How To Maximize Space in Small Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes homeowners need to expand the space of the bathroom but it is quite challenging. Sometimes, small bathrooms need more space which is essential for every square inch effectively. You can transform your small bathroom into a stylish and functional space due to fixture and storage solutions. 

In this article, we explore different ways to optimize the space in your small bathroom and make it more organized, have ample space, and attractive design.

Step By Step Process To Maximize Space in Small Bathroom Remodel

  • Assess the Existing Layout: Analyze your existing small bathroom gently and find insufficient space on unnecessary fixtures and strange corners and use them wisely to optimize the layout.
  • Set Your Priorities And Goals: Set your goals and priorities for the remodel. Clear your goal either you need more storage space, improve visual appeal, or increase functionality. Goal clearing helps to make wise decisions throughout the remodeling process. 
  • Make a Proper Plan: Develop a proper functional plan while maximizing the availability of the bathroom. Keep in mind every possible space for the sink, toilet, and shower and adjust them in a way that uses every minimal space and adjust them in a way that can move easily.
  • Pick Multi-Functional Fixture: Use the fixture for the small areas in the bathroom like a pedestal sink, wall-mounted toilet, smaller vanity, shower enclosure, or compact bathtub. It can save your space and enhance functionality.
  • Utilize Vertical Space: Vertical space is the most understated space in bathrooms. You can utilize them wisely to take more benefits, install the tall storage cabinets and add floating shelves above the toilet or vanity. It can maximize the storage space without taking the flooring areas.
  • Smart Storage Solutions: You can use the smart storage solutions above the bathtubs by adding additional storage space for bath essentials and toiletries. You can use the sliding drawers inside the vanity cabinets to maximize their accessibility and storage.
  • Appealing Visual Space: It is better to use reflective surfaces and light colors for more open and large space. Use the large mirror to reflect the light to give an enhanced visually expandable room. Use the glass door in the bathroom instead of curtains to ensure a smooth and airy feel. Besides this, Luxury nyc bathroom renovation is the best option for homeowners if they want to maximize the space in their small bathrooms.
  • Layout Changes: You should change the layout of the bathroom to optimize the storage space like partitions, removing non-structural walls, and sliding doors to save space, install pockets, or combine laundry that facilitates the bathroom’s functionality.
  • Decorate The Bathroom Strategically: Make a proper strategic plan and choose a streamlined and minimalistic design for proper fitting and fixtures. It creates visual clutter and a cohesive look. You can use different color schemes and patterns to make the bathroom look bigger. 
  • Practical Consideration: Every homeowner should set a realistic budget for remodeling the bathroom based on their personal preferences and needs. If you feel the complexity of this task, you must hire a professional for proper and mistake-free installation. 

While remodeling, ensure that the bathroom must be moisture-free after installing the proper ventilation system. Make a proper balance between functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom during the remodeling process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the perfect fixtures for the small bathrooms?

You should use the precise, compact, and multi-functional fixture to enhance the small bathroom appearance. You should integrate a wall-mounted toilet, pedestal sink, or corner sink to save space on the floor. 

How to create more storage in the bathroom?

You can use the vertical space for vertical cabinets and floating shelves. Moreover, recessed or over-the-toilet storage shelves also add more storage for the bathroom without taking up space on the floor. 

What colors are useful for a small bathroom to give the feel of looking bigger?

Some light colors like pastels, soft neutrals, and whites give the feel of a bigger bathroom. Glossy finishes and reflective surfaces also increase the sense of large space.


Increasing the space of the bathroom with the help of remodeling requires smart planning and a proper roadmap. Homeowners need to focus on their existing bathroom, their layout, clear goals, and multi-functional fixtures. By making smart decisions, you can expand your bathroom’s limited space. Moreover, using the vertical space is a wise choice. 

They can also use different colors of light to give an expanded feel. It just not only expands your bathroom but also makes it more functional and elegant. Invest wisely in your bathroom by using the strategy for smart storage solutions and decorating them perfectly. Use the above-provided steps and complete your remodel process successfully. 

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