Advantages of Teeth Whitening

Would you like to show off a bright white smile? Teeth whitening is the ideal solution to get rid of yellow or stained teeth. Thanks to the good results it provides, it is one of the most requested treatments in dental clinics.

The passage of time, the consumption of certain foods, poor oral hygiene or some habits such as smoking can worsen the appearance of our teeth. So, if you are looking for a quick and effective way to improve the look of your smile, teeth whitening may be perfect for you.

In this article, we will tell you what teeth whitening consists of, what advantages it offers and how it can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment that aims to change the color of yellowish or stained teeth, making them look much whiter and brighter.

The process involves the use of various whitening products that reduce the color of tooth enamel by several tones, eliminating stains and persistent discoloration on the surface of the teeth.

There are several types of teeth whitening, the most common being:

“Photoactivation whitening (done in consultation), whitening with splints (carried out at home under the specialist’s instructions) and mixed whitening (which combines the previous two).

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Next, we will tell you what the main advantages are of having your teeth whitened in a specialized dental clinic.

  • Improves the Aesthetics of the smile:

The main advantage of teeth whitening is its ability to remove stains on teeth and achieve a much whiter and more beautiful smile.

  • Quick and Painless:

Professional teeth whitening can transform your smile in just about three in-office sessions. The treatment is completely painless and very comfortable for the patient. In addition, the specialist will previously study the individual characteristics of each person to apply a personalized procedure that guarantees the best results in each case.

  • Reliable Procedure:

Some people choose to purchase home teeth whitening kits from pharmacies because of their lower cost, but they do not consider the risks they may entail. Using these types of products without supervision, there are possible risks of gum burns and severe tooth sensitivity.

There are several factors that can contribute to these adverse side effects, such as a poor fit that allows the whitening solution to leak and irritate the soft gum tissues, or too much hydrogen peroxide in the product.

In contrast, teeth whitening treatment at the dentist’s office is totally reliable, has no side effects and will help you achieve your goals safely and effectively.

  • Cost effective treatment:

Professional whitening is a cost-effective treatment that will save you money in the long run. Products like whitening toothpastes, strips, and other over-the-counter items take a long time to produce results and require constant care, so they will end up costing you more in the end. The money you spend on such products can easily end up being more than what is needed for professional treatment.

  • Younger Appearance:

The smile is often the first thing others notice when they look at us, so a bright smile will go a long way to enhancing a person’s beauty. In addition, white teeth can offer a more youthful appearance, diluting the effect of facial wrinkles.

  • Greater self-confidence:

Having yellowed or conspicuously stained teeth can damage some people’s self-esteem and even make them not feel comfortable smiling, especially when in public.

Teeth whitening can change that in just a few office visits. Once the treatment is finished, you will be able to show off your white teeth without any qualms and feel more confident with yourself , increasing confidence and self-esteem when surrounded by people.

  • Preserve oral health:

The teeth whitening treatment has no negative effect on the teeth and does not damage the enamel. Likewise, people who opt for this treatment usually take more care of their oral hygiene to get the most out of the results, which is why they end up having better dental health.

If you are thinking about having teeth whitening servicesdo not hesitate to contact us. We will resolve all your doubts and offer you a personalized quote without obligation. Call us!

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