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Debraca Denise, also known as Debraca Foxx, holds a unique place as the adopted daughter of the legendary American comedian John Elroy Sanford, renowned as Redd Foxx. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she adopted the surname “Foxx” upon being welcomed into Redd Foxx’s celebrity family.

Despite not sharing a biological connection, Debraca gained recognition through her appearances on television shows such as “Sanford and Son” (1972), “Sanford” (1980), and “Unsung Hollywood.” These appearances illuminated her close relationship with Redd Foxx and highlighted her involvement in the entertainment industry.

Since marrying Ralph Russell in June 1975, Debraca Denise has remained connected to the world of entertainment. While details about her early life are limited, she is remembered as an integral member of Redd Foxx’s extended family and for her contributions to the entertainment field.


Debraca Denise is the stepdaughter of Redd Foxx and his ex-wife, Betty Jean Harris. Debraca Denise’s stepfather was an American stand-up comedian and actor who gained massive success with his raunchy nightclub acts during the civil rights movement. Sometimes referred to as the “King of the Party Records” by fans, he performed on more than 50 records in his lifetime. As an actor, he starred in Sanford and Son and starred in The Redd Foxx Show and The Royal Family.

Quick Wiki

Full NameDebraca Denise
Famous asRedd Foxx’s Daughter
Date of Birth1947
Place of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
ProfessionActress/Estate Executor
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandRalph Russell
Adopted ParentsJohn Elroy Sanford (Redd Foxx), Betty Jean Harris
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net WorthNot Known

Who is Debraca Denise?

Debraca Denise may not be a household name, but her connection to the legendary comedian Redd Foxx has brought her some attention. Known for her roles in a few TV shows, Debraca Denise has always preferred to keep her personal life private.

Despite her occasional appearances on television, Debraca Denise maintains a low profile, choosing not to share much about herself publicly. Her preference for privacy makes her an intriguing figure. Everyone has their own way of navigating life, and Debraca opts to stay away from the spotlight, maintaining her personal space and discretion.

Debraca Denise’s Early Life?

Debraca Foxx, formerly known as Debraca Denise, has a somewhat mysterious early life. Born in 1947 in St. Louis, Missouri, she became widely known through her adoption by the iconic comedian Redd Foxx.

Details about her childhood and education are sparse, leaving much of her upbringing shrouded in mystery. Despite this, her connection to Redd Foxx brought her into the public eye, highlighting her as an integral part of his extended family.

Over time, Debraca Denise established herself as a notable figure in the entertainment industry. Her dual legacy as Redd Foxx’s adopted daughter and her own contributions to entertainment underscore her lasting influence.

Debraca Denise Parents and Siblings?

Debraca Denise, known for her connection to the legendary comedian Redd Foxx, lived a life touched by fame and humor. Redd Foxx, her adopted father, was renowned for his comedic talent, bringing joy and laughter to many. Imagine having a dad whose jokes could light up any room—that was Debraca Denise experience.

Details about her mother, Betty Jean Harris, and any potential siblings are not widely known, almost like a hidden treasure. However, it’s evident that family is important to Debraca Denise, and she cherishes her loved ones deeply.

Family means having a circle of people who care for you, share in your joys, and support you during tough times. Even though information about her mother and any siblings remains scarce, it’s clear that they are an essential part of Debraca’s life, just as special as she and her famous father.

Debraca Denise Mother?

Betty Jean Harris, also known as Betty Jean Harris Foxx, was the second wife of the celebrated American comedian and actor  Redd Foxx. Before their union, Harris showcased her talents as a singer and dancer. 

Their matrimony occurred on July 5, 1956, and spanned approximately 18 years before their eventual separation. Throughout their partnership, Harris stood by Foxx’s side during pivotal moments of his journey to comedic stardom. 

Her presence complemented Foxx’s burgeoning career as he rose in the entertainment world. Her endeavours beyond her marriage to Redd Foxx remain relatively undisclosed. 

Redd Foxx: Debraca Denise Father

Redd Foxx, born John Elroy Sanford on December 9, 1922, in St. Louis, Missouri, was a groundbreaking American stand-up comedian and actor. His remarkable career left a lasting impact on comedy and entertainment before he passed away on October 11, 1991, in Los Angeles.

During the civil rights movement, Foxx’s comedic brilliance emerged, earning him the title “King of the Party Records” due to his daring and provocative humor. His explicit and boundary-pushing jokes not only redefined comedy but also inspired future comedians and broke racial barriers.

