kristin Grannis is recognized not just for her past relationship with actor Jamie Foxx, but also for her notable career and personal achievements. Born on January 4, 1977, Kristin has built a successful career as a therapist, demonstrating her dedication to helping others.

The youngest of three siblings, Kristin was raised alongside her older brothers, Anthony and Jerrold, by parents Maryann and Richard Grannis. Her academic journey led her to earn a Master of Arts in Psychology from Antioch University in California in 2012, which marked the beginning of her professional path in mental health.

Kristin’s expertise in the field of therapy includes a range of treatment modalities, such as attachment-based approaches, brainspotting, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), compassion-focused therapy, and cultural sensitivity. She focuses on aiding individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, employing various healing methods to provide comprehensive care.

Currently, Kristin practices as a licensed marriage and family therapist in Agoura Hills, California, where she resides in a home valued at $1.69 million.

Kristin Grannis’s life and career are defined by her professional achievements and her commitment to her field, extending well beyond her connection to Jamie Foxx.

Kristin Grannis’ Age 

Kristin Grannis, born on January 4, 1977, in the United States, is a licensed marital and family therapist known for her professional achievements and her past relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. As of 2023, Kristin is 46 years old. She is of Caucasian descent and the daughter of Richard Grannis.

Originally from Terrell, Texas, Kristin pursued higher education at Antioch University in California, where she earned a Master of Arts degree in 2012. Her professional journey as a therapist highlights her dedication to assisting individuals with their relationships and personal challenges.

Despite her connection to Jamie Foxx, Kristin has maintained a low profile, with limited public information available about her personal life. Following their relationship, she has chosen to focus on her career and personal life, valuing privacy over public exposure.

Kristin Grannis’s story reflects her commitment to her profession and her preference for maintaining a private life, even amid occasional public interest.

About Kristin Grannis’s Family

About Kristin Grannis’s Family

Kristin Grannis is the youngest of three siblings, with her brothers Anthony and Jerrold. She is the daughter of Richard Foster “Dick” Grannis and Maryann Grannis. Kristin experienced a significant loss in 2020 when her father passed away, a moment that deeply impacted her and her family.

Kristin Grannis’ Profession

Currently, Kristin Grannis works as a licensed marriage and family therapist in Agoura Hills, California. She specializes in helping clients navigate issues related to anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges. Kristin utilizes a range of therapeutic techniques, including brainspotting, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), attachment-based therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and culturally sensitive approaches. Her expertise in these areas highlights her ability to address various psychological and emotional needs effectively. Despite her professional achievements, Kristin maintains a private personal life, with limited information available about her relationship with Jamie Foxx.

Relationship With Jamie Foxx

Kristin Grannis’s relationship with Jamie Foxx, whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop, is believed to have begun around 2008. Foxx, renowned for his versatility as an actor, singer, and comedian, has kept much of his personal life private, resulting in limited details about their relationship. Although the couple never married, they share a strong connection through their daughter, Anelise.

Their relationship, even after ending romantically, appears to be founded on mutual respect and understanding. They have been seen together on numerous occasions, co-parenting Anelise and supporting her activities. Their ability to maintain a cordial and cooperative relationship for the sake of their daughter is commendable, underscoring the importance of prioritizing children’s well-being in modern co-parenting arrangements.

Kristin Grannis And Jamie Foxx Have A Daughter

From the union of Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis came their daughter, Annalise Bishop, born on October 3, 2008. As of 2023, Annalise is 15 years old.

Despite Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis no longer being romantically involved, their dedication to co-parenting Annalise remains unwavering. The former couple continues to play active roles in her life, ensuring she grows up in a loving and supportive environment.

In a 2018 appearance on “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” Jamie Foxx revealed that Annalise has a strong passion for football. Remarkably, she is the only female player on her team. Foxx proudly shared that Annalise had scored three touchdowns that year, showcasing her talent on the field. He also expressed his excitement about her potential future successes in the sport.

Annalise Bishop: Daughter Of Kristin Grannis And Jamie Foxx

Annalise Bishop, born on October 3, 2009, is currently 14 years old. She has a diverse ethnic background, being of both White and African American heritage. Annalise lives in California with her famous father, Jamie Foxx, who has openly shared his pride in her soccer talents. Foxx has mentioned on television that Annalise is the only female player on her soccer team and is acknowledged as a standout with significant potential in the sport. Her ambitions for the future include becoming a professional soccer player.

Co-Parenting With Jamie Foxx

Co-parenting presents its own set of challenges, but Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx have managed it effectively. Foxx is dedicated to providing financial support for their daughter, Annalise, and makes a significant effort to spend meaningful time with her as well as with his older daughter, Corinne.

The family has been seen together on various occasions in Los Angeles, enjoying casual outings. A notable example of their family bonding was captured in a memorable photo at Disneyland in July 2019, reflecting their commitment to making special memories together.

Before the onset of the pandemic, the family participated in events like the SAG Awards, where Foxx proudly showcased his daughters. Additionally, Kristin and Jamie have created special experiences for Annalise, such as yacht outings along the Malibu coast.

Kristin Grannis: Life Today

Kristin Grannis is currently focused on raising her daughter Anelise in their home in Agoura Hills. Earlier reports suggested that Kristin relied on Jamie Foxx for financial support, but those details are dated. Her professional profile on Psychology Today indicates that she may now be actively practicing as a therapist.

Regarding her personal life, Kristin maintains a high level of privacy. Her Instagram account is set to private, and there has been little public information about her romantic life. Speculation about a possible reconciliation with Jamie Foxx has largely dissipated, reflecting her preference for keeping her personal affairs out of the spotlight.

Public Appearances and Media Attention

While Kristin Grannis is not widely recognized as a public figure, her association with Jamie Foxx occasionally brings her into the media spotlight, particularly in connection with their daughter, Anelise. Despite her limited public presence, Grannis has handled the attention with poise and discretion.

Media coverage of Grannis tends to highlight her role as a devoted mother, complementing the positive portrayal of Jamie Foxx as a dedicated father. This focus on their co-parenting relationship has contributed to a respectful and cohesive image, reflecting well on both parents. The controlled nature of this media exposure has enabled Grannis to safeguard her privacy while being acknowledged for her significant role in Anelise’s life.

Kristin Grannis’s Net Worth

When it comes to her role as a parent, Kristin Grannis is noted for her financial independence, as mentioned by her father. While tabloids have estimated her net worth to be around $3 million, Grannis herself prefers to stay out of the public eye, which is why there are few public photographs of her.

Grannis’ father is known for hosting exclusive events at his Los Angeles home, often attended by high-profile celebrities. Despite their separation, Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx are reported to maintain a respectful and amicable relationship, focusing on their shared commitment to their daughter.

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Q. Who are Kristin Grannis’ parents?
Kristin Grannis is the daughter of Richard Foster “Dick” Grannis and Maryann Grannis. Her father passed away in 2020.

Q. Does Kristin Grannis have any siblings?
Kristin Grannis has two older brothers, Anthony and Jerrold, making her the youngest of three siblings.

Q. Who is Kristin Grannis’ child with Jamie Foxx?
Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx share a daughter named Anelise Bishop, who was born on October 3, 2009.

Q. How did Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx meet?
Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx are said to have met through her work in public relations, beginning their relationship around 2008.

Q. Is Kristin Grannis married?
No, Kristin Grannis is not currently married. She was in a relationship with Jamie Foxx, but the two did not marry.

Q. What is Kristin Grannis’ estimated net worth?
Kristin Grannis is speculated to have a net worth of approximately $3 million, based on tabloid reports.


Kristin Grannis, while not widely known, has gained public attention due to her association with actor Jamie Foxx and her role as the mother of their daughter, Anelise Bishop. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in California, where she has established a successful practice. Kristin specializes in addressing anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges.

Despite her previous relationship with a high-profile celebrity, Kristin chooses to keep a low profile, prioritizing her professional and personal life. Her career and commitment to her daughter highlight her dedication to maintaining privacy and managing co-parenting responsibilities effectively. Kristin’s journey exemplifies a blend of resilience and professionalism, as she continues to support her family while excelling in her field.

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