Leading Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry Designers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to a vibrant community of jewelry designers dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices. As consumer awareness grows regarding the environmental and social impacts of their purchases, these designers are at the forefront of creating beautiful, environmentally friendly, and ethically sourced pieces. Here are some of the leading sustainable and ethical jewelry designers in Los Angeles.

The Importance of Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry

Traditional jewelry production can often involve harmful practices such as environmentally damaging mining, labor exploitation, and other unethical sourcing methods. Sustainable and ethical jewelry designers aim to mitigate these issues by using recycled materials, fair-trade gemstones, and eco-friendly production techniques. This approach not only helps protect the planet but also ensures the fair treatment of workers.

Leading Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry Designers in Los Angeles

1. Artisan LA

Artisan LA is a collective that showcases a curated selection of handcrafted jewelry from local designers committed to ethical practices. By supporting Artisan LA, consumers can access various stunning, responsibly made pieces. The platform highlights Los Angeles-based designers’ creativity and sustainability efforts, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking ethical and sustainable jewelry in Los Angeles.

2. Artemis Designs

Artemis Designs is a standout in the realm of sustainable jewelry. The brand is committed to using recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones in handcrafted pieces. Each design reflects a dedication to minimal environmental impact and ethical production standards. Artemis Designs also collaborates with organizations focusing on environmental conservation and fair labor practices.


WWAKE is known for its minimalist aesthetic and stringent ethical standards. The brand uses recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones to create delicate and contemporary pieces. WWAKE emphasizes transparency, allowing customers to trace the origins of their jewelry and ensuring each piece is crafted with respect for people and the environment.


SVNR (pronounced “souvenir”) blends sustainability with high fashion, repurposing materials like vintage beads, shells, and natural stones to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Using recycled and upcycled materials, SVNR reduces waste and promotes a circular economy within the jewelry industry.

5. J Hannah

J Hannah is a Los Angeles-based designer focusing on timeless, minimalist designs with sustainable practices. The brand uses recycled precious metals and responsibly sourced stones. J Hannah ensures that all pieces are produced under fair labor conditions, maintaining a high ethical standard.

6. Aurate New York

Although Aurate New York is not exclusively based in Los Angeles, it has a significant presence in the city and is committed to sustainability and ethics. Aurate uses 100% recycled gold and sustainably sourced diamonds. Additionally, the brand supports various charitable organizations, ensuring their jewelry is beautiful and socially responsible.


The rise of sustainable and ethical jewelