A Beginner Guide to Fancy Goldfish

Fancy Goldfish scientifically known as “Carassius auratus” are freshwater fish which come in various sizes, shapes and colors. When it comes to house any fish in our home aquarium, the Goldfish is the very first choice. The Fancy Goldfish have a beautiful appearance. They have large, flowing double tails and round-shaped bodies. They are very peaceful, friendly Goldfish, which is why they are considered the best pet fish for beginner aquarists.

In this article, We will dive deeply and explain a beginner guide to Fancy Goldfish and its care requirements.

Fancy Goldfish Behavior

The Fancy Goldfish are very peaceful and possess a slow-moving nature. They should not be kept with other fish having aggressive behavior. They are mid-level swimmers, which means that they need moderate water conditions with optimum temperature and pressure balance. The Fancy Goldfish are very social and like to be in a community of other peaceful fish. You should not keep the Goldfish isolated. It may get stressed and isolated. So, choose other friendly and peaceful fish as mates with Fancy Goldfish.

The Fancy Goldfish exhibit an active behavior when they are getting feeded and when they want to copulate. The male Fancy Goldfish dances and tries to impress its female partner.

Tank Size Requirement For Fancy Goldfish

The fancy Goldfish are small sized freshwater fish. They do not need a large tank size. We recommend arranging a tank of 20 Gallons water for one Goldfish. If you want to house more fancies, keep increasing the tank size of 10 Gallons water. The Fancy Goldfish are very sensitive to water quality. You will need to keep changing the water and add freshwater frequently. Tank must have a wide surface area to provide the fish with a lot of room to swim in the water. They also need a highly oxygenated tank area to inhale fresh oxygen.

Fancy Goldfish Food and Diet

The Fancy Goldfish eat fresh fish flakes and pellets, which are specially made for the Fancy Goldfish. Goldfish may develop buoyancy disorder, in which the fish gulps air from the surface and gathers inside its belly. This causes the fish to float or flip on the surface. Make sure that you provide them sinking food or keep the food under the water surface to avoid the disorder.

Do Fancy Goldfish Need a Heater?

The Fancy Goldfish are coldwater fish. They can live at room temperature easily. If your house has air conditioning or heating, make sure that the tank water temperature is between 10 degrees Celsius and 21 degrees Celsius.

Do Fancy Goldfish require Filtration?

The Fancy Goldfish are freshwater fish. They eat a lot of food, which produces a lot of waste in the tank. You will need to change the water frequently, and a filtration system will also be required. You can use sponge filtration or any other optimal filtration for the Fancy Goldfish.

Different Types of Fancy Goldfish

  • Common Goldfish
  • Wakin Goldfish
  • Shubunkin
  • Comet Goldfish


In conclusion, Fancy Goldfish are very friendly and peaceful. They should be kept in a community of other non-aggressive fish. They require optimal water parameters to live. Find useful ocean-related information.

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