Key Trends in Commercial Construction in Calgary

Several trends and issues have emerged in the commercial construction in Calgary. This city is indeed experiencing many new trends at the same time. These trends can influence the architectural design as well as the construction process of buildings. They are also capable of influencing the business environment in general. 

Therefore, one has to be abreast with the news. In this article, we will focus on identifying some major trends in Calgary’s commercial construction. 

You will learn about the recent developments. You will learn what they are bringing to the table in the business world. We are excited to learn more about the latest innovations. This area is growing fast.

Top Trends in Commercial Construction in Calgary

Green Building Practices

Firstly, growing concern about ecological construction practices is a widely identified trend. One trend you will see in building construction is using eco-friendly materials. 

Lately, there has been a shift in the construction industry. It’s especially the kind of construction that needs to be done. Hove used solar panels and qualitative energy management systems. 

They reduce energy use. This cuts the expenses for it. For instance,buildings with solar panels on the roof can be used to heat water and cut up to 70 percent on electricity bills.

Smart Technologies

Then, there is the influence of advanced technology, which is revolutionizing how buildings are managed and run. 

You could even find that there is a higher prevalence of building with smart technology. Such systems include the control of lighting, heating services, and the security systems among others. 

Therefore, they point to ensure that buildings are safe and effective for use in their various purposes. For instance, smart thermostats can reduce bills needing energy by between 10-15%.

Prefabricated Construction

Also, there is a tremendous growth in modular construction. This means actual components of the building are built or manufactured in another location. 

These are subsequently joined together at the place of work. This method, however, has some qualities that make construction time-effective. 

You will also notice that it decreases wastage, most probably just as a result of implementing some of the strategies it entails. For instance, a prefab building can be 30-50% faster to complete than one built conventionally.

Mixed-Use Developments

You will also notice that there will be even more mixed-use projects. These include structures with shops at the ground level. They also have corporate or living spaces above. 

Thus it supports creating lively communities. This has the effect of encouraging people to both live as well as work, and even shop in a single area.

Indeed, it created positive feedback for the local economy. This paper proves that integration of the commercial and residential aspects raise the value of properties up to 15%.

Sustainable Materials

Finally, there is the aspect of resource sustainability, which is becoming a popular trend among designers. 

Builders will use recycled and local materials. This will cut construction costs and other effects we have seen. This option helps to reduce climate change’s impacts on construction. It does it by cutting the carbon footprint. 

For example, buildings that have developed in recent years make use of recycled steel materials. Envision is known for having the same properties as new steel while requiring only a quarter of the energy to manufacture.

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Best Commercial Construction Service Providers


First of all, one needs to identify the proven experience of the service provider. The pros can simultaneously tackle one or more intricate projects. They have tender experience that has developed them to become very reliable. For example, a company may have a point for their experience, such as 20 years and as a result it is most probable that they have completed many projects.


Secondly, one needs to consider its reputation at the time of choosing one company over another. Today, you have the ability to search online for reviews and ratings that best fit the item or service that you need. They also allow potential customers to establish that the company is credible enough to offer their product. 

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Last Words: 

In conclusion, it is important to maintain relevant knowledge as to the current status of commercial construction. However, perhaps the most important aspect of the evaluation process is learning how to identify the positive service provider. That knowledge has to do with gaining a clearer perspective on issues and making the right choices. 

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