Top Reasons to Opt for Onda Coolwaves Treatment Over Traditional Fat Reduction Methods

Losing fat can feel impossible sometimes when we’re trying to achieve our ideal figure.

We may appreciate the benefits of exercise for our general health, but the fact is that it requires effort and sweat to see results. We may look forward to losing weight, but we will be let down when the inches don’t disappear exactly where we’d like them to. This is when the role of science comes in. Having the body you want is now easier than ever owing to the latest technology, like VLCC’s Onda Cool Treatment. It is a non-invasive procedure without any downtime. Let’s delve into the science of VLCC’s fat-loss technique and how Onda Cool helps contour your figure.

What is Onda Cool Technology?

The Onda Cool technology is one of the most sought-after fat reduction techniques at VLCC. It makes it possible for people to simply reduce their weight without undergoing any surgery. It quickly targets the excess fat in the areas including the arms, buttocks, neck, chin, thighs, back, stomach, and flanks, which are targeted for shaping, without allowing you to spend a lot of time in bed.

How does Onda Cool technology work?

Contrary to its name, Onda Coolwaves breaks down fat cells by using the heat that microwaves emit—yes, the same energy that’s used to reheat food. Simultaneously, an advanced skin cooling system is utilized to mitigate the elevated temperatures and avert harm. Coolwaves can be seen as an advanced version of conventional radiofrequency treatment for belly fat reduction. Its energy transfer rate is substantially higher than that of radio frequency handpieces, transferring 80% of the emitted energy into the fat cells and losing only 20% on the skin’s surface. It is a pain-free procedure because the majority of the energy is focused beneath the skin. Besides dissolving fat cells, Onda Coolwaves boosts collagen production, and tightens the skin by making it firm and toned. It also makes your skin look rejuvenated and plump.

How is the Onda waves treatment better than traditional fat reduction methods?

Onda Coolwaves is not only an innovative way of belly fat removal without surgery but also helps shape the body perfectly. Compared to other conventional fat-reduction techniques, this cutting-edge technology uses microwave energy to break down fat cells, making the procedure more comfortable and secure. It offers faster recovery and can show you the desired results in fewer sessions in comparison to any other fat reduction method. When it comes to a more refined, and shaped body, Onda treatment is one of the best options. Being the top option globally for body shaping and fat loss, Onda Coolwaves is changing patient expectations by providing a safer experience.

Perks of Onda Coolwaves Treatment

Removes fat and contours the body: When the high-frequency currents go beyond the dermo-epidermal layer, the absorbed energy damages the membranes of adipose fat cells. Consequently, this leads to a loss of unnecessary fat cells. The lymphatic system then expels these dead cells from your body.

Body sculpting and cellulite reduction: Coolwaves effectively targets cellulite then localized fat under your skin is dissolved and diminished by the heat activity of the microwaves, giving you a toned figure.

Skin enhancement: Onda penetrates heatwave to the affected area of your body stimulating the synthesis of new collagen fibers. Consequently, your skin will become tighter, toned, and firmer.

Realistic Measures With Onda Cool and VLCC

Personalized fitness plans:
At VLCC, a trained fitness professional consults to create a personalized training plan that will enhance body shaping and tone muscles, guaranteeing the best outcomes.
Aftercare plan: Experts at VLCC offer individualized after care programs that involve a balanced diet, minimal exercise to encourage fat loss and long-lasting results.

How is VLCC’s Approach different?

VLCC approaches fat reduction comprehensively, drawing from a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The team of well-experienced dermatologists, skin specialists, and doctors at VLCC prioritize and analyze your general health and well-being, suggesting the best of what is suitable for you. The practitioner stays in touch even after the procedure guiding you with the right aftercare institutions. VLCC also provides Abhyangam full-body massage, an Ayurvedic approach to shaping your body.

It’s possible to get your ideal figure with VLCC’s amazing weight reduction programs and cutting-edge Onda technology. It matters more to live your best life and feel amazing than to look good.

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