Who Is Eian Burton? Know All About Levar Burton’s Son

LeVar Burton, renowned for his roles in iconic productions such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Roots, as well as his work as a TV host, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. His son, Eian Burton, however, has charted a distinct path from his father’s illustrious career in entertainment. Eian has chosen to dedicate himself to the field of education, specifically as a special education teacher, where he focuses on providing additional support to students who require extra attention in their learning journey.

Beyond his noble career choice, details about Eian Burton’s life before entering this profession are also noteworthy.

Profile Summary And bio 

Full NameEian Burton Smith
Date of Birth1980 (date and month unknown)
Age43 years (as of 2023)
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Romantic OrientationHeterosexual
Current ResidenceCampbell, California, USA (according to social media)
Current NationalityAmerican
Marital StatusSingle
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
ParentsChimara P. Smith and Levardis Robert Martyn ‘LeVar’ Burton Jr.
SiblingsMica Burton (half-sibling)
ProfessionSpecial education teacher, children’s sports coach
EducationLos Altos High School, Foothill College
Native LanguageEnglish
Social Media PagesInstagram, Facebook

Who Are Eian’s parents?

Who Are Eian's parents?

Eian Burton’s parents are Chimara P. Smith and LeVar Burton. They met around 1979 and had a brief encounter. Chimara became pregnant but chose not to inform LeVar about the pregnancy. It wasn’t until Eian was three years old that LeVar learned about his son’s existence from Chimara.

Upon discovering he had a child, LeVar sought a DNA test to confirm paternity. In 1983, he filed a paternity suit to legally establish his relationship with Eian and requested joint custody. He also agreed to pay $600 per month in child support.

In 1984, custody was awarded to Chimara, though Eian spent time visiting his father. A year later, controversy arose when Chimara accused LeVar of kidnapping Eian during a two-week vacation. According to Chimara, LeVar did not return their son as agreed, while LeVar’s agent claimed Chimara had asked LeVar to take Eian permanently.

Eian Burton Was Three Years Old When He Met His Father

When Eian Burton was three years old in 1983, DNA tests confirmed that LeVar Burton was indeed his biological father. Prior to this revelation, the actor was unaware of Eian’s existence but immediately took steps to acknowledge and care for his son.

Upon learning the news, LeVar sought joint legal custody and visitation rights through the Los Angeles Superior Court. He willingly committed to paying $600 per month in child support, emphasizing his desire for Eian to benefit from having both parents actively involved in his life.

LeVar, renowned for his role as Kunta Kinte in the groundbreaking 1977 mini-series “Roots,” conceived Eian during a brief encounter with his mother, whom he had little familiarity with at the time. The actor recounted being informed of his fatherhood by the district attorney, marking the beginning of his journey to embrace fatherhood and provide for Eian’s well-being.

Who Is Eian Burton’s Mother?

Eian Burton Smith’s biological mother is Chimara P. Smith, who played a significant role in shaping his early years. While details about her background and current activities are not widely publicized, her connection with Eian is essential for understanding his family dynamics and personal journey.

Chimara’s relationship with Levardis Robert Martyn ‘LeVar’ Burton Jr., Eian’s father, is noteworthy within the context of Eian’s upbringing. Despite LeVar Burton’s prominence in American television and literature, Chimara P. Smith’s role as Eian’s mother highlights her important yet less visible influence in his life.

Eian Burton’s Mother Accused His Father Of Kidnapping Him

After a year of reconnecting with his father, Eian Burton’s mother drew attention when she accused Eian’s father of taking him without permission. She claimed that Eian was supposed to spend a two-week vacation with his father in the Midwest and return to her in Chicago afterward. However, she asserted that neither she nor Eian had heard from his father, suspecting he had taken Eian to Africa. Clarifying the situation, LeVar’s agent Dolores Robinson stated: “Eian is safe and not in Africa. He is staying with his grandmother in Sacramento. LeVar traveled to Chicago to pick up Eian and brought him back to Los Angeles. Recently, he went to Africa for a promotional tour.”

Eian Burton Sister 

Eian Burton Sister 

Eian Burton, as per his Facebook profile, resides in California and is currently unattached. He pursued an Education degree at Foothill College and actively serves as a basketball coach and Community Base Instructor at Santa Clara County Office of Education. Eian dedicates himself to Special Education at Monroe Middle School in San Jose.

Additionally, Eian has a half-sister named Mica Burton, who has carved out her own path in acting, following their father’s footsteps. In June 2018, Eian took to Instagram to commemorate Father’s Day, sharing a photo of his father and half-sister dressed in traditional Japanese attire.

Eian Burton’s Career 

Eian Burton Smith has forged a distinctive career path away from the entertainment industry, despite his familial ties to his father, Levardis Robert Martyn ‘LeVar’ Burton Jr. His focus on the education sector reflects his individual professional ambitions. Here’s an in-depth exploration of Eian’s career journey:

Career in Education Eian Burton Smith has dedicated himself to the field of education, particularly in special education. This specialized area of teaching involves working with students who have diverse learning, cognitive, emotional, or physical needs. As a special education teacher, Eian plays a pivotal role in crafting tailored educational plans to support his students’ individual requirements, fostering an inclusive environment conducive to their growth and development.