Foxx’s influence extended beyond stand-up comedy; he was a talented actor best known for his role as Fred G. Sanford in the beloved TV series “Sanford and Son” (1972-1977). His legacy as a comedic pioneer who boldly challenged societal norms continues to resonate, cementing his place in entertainment history.

Who is Redd Foxx’s daughter?

Debraca Denise, born in 1957 in St. Louis, Missouri, is an African American who might be 67 years old as of 2024. She holds American nationality. Debraca was adopted by the late comedian John Elroy Sanford, better known as Redd Foxx, after her mother, Betty Jean Harris, married him. Adopted at the age of nine, she took on the surname “Foxx.” Unfortunately, the identity of her biological father remains unknown.

Debraca Denise mother, Betty Jean Harris, was a showgirl and dancer, and a colleague of LaWanda Page. Harris and Redd Foxx first met at a nightclub where they performed on the same bill, bonding over their shared interests and developing a close relationship.

Debraca Denise Age, Weight, Height

Debraca Denise, known for her connection to the legendary comedian Redd Foxx, prefers to keep certain details about her life, such as her age, height, and weight, private. Much like guessing the number of candies in a jar, speculating about Debraca’s age can be intriguing but ultimately remains a mystery due to her desire for privacy. Regardless of these undisclosed details, Debraca’s unique presence and special connection to Redd Foxx make her a notable figure. Her preference to stay out of the limelight does not diminish her individuality and the special qualities that make her stand out.

Debraca Denise Boyfriend?

Debraca Denise is quite private about her personal life, especially when it comes to her relationships. Trying to uncover details about her love life is like searching for a well-hidden puzzle piece—challenging and elusive. Just as some people cherish their favorite toys or books in private, Debraca Denise chooses to keep her romantic life away from the public eye.

We don’t often see her sharing moments with a significant other in public or hear about her having a boyfriend or husband. It appears she prefers to keep these aspects of her life to herself, away from the spotlight. While curiosity about her personal life is natural, it’s important to respect her desire for privacy, understanding that some parts of her story are meant to remain hidden, much like the best hiding spots in a game of hide-and-seek.

Debraca Denise Father Redd Foxx’s Marriages?

Debraca Denise’s father, the iconic comedian Redd Foxx, tragically passed away from a heart attack on October 11, 1991, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 68. Throughout his life, Redd Foxx had multiple marriages, but none resulted in children.

His first marriage to Evelyn Killebrew began in 1948 and ended in divorce three years later. His second marriage to Betty Jean Harris started in 1956 and lasted until 1957. In 1976, he married Yun Chi Chung, but their union ended in divorce by 1981. Redd Foxx’s final marriage was to Ka Ho Cho in 1991, just months before his untimely death.

Debraca Denise Father was Not Present at Her Wedding?

Despite the challenges faced, Debraca Denise wedding went ahead as planned. Her uncle, Kent Harris, proudly walked her down the aisle, and the celebration that followed at her mother’s Toluca estate was filled with joy. This event underscores the intricate dynamics and resilience within family relationships.

Does The Married Couple Have Kids?

Well, it’s hard to determine whether Debraca Denise shares kids with her husband. It’s also true, she has been happily married for a long period of time to her spouse Russell. 

Therefore, Denise might be the mother of the kids. Without any proof, we can only assume, she has children blessed out of her married life.

What does Debraca Denise do for a living?

Redd Foxx’s daughter, Debraca Denise, chose a path in entertainment similar to her late father’s, though not exactly following in his footsteps. Denise is a television star who has made appearances in several shows. Her notable roles include appearances on “Unsung Hollywood,” “Sanford and Son,” and “Sanford.” According to her IMDb profile, she has also appeared on various other television programs, often as herself.

Debraca Denise Before Fame?

Before Debraca Denise became known to the world, she lived a uniquely charming life as the daughter of Redd Foxx. Imagine growing up in a household where your father’s jokes could light up any ordinary Tuesday night! Debraca’s early years were marked by warmth, laughter, and the simple pleasures of family life.

Her childhood wasn’t spent in the limelight of television or media attention. Instead, it was a time of playing, learning, and cherishing moments with her loved ones. Away from the cameras, her days were filled with family dinners, birthday celebrations, and inventing games to play with friends. This period of her life, though unassuming, overflowed with happiness and the infectious sound of laughter.

Debraca Denise Career

Debraca Denise is widely recognized for her association with her father, Redd Foxx, whose humor brought joy to many. However, Debraca has carved out her own path and achieved noteworthy accomplishments. She has made appearances on several television shows, which is quite impressive.

Appearing on TV allows her to showcase her acting skills and portray different characters, akin to playing dress-up but on a larger scale where many viewers can enjoy her performances. While she tends to keep details about her work private, her television appearances highlight her talent and ability to engage audiences, much like her father did with his comedy. This underscores her versatility and contribution to the entertainment industry.

Debraca Denise Net Worth

Debraca Denise keeps her net worth private, much like trying to count the stars in the sky—it’s not something readily disclosed. Speculation arises due to her father, Redd Foxx’s fame and comedic legacy, but the exact figure remains unknown.

Her television appearances stand out as significant achievements. While she may not wear a cape or a crown, appearing on TV portrays her as a hero in her own right. She doesn’t require awards to validate her uniqueness; simply being true to herself and pursuing her passion is her greatest accomplishment.

Debraca Denise Future Plains

Debraca Denise harbors a treasure trove of aspirations waiting to unfold. Much like planning a secret fort or envisioning a space adventure, Debraca’s dreams are filled with excitement and potential. She imagines herself appearing on more TV shows, where she can embody diverse roles—from pirates to princesses—immersing herself in the world of storytelling and creativity. Perhaps she also dreams of carrying forward her father’s legacy by bringing laughter and joy to people’s lives, just as Redd Foxx did.

Exploring new horizons is also on Debraca’s mind; she may aspire to delve into painting beautiful pictures or mastering the art of dance. Her future appears as a bright sky brimming with possibilities, encouraging her to soar and explore new avenues. What matters most is her steadfast belief in herself and her readiness for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

Debraca Denise’s Parents’ Relationship

Debraca Denise’s parents, Redd Foxx and Betty Jean Harris, tied the knot on July 5, 1956, after a chance meeting at a nightclub where Betty showcased her singing talent. Initially indifferent, their relationship blossomed quickly, culminating in marriage within the same year. Betty decided to set aside her singing career to support Redd Foxx in his various business endeavors.

However, their union encountered significant challenges over the years. Foxx’s infidelity strained their relationship, ultimately leading to their divorce in 1974. The separation was marked by complex financial disputes, including efforts to protect assets and the return of $110,000 withdrawn from Foxx’s bank accounts. These events underscored the difficulties faced within their marriage despite their initial connection and shared ambitions.

Social Media Presence

Debraca Denise is like looking for a hidden treasure map on the internet. She’s super private and likes keeping her life to herself. That means she only shares doesn’t a little on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. It’s like she’s playing a game of hide-and-seek online and is really good at hiding.

Even though we might be curious to see pictures of her or know what she’s up to, Debraca prefers having her adventures without everyone watching. So, if you’re on a tricky quest, if you’re trying, it’s find her online.


  1. Drawing and Painting: Debraca finds joy in expressing her creativity through colorful pictures. From capturing the beauty of flowers to creating whimsical caricatures, painting serves as a creative outlet for her artistic talents.
  2. Reading: Embracing her quiet demeanor, Debraca enjoys immersing herself in the world of literature. Fairy tales, thrilling adventures, and even humorous joke books captivate her imagination as she indulges in the pleasure of reading.
  3. Gardening: Finding solace in nature, Debraca nurtures her connection with the outdoors through gardening. Whether planting vibrant flowers or cultivating fresh vegetables, she finds peace and fulfillment in tending to her garden.
  4. Cooking: Experimenting with new recipes and baking delicious treats is another passion for Debraca. She delights in the culinary arts, perhaps known for crafting mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies or exploring diverse cuisines in her kitchen.
  5. Listening to Music: Music serves as a soothing companion in Debraca’s life. She enjoys a wide range of melodies, from classic tunes beloved by her father to contemporary hits that resonate with her diverse musical taste.

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Final Words

Debraca Denise, also known as Debraca Foxx, holds a distinctive place as the adopted daughter of the legendary American comedian John Elroy Sanford, famously known as Redd Foxx. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she adopted the surname “Foxx” upon becoming part of Redd Foxx’s celebrated family.

Although not biologically related, Debraca gained recognition through her appearances on television shows such as “Sanford and Son” (1972), “Sanford” (1980), and “Unsung Hollywood.” These roles showcased her close relationship with Redd Foxx and highlighted her involvement in the entertainment industry.

Since her marriage to Ralph Russell in June 1975, Debraca Denise has remained connected to the world of entertainment. While details about her early life are limited, she is remembered as an integral member of Redd Foxx’s extended family and for her contributions to the entertainment field. Her journey reflects both the influence of her famous stepfather and her own achievements in the spotlight.

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