Power Tools Every DIYer Should Have and What to Splurge On

Does your business sell power tools and you’re wondering what you should always keep in stock? Maybe you’re a DIY enthusiast and want to make sure you have all of the essential tools at home. Regardless of the reason, a good place to start looking is at a wholesale power tools supplier. 

Why go wholesale when retailers are offering the same power tools? The simple answer is price. You can purchase power tools in bulk or one at a time and see significant savings. 

So, what are the must-have power tools? Here’s a look at what businesses should keep in stock and what you should have in the garage.

Must-Have Power Tools

Whether you’re just starting your power tool collection or checking your inventory, here’s what you should have.

Cordless Drill and Bit Kit

If all you own is a cordless drill and a collection of bits, you’re all set for almost any woodworking project. The drill can double as a screwdriver, which means you can stop digging through random drawers looking for the tool,

The drill and various bits allow you to drill almost any size hole. If you have the bit, you can drill a hole to specifications. Did you know your drill can also grind metal, mix concrete, and paint? Need to remove some rust, just grab your drill and the appropriate-sized bit. 

To ensure that your drill doesn’t get tangled up or the cord doesn’t reach your project, go with a battery-powered model. Just don’t forget to charge the battery after each use.

Circular Saw

The sheer number of saws on the market can leave your head spinning. Your options include a jigsaw, band saw, table saw, miter saw, and don’t forget about a chainsaw, and this is just the start of your options. 

There are over 15 types of saws and even some professionals don’t own them all. Not only can it be cost-prohibitive, but finding storage space for 15-plus saws is challenging, even for a professional.

So, what is the one type of saw everyone should have at home or in their workshop? We’re talking about a circular saw. Why go with a circular saw? The answer usually comes down to its versatility. At first glance, a circular saw can seem a little intimidating. However, once you’ve mastered the saw you can feel like you’re ready to tackle almost any other type of power tool.

If you’re worried about maintaining the saw’s stability, use a jig. You can find jigs at most wholesale sites and the attachment is inexpensive. The jig helps you maintain accuracy until you’re comfortable using the power tool.

A Sander

Sure, you could always grab some sandpaper and get to it, but using it can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Did you know there’s an easier way? You can find inexpensive wholesale power sanders that work with sandpaper of all grits. 

If you’re not sure what grit is referring to, it’s the roughness of the sandpaper. The higher the grit rating, the rougher the sandpaper.

When you’re browsing through the various power sanders, look for one that comes with sanding papers with a wide range of grits—this way, you can safely sand everything from wood, metal, and even glass.

Power Tools to Invest In

Now that you know what the must-have power tools are, it’s time to look at some that are worth investing in.

Cordless Power Multi-Tool

Some projects call for more than one type or tool. Instead of wasting time hunting for a Phillips head screwdriver and a drill, a multi-tool takes care of this headache. Pretty much everything you need is included with the tool.

For example, you can cut a pipe, sand a piece of wood, and drill a hole without needing to find multiple tools. While it’s tough to beat the convenience, multi-tools aren’t exactly cheap. 

They can be an investment but you can reduce the price by buying wholesale. You still get everything you need for a remodeling project only at a lower price.

Table Saw

You should already own a circular saw and it can make accurate cuts, especially with help from a jig. However, you’re expanding your power tool collection and a table saw should be an item on your list.

With a table saw you can put the jig aside and still make uniform cuts. You can also make routed and through cuts. While some home improvement centers rent out table saws, in the long run, it’s usually more cost-effective to purchase the tool. 

Don’t forget the price noticeably decreases when you’re buying wholesale power tools.

Cordless Nail Gun

The key is buying a cordless nail gun. Don’t go with a corded model. You’re going to get the same performance regardless of whether the nail gun has or doesn’t have a cord. However, convenience and ease of use are affected.

With a power cord, your reach and range of motion are limited. In other words, you can only go as far as the cord allows. You also need to keep an eye on the cord while using the nail gun. You don’t want to accidentally drive a nail through the power cord.

With a cordless nail gun, you have complete freedom of movement and there isn’t a cord to watch out for. If your DIY project calls for plenty of power, you can easily add a compressor to your cordless nail gun. Before you start worrying about budget, you can find affordable compressors on most wholesale tools sites.

Angle Grinder

You may not have even considered adding an angle grinder to your tool shed. However, if you need to grind brick, stone, concrete, or metal, this is a tool you want to use. 

You can even use it for trimming things like rebar and pipes. The tool typically comes with several discs of varying sizes, so you’re ready to tackle almost any project.

Consider Buying Wholesale Power Tools

When you’re buying power tools the costs can quickly add up but there’s an easy way to save some money. Instead of going retail, consider buying wholesale power tools. 

You get the same high-quality tools only at a fraction of the cost. With the money you save, you may even be able to add a few more tools to your garage. 

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