Special Education Teacher Role and Responsibilities: Eian’s responsibilities include developing and implementing individualized education plans (IEPs) that cater to the unique needs of students with disabilities. His role demands a nuanced understanding of various learning challenges and the ability to adapt teaching strategies accordingly. Eian strives to create a supportive classroom atmosphere that promotes academic progress and personal empowerment.

Skills and Training: Effective special education teaching requires specialized skills such as empathy, patience, and a thorough grasp of special education policies and methodologies. Eian’s educational background from Foothill College and Los Altos High School provided him with a solid educational foundation, which he continually enhances through professional development and hands-on experience in the classroom.

Additional Roles: Activities Coordinator and Basketball Coach

Eian Burton Smith has expanded his role beyond special education teaching, demonstrating a strong commitment to student engagement and development through additional responsibilities:

Activities Coordinator: Responsibilities: In his capacity as an activities coordinator, Eian took charge of organizing and overseeing extracurricular events that complemented the academic curriculum. This role required him to plan various activities, manage student participation, and ensure inclusivity and educational value in each event. His efforts aimed to enrich the overall educational experience for students by offering diverse and engaging opportunities outside the classroom.

Basketball Coach: Role and Influence: Eian also assumed the role of a basketball coach, where he mentored student-athletes and contributed to their personal and athletic growth. His responsibilities included designing training regimes, instilling sportsmanship values, and fostering a collaborative team environment. Coaching provided students with essential life skills and a supportive community atmosphere, complementing Eian’s holistic approach to education.

These additional roles underscore Eian Burton Smith’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded students and enhancing their educational journey through diverse experiences and mentorship.

Focus On Special Needs Education

Eian Burton Smith’s dedication to special education highlights his steadfast commitment to supporting students with diverse learning needs. This specialized area of education plays a crucial role in ensuring equal learning opportunities and providing essential support to students encountering various challenges.

Special Education Focus: Importance and Scope: Eian’s focus on special education encompasses a wide spectrum of disabilities, ranging from learning and cognitive impairments to emotional and physical challenges. His work is pivotal in breaking down barriers to learning and fostering academic and personal achievements among his students.

Educational Approach: Eian likely adopts a personalized approach in his special education practice, incorporating tailored instructional methods, behavioral interventions, and collaborative efforts with families and fellow professionals. His approach underscores a profound dedication to crafting effective educational strategies that meet the unique needs of each student.

Eian Burton Smith’s commitment to special education exemplifies his passion for making a meaningful difference in the educational journeys of students with special needs, ensuring they receive the support and resources necessary for their success.

Eian Burton’s Social Media Profiles 

Eian Burton Smith maintains a limited presence on social media platforms, with around 150 followers on Instagram (@eianwardburton) and approximately 1.7 thousand friends on Facebook (Eian Ward Burton). On these platforms, he shares occasional updates about his personal life and professional journey. Despite opting for a career in education instead of pursuing his father LeVar Burton’s path in entertainment, Eian finds deep satisfaction in his roles as a special education teacher, activities coordinator, and basketball coach. His focus on empowering students with disabilities and his optimistic outlook reflect his steadfast dedication to fostering positive change within his field.

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FAQs About Eian Burton Smith

1. What is Eian Burton Smith’s profession?
Eian Burton Smith is a special education teacher and children’s sports coach. He works in Special Education at Monroe Middle School in San Jose and serves as a Community Base Instructor at the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

2. Who are Eian Burton Smith’s parents?
Eian is the son of Chimara P. Smith and LeVar Burton, a well-known actor and TV host. His parents met in 1979 and had a brief relationship, which led to Eian’s birth.

3. Did Eian Burton Smith follow in his father’s footsteps in the entertainment industry?
No, Eian chose a different career path and works in the education sector, focusing on special education.

4. Does Eian Burton Smith have any siblings?
Yes, he has a half-sister, Mica Burton, who has pursued a career in acting, following their father’s footsteps.

5. Where does Eian Burton Smith currently live?
Eian currently resides in Campbell, California, USA, according to his social media profiles.

6. What was the controversy between Eian’s parents?
In 1985, Eian’s mother accused LeVar Burton of kidnapping their son during a vacation. LeVar’s agent clarified that Eian was with his grandmother in Sacramento and not in Africa as his mother had feared.


Eian Burton Smith has forged a fulfilling career within the education sector, devoting himself to the education and support of students with special needs. Despite his notable family background, Eian consciously opted for a career path that resonates with his desire to positively impact others’ lives. His roles as a special education teacher, activities coordinator, and basketball coach underscore his unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive and nurturing educational environment. Eian’s professional journey reflects a distinct personal identity, separate from the entertainment industry legacy of his father, LeVar Burton. Through both his professional endeavors and personal values, Eian continues to serve as an inspiration, embodying qualities of empathy, steadfastness, and community engagement.

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