How to Clean and Sanitize Your ResMed Mini

Proper care of your ResMed Mini requires proper cleaning to ensure it is well sanitized and ready to use when next used. Cleaning on the other hand not only helps in maximizing the life span of the device, but also for you to able to breathe clean air without compromise by bacteria and other allergies. Here then is a step-by-step guide on how to clean and disinfect your ResMed Mini to ensure that it remains in the best of conditions throughout its service.

Why Cleaning Your ResMed Mini is Important

Cleanliness is crucial to reduce bacterial and mold growth; like most devices in the CPAP category, the ResMed Mini is not immune to viral growth if it is not cleaned well. This may cause respiratory infections, developing allergies and other related diseases and conditions. Such issues are preventable through frequent cleaning and proper disinfection, allowing your sleep therapy to stay secure and efficient.

Daily Cleaning Routine

1. Disconnect the Device:

   – Unplug the ResMed Mini and switch off the device if it has an on-off switch as part of its equipment.

   – This requires carefully undoing the tubing and mask from the soiled device.

2. Clean the Mask:

   – To wash the mask, one should use a gentle soap and warm water to do so gently as they’re fragile.

   – Do not wet the mask with vinegar or use abrasive harsh soaps or alcohol based products, these can harm the mask.

   – Finally, rinse well until the soapy film is washed off and the solution evaporates.

   – Do not wet the mask at all; simply let it dry out on a clean towel.

3. Wipe the Device:

   – Cleaning the outside of the ResMed Mini: You should be able to clean the outer surface using a damp cloth.

   – It is important that no liquid gets in the device’s vents or any other connectors.

4. Clean the Tubing:

   – Take a basin and and pour warm water into the basin with a little scoop of mild detergent.

   – Rinse the external side of the tubing and apply a soft brush or cloth while washing.

   – Last of all and after you are done washing them, its important that you rinse them with clean water to ensure all the soap residue is washed off.

   – Finally remove the tubing and its position needs to be hanged somewhere to dry in the air before it is reattached on the device.

Weekly Cleaning Routine

1. Deep Clean the Mask and Tubing:

   – As detailed on daily cleaning follow the beneath procedure but let the named components to be soaked for about 30 minutes in soapy water before scrubbing.

   – This heeds to soften up every deposit formed, in order to facilitate its easy washing away with water.

2. Clean the Humidifier:

   – If you off a humidifier on your ResMed Mini then wipe out the residual water and washing the chamber with a mild soap and warm water.

   – Wash them and leave them to dry since the use of a hair drier is discouraged before assembling them again.

3. Inspect the Air Filter:

   – It accommodates the air filter, so the first step is checking whether the filter is dusty or not.

   – If its appearance is such that it has to be changed, then do so because it will be utterly useless otherwise.

   – As we know, the air filters should be replaced periodically, at least once in six months, but in some cases, depending in the environment it serves, it can be changed more frequently.

Monthly Cleaning Routine

1. Disinfect the Components:

   – If you’d like to focus on areas where germs might be lingering, you can sanitize the mask, tubing, or the chamber of the humidifier.

   – If you’re unsure, there are CPAP-specific disinfectant solutions or one part vinegar to three parts water should suffice.

   – For the next step, proceed with soaking the components to approximately 20-30 minutes.

   – Finally, it is advisable to rináse well under clean running water in order to eliminate any disinfectant residues.

   – Let all the components dry out before using them and allow to evaporate before proceeding with the use.

2. Check for Wear and Tear:

   – The external appearance of the ResMed Mini should be reviewed for wear, as more extensive wear can be present in less visible areas.

   – Spare those which are finished or eroded to ensure its proper functionality throughout the game.

Tips for Effective Cleaning

– Use Distilled Water: Do not use tap water in your humidifier to avoid adding minerals that may deposit in the base of the appliance.

– Avoid Direct Sunlight: Avoid direct sun exposure as the UV light is damaging to the parts and denatures other materials used.

– Regular Replacement: Use the information provided by the manufacturer to know when to replace parts such as masks, tubing and filters.

– Store Properly: If they are not in use, the Respironics Small should be kept in an area with low humidity and moderate temperatures where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight or dust.


Daily cleaning of the mask and the equipment in general ensures that your ResMed Mini devices operate a little longer before they are compromised and rendered ineffective in your sleep therapy process. By following these daily, weekly, and monthly routines, you can prevent anything from going wrong with the device, and you are certain that you will be having clean air to breathe each time you go to sleep. It is pertinent therefore to point out that cleanliness contributes to a longer life of the ResMed Mini as well as quality sleep.

If you require further information or advice on a certain product, it is highly recommended that one consults the user guide from ResMed. It is thus appropriate to remain active in the maintenance process to derive the optimum from the ResMed Mini.

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