Top 7 twitter video downloader for Downloading Twitter Videos Online

Twitter video downloader has become popular as a way for users to save videos from Twitter for viewing offline or sharing elsewhere. These twitter video downloader tools give users the power to preserve their own Twitter memories or videos shared by friends.

How to use a downloader for Twitter?

Step 1Open the Twitter video downloader website or extension you want.
Step 2Locate the video which you want from your Twitter timeline or profile page.
Step 3Copy the URL link of the Twitter video, and then select “Copy link address” or similar option.
Step 4Paste the URL into the search/download bar on the Twitter video downloader site or extension.
Step 5Select the quality and format you want the downloaded video file to be in.
Step 6Click the download button to save the video file to your device.

How to Download a Video from Twitter to Computer Online

 There are two main methods to download Twitter videos online:

1. Using an Online Twitter Video Downloader

Online Twitter video downloader websites provide a straightforward way to save Twitter videos directly to your computer.

The key steps are:

  1. Copy the URL link of the Twitter video which you want
  2. Visit the website of your preferred Twitter video downloader such as
  3. Paste the URL into the search/download bar on the homepage.
  4. You can optionally select the video quality and format if given options. Popular choices include MP4, WebM and MP3.
  5. Click the green download button to save the video file.
  6. The video will start downloading. You can find it in your computer’s default download folder once completed.
  7. You can optionally download multiple videos simultaneously using these sites.

2. Using Web-based Plug-ins

Browser extensions like the Video Downloader for Chrome allow downloading Twitter videos within your browser.

The basic process involves:

  1. Browsing to the Twitter video while using the browser with the extension installed.
  2. Clicking the extension icon displayed near the address bar.
  3. Selecting the “Download Video” option from the menu to save the file.
  4. The downloaded video file saves directly to your computer.
  5. You can repeat the process for additional Twitter videos as needed.

Free online Video downloader for Twitter


Best for: Downloading both public and private Twitter videos.
xgifdownloader is an extremely user-friendly online Twitter video downloader. This easy-to-use video downloader makes it simple to save Twitter videos. 


  1. One-click download for both public and private Twitter videos
  2. Batch download multiple videos simultaneously
  3. Support HD quality up to 1080p
  4. Automatically detect the video format
  5. No ads or popups

Verdict: xgifdownloader is one of the easiest ways to save Twitter videos online. It can handle private videos which is a big advantage over similar tools. Overall it provides a seamless user experience.

Price: Free to use

Detailed Steps with it:

  1. Copy the Twitter video URL
  2. Visit xgifdownloader and paste the URL
  3. Click the green download button
  4. The video will start downloading immediately

Best for: Versatility in downloading videos from many sites including Twitter.
SaveFrom is a veteran online video downloading tool that allows saving videos to PC or mobile from over 1000 websites. In addition to Twitter, videos can also be downloaded from YouTube, Instagram and more other popular platforms.


  1. Supports bulk downloading multiple videos at once
  2. Provide preview before downloading
  3. Automatic detection of video quality
  4. Download button shows estimated file size
  5. Intuitive dashboard to manage downloads

Verdict: While not Twitter specific, SaveFrom remains one of the most dependable video savers due to its wide format support and advanced features. Regular updates also keep it optimized for various sites.

Price: Free

Detailed Steps with it:

  1. Copy the video URL from any supported site
  2. Paste into search box
  3. Click the download button below preview
  4. The video saved to your default download folder

Best for: Downloading Twitter videos exclusively with a clean interface.

As the name suggests, SaveTwitterVideo is dedicated to saving only Twitter videos. It features a minimalistic white design focused solely on this task.


  1. Lightning fast download speeds
  2. Works for public & private Twitter videos
  3. One-click download button
  4. Automatic format and quality detection
  5. Popup blocker friendly

Verdict: For those who only need Twitter video downloads, SaveTwitterVideo is top-rated due to its simplicity. The dedicated focus means intuitive usage.

Price: Free

Detailed Steps:

  1. Copy the Twitter video URL
  2. Visit and paste URL
  3. Click the blue Download Video button
  4. The MP4 video saves to your default downloads folder

Best for: Adjustable formats, qualities and customization options. offers a wide range of options to personalize Twitter video downloads. Users can select formats like MP4, WebM along with various quality levels up to 1080p.


  1. Cut, join and convert videos after download
  2. batch download multiple videos
  3. Integrated video player
  4. Customizable hotkeys
  5. Monitor download progress

Verdict: While not as simple as others, gives more control over formats. Ideal for those who need specific qualities or formats.

Price: Free

Detailed Steps:

  1. Paste the video URL and click download
  2. Choose format, quality and capture type
  3. Click on the download button to save file

Best for: Combining downloading with editing capabilities.

Veed provides online editing tools in addition to video downloading from Twitter and other sites. Users can trim clips, add subtitles and apply filters.


  1. Convert YouTube videos
  2. Auto-generated captions
  3. Video trimmer and cutter
  4. Upload edited videos to social sites
  5. Free basic plan for personal use

Verdict: A good choice for users who want to directly edit Twitter videos after download without installing separate software. The online editor is capable.

