Top 10 American Wholesale Cosmetics Suppliers in 2024

The beauty industry is certainly one of the growing segments of the market and with the constant need for various cosmetics the task of finding suitable and good wholesale suppliers is essential for anyone who is a retailer or specialist. In 2024, the competition of wholesale makeup suppliers is still very active, and the United States still provides a variety of luxury makeup brands and a variety of cheap brands. It has always been beneficial to have good quality items within business reach as well as being cheap hence to avail yourselves with the beauty products ; some of them are provided below; Below is the list of the best 10 wholesale cosmetics suppliers in America to look out for this year.

Beauty Joint

This is a popular wholesale makeup company that sources and supplies some of the best beauty brands in the market. They offer fairly reasonable prices, and they supply a massive range of products, from face and body care to luxury makeup drop shipping. The company is much acclaimed for the Beauty Joint for making sure that they offer the best and fastest shipping and the best customer service as well.

Cosmetix Club

Cosmetix Club primarily deals in high-end makeup  wholesale and works with retailers that aim to offer exclusive brands. They provide a rich choice of cosmetics including lip glosses and lipsticks, foundations, blush and bronzer, and others, produced by various famous brands such as MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, and others. That is why they have become the go-to supplier of luxury beauty products that people around the world can trust.

Lady Burd

Unlike the traditional wholesalers that stock general products, Lady Burd is in a special niche of providing private label cosmetic products. This means that small businesses can establish their own makeup companies that focus on developing products to suit the needs of consumers regarding packaging and composition. As with Dasshine, Lady Burd offers numerous high-quality products such as mineral makeup, skincare, and color cosmetics which makes it ideal for aspiring business people who want to put up their company.

 Beauty Encounter

BEAUTY ENCOUNTER is a highly competent and diverse beauty supply wholesaler with various cosmetics, fragrances, skin care and hair care products. They are involved in the selling of branded makeup with a special focus on cosmetics wholesale, and you can be sure that everyone can find something that fits their pocket. Another strength of Beauty Encounter is the assurance of quality in sourcing products as well as the connection to affordable pricing thus attracting many retail companies.

Wholesale Makeup

According to its name, Wholesale Makeup focuses on offering various types of make-up items at low costs, which are specific to wholesalers. They keep cosmetics that mostly include brands like Maybelline, L’oreal, Revlon and so on; they also blend between luxury brands and low-end brands. Some of their benefits include a simple ordering process whereby one is not overwhelmed with numerous products since it mainly targets the SV, Operating with speed in terms of shipping.”

Fragrance Net

In addition to a vast catalog of fragrances, FragranceNet also has a lot of options for makeup for resellers. They include luxurious brands on their list and as for their discounted prices, it makes beauty products more affordable for business people. Especially since they are a supplier of perfumes and makeup, it will be convenient to have them on both fronts.

Alcone Company

Alcone Company has therefore been retailing cosmetics since its start in 1950 to target professional beauticians in the beauty industry. It supplies products to makeup artists, beauty and hair salons, schools, and retailers that use products that are famous in the market. The makeup selection of Alcone is luxurious, making sure that cosmetics that are offered as wholesale have the best quality and performance.

 BH Cosmetics

The brand which is most familiar to the audiences is BH Cosmetics and it is a cosmetic brand, well-famed for its daring and fashionable makeup products. They supply pending customers with options to purchase various products such as retail packed color palettes, brushes and many others that may interest them. Therefore, BH Cosmetics is very much popular among young people and those who are fond of showing their personality or business on social media accounts.

Lady Q Distributors

Lady Q Distributors maintains a product list that comprises cosmetics and beauty accessories that are to be marketed and sold mainly to other stores at cheaper price. It has solutions in its store, thus ranging from luxuries such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced makeup wholesalers. These attributes of their delivery styles make them suitable partners for retailers who are in constant search of high quality stock at affordable prices.

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel’s main focus is the wholesale provision of fashion products including clothes, but they also occasionally sell cosmetics and beauty products. This makes them a perfect choice for retailers who desire to supply their commodities in categories such as clothing and makeup. Some of the products which they offer in the market are fashionable and economical makeup products, which most consumers would like to purchase.


Lastly, it can be affirmed that the American wholesale cosmetics industry in 2024 presents a wide range of suppliers to meet needs and necessities with different demands. Regardless of whether you are in the large luxury makeup wholesalers or the cheap beauty supplier, these top 10 suppliers offer many choices to meet your business needs. This means that with these trustworthy suppliers by your side, you will be able to get your supplies of the right products that will suit your customers and in turn grow your business in this highly competitive beauty industry.

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