The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Building Deeper Connections on Dating Apps

Defining EQ and its importance in relationships, how to spot an emotionally intelligent person on a dating app, and apps for people with high EQ.

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage one’s emotions and those of others. It involves being aware of one’s feelings and those of others, empathizing, and effectively managing one’s emotions in oneself and in relationships.

The components of emotional intelligence

EQ has four components: self- and social awareness and self- and relationship management. Self-awareness is recognizing your own emotions and understanding how they affect your thoughts, behaviors, and decisions.

Social awareness is understanding the emotions and needs of others, showing empathy, and being able to pick up on social cues.

Self-management means regulating and managing your emotions, impulses, and behaviors in different situations.

Finally, relationship management involves building and maintaining healthy relationships, communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, and working collaboratively with others.

Having a high level of emotional intelligence can help avoid situationships or transform them into meaningful relationships. It can improve interpersonal relationships, communication, and stress management. According to 2024 statistics, EQ is responsible for over 60% of people’s personal and professional successes. 

The impact of emotional intelligence on relationships

A high EQ makes people extremely aware of the big and small changes occurring in them and those around them. People who build their EQ have the sensitivity most of us are looking for in a significant other. They sense the shifts in the dynamics of a relationship, which might indicate a need to act.

On dating apps, people have the potential to attain mutual kindness, deep intimacy, soulful caring, and genuine commitment. Empathy, the innate ability to share emotional experiences, is what makes this possible. Signs of a high EQ include sharp emotional awareness, emotional acceptance, and vigilance. Emotional awareness helps people avoid mistaking lust for love.

The increasing importance of EQ on dating apps

Leading dating app Match reported that 90% of users found physical attractiveness to be the most important quality in 2020. When we are attracted to someone, we release a lot of dopamine, norepinephrine, and other hormones, so this isn’t a surprise. However, there were some changes to this figure subsequently. In 2022, only 78% of users agreed appearance was most important for a match.

People with higher emotional intelligence are less likely to ghost other users. There are two reasons for this. They are capable of letting someone down easily instead of simply disappearing, and they are also aware of the emotional harm ghosting can cause.

You shouldn’t assume people you meet on dating apps have the same level of EQ as you. It comes easy to some people but not to others, which is something emotionally intelligent people can struggle to grasp.

Signs of EQ on dating apps

Can you spot profiles of emotionally intelligent people? A nice, clear profile photo is an obvious sign. Steer clear of people posing with their middle fingers or tongues out or with cars or money. The bio should be coherent, well-formatted, and well-written. A poorly written or formatted bio is a bad sign. The same goes for a profile without any bio or a bio of social media only.

Dating apps for emotionally intelligent people

After sifting, you might find the pickings on mainstream apps are slim. The good news is that there are dating apps for people with high EQ. These apps require users to take an emotional intelligence assessment before they sign up. The assessment is professionally designed and categorizes users so they can meet other users with a similar EQ level. There are also tips and guidance on increasing EQ levels.

In sum

What is emotional intelligence?

How does it impact relationships?

EQ is becoming more important in dating apps

Spotting profiles of people with high EQ

Special EQ dating apps

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