Price: Free basic plan and paid premium plans available

Detailed Steps:

  1. Copy Twitter video URL and paste on Veed
  2. Click download button below preview
  3. The video can now be opened for editing online

Best for: One-stop solution in a comprehensive desktop app.

As a multi-functional video suite, VidPaw desktop software allows downloading Twitter videos plus video editing, conversion and recording.


  1. Easy to use clipping, merging and cropping editor
  2. Batch download videos from Twitter and online
  3. Convert video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV
  4. Screen recording and audio recording
  5. Works on Windows, Mac and in a browser

Verdict: A powerful all-in-one video toolkit for both novices and power-users. Excellent value for money.

Price: Free trial and paid standard/pro purchases

Detailed Steps:

  1. Install the VidPaw app
  2. Paste URL and download Twitter video
  3. Open video to edit, convert or screen record


Best for: Downloading videos from over 1000 websites including Twitter.

ClipGrab is a universal video downloader not exclusive to Twitter. It supports downloading and saving videos from more than 1000 video platforms.


  1. Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc
  2. Standalone desktop app for Windows and Mac
  3. Playlist and channel downloader
  4. Automatic format and quality detection
  5. Intuitive customizable interface

Verdict: An established name in online video downloading due to its wide site coverage and option of browser extension or desktop usage. Reliable overall.

Price: Free basic version, $19.99/year for premium

Detailed Steps:

  1. Install ClipGrab extension or app
  2. Copy Twitter video URL and paste in ClipGrab
  3. Click download button to save file

Best for: Effortless conversion of videos to different formats.

In addition to downloading Twitter videos, Freemake lets users easily convert files between various formats like MP4, AVI, MOV with a single click.


  1. Supports 4K video downloads
  2. Batch video conversion
  3. Audio conversion from MP3 to WAV, FLAC
  4. Video player and splitter
  5. Free unlimited use

Verdict: Ideal for users who need to resize or change Twitter video formats regularly after download.

Price: Free

Detailed Steps:

  1. Paste Twitter video URL and click download
  2. Adjust format/quality or convert directly

Comparison of these online Twitter Video Downloader

xgifdownloaderWebsite onlyNo customization options9/10
SaveFrom.netWebsite and appsCan be slow for large files8/10
SaveTwitterVideo.comWebsite onlyLimited extra features7/10
Downloader.orgWebsite and appsComplex interface for beginners8/10
Veed.ioWebsite and appsWatermark on freeexports7/10
VidPaw.comApps and websitePaid subscriptions9/10
ClipGrabApps and extensionsLearning curve8/10
Freemake.comWebsite and appsBasic formatting only7/10

Limitations of Using Downloaders to Download Twitter Videos

While online Twitter video downloaders provide a straightforward solution, there are also some limitations to consider:

  • untickedPrivate Video Access: Most tools cannot access private videos without being logged into your Twitter account on the browser.
  • untickedVideo Quality Loss: The quality of downloaded videos may be lower than the original on Twitter, depending on the selected resolution and format.
  • untickedNo Live Stream Support: Live streams cannot be downloaded as they happen. The video must finish broadcasting first.
  • untickedBrowser limitations: Some downloaders work best as a Chrome extension but won’t function through other browsers like Firefox, Safari etc.
  • untickedTemporary Blocks: Over-use of an account on one downloader may lead to temporary blocks by Twitter security systems.
  • untickedDependence on URLs: Videos can only be downloaded if their direct URL link is available and not private. Generic embedded videos won’t work.
  • untickedFile Size Constraints: Large Twitter video files may not download fully or get truncated due to size limits of the downloader tool.
  • untickedLack of Control: Once a video is deleted from Twitter, it cannot be retrieved using these third-party tools afterwards.


How do I download private videos?

  • Use a browser extension like Video Downloader for Chrome while logged into your Twitter account
  • Some websites may ask you to log in through Twitter to access private videos
  • Make sure to copy the URL from a private video you have access to view

Where are videos saved after being downloaded?

  • Videos downloaded via online downloaders usually save to your computer’s default Downloads folder
  • Browser extension downloads go within the browser’s profile folders in AppData
  • You can often customize the save location within the downloader settings

Do these Twitter video downloaders store downloaded videos?

  • No, online downloaders do not save video files permanently on their servers after downloading
  • They act as a one-time download link generated from the given Twitter URL
  • No personal data or video databases are stored on downloader websites

Can I download Live videos?

  • Live streams cannot be downloaded as they are aired
  • But most tools allow downloading recently finished live videos before they expire
  • Quality may be reduced for live videos downloaded from the cache versus original stream

Can these tools download videos from other social networks?

  • While focused on Twitter, many support other popular sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc
  • Downloaders from ClipGrab to Freemake support over 1000 domains besides Twitter videos

Is it safe to use these online downloaders?

  • Top downloaders take basic security measures and are generally safe to use for intended video downloading purposes
  • However, avoid shady unsafe sites and do not give login credentials unless a trusted source

Final words

Twitter video downloader tools provide an easy way to save public videos from the social network for offline or sharing use. Check different options to see which interface and features best suit your video downloading needs from Twitter. Just be mindful of Twitter’s private video security and terms of use.

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