Azerbaijan: Thriving Tourist Destination in 2024

Azerbaijan is one of the most thriving nations when it comes to the tourism sector. Along the same lines, the country has attracted a good number of tourists in the first quarter of 2024.

The projected numbers between January and March 2024 reached over 500,000 foreign tourists. This is nearly a 25% increase compared to the same period in 2023.

We observe that Azerbaijan’s hospitality industry is inclined toward business travelers besides tourists. The good infrastructure setup,  air connectivity, hotels, family support packages, and other entertainment avenues help make the country an attractive choice for travelers. 

Key Source Markets

  1. Tourists from neighboring countries

Countries such as Russia, Turkey, and Iran, continue to make up a huge number of tourists. 

Moreover, we see tourists from Gulf countries such as UAE and Saudi Arabia.

  1.  European and Middle Eastern tourists 

Azerbaijan has been a hotspot destination for European and Middle Eastern tourists as well. This is because of the good air network the country has established. The direct flight routes between Baku and major cities in these regions significantly contribute to the growth of tourism.

  1. CIS Countries

CIS countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan share common values due to the same location. These countries hold good enough potential for a tourist base.

Main Drivers of Azerbaijan Tourism Economy

  1. Exploring the marketing strategies 

One reason was exploring the marketing strategies of the country and discovering new types of tourism techniques.

  1. Researching data

When it comes to tourism figures, the market can be divided into scientific, medical, cultural, and ecological tourism. Assessing the needs and aspirations of each segment is a must.

  1. Current Capacity

Increasing the current capacity of hotels, beds, and food spots has helped the country create space for a fun-filled trip for foreigners.

  1. Visitor Exports and Leisure Spending 

Visitor Exports and leisure spending contribute to the GDP of Azerbaijan.

  1. Local Business Support

Local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and tour operators, have been experiencing an increase in the overall demand. This in turn contributes to strengthening the economy of the country by creating jobs and driving revenue. 


Azerbaijan is dominated by a small number of large holding companies.  Several well-known Western chains operate in Baku, focusing on affluent tourists, business travelers, and large-scale conferences and sporting events. 

When we look at the loop hole, we see that there is more to the development of two and three-star hotels. The bed and breakfast accommodations attract a large segment of tourists as everyone does not go for five-star hotels. Proper funding and strategic development in this segment would help Azerbaijan accelerate its tourism faster. 

Way Forward

The country has built a rhythmic momentum in sustaining and accelerating its tourism potential. 

Azerbaijan leads in numerous ways, be it the warm hospitality or the overall physical infrastructure. Baku welcomes tourists with all the fun-filled and unforgettable adventures to offer. 

Furthermore, the country can focus on collaborating with international low-budget airlines and reduce airfare prices. 

The next agenda could be developing a peaceful approach in the region, which again makes the country a more lucrative destination. Certification of the tourist budget and a smooth visa process would again contribute to the tourism industry of Azerbaijan. 

As we move ahead, the focus should be on enhancing the tourism sector for the best. Azerbaijan’s dynamic travel would help the country create better infrastructure and source funds for market research. 

Source – Azerbaijan Visa Guide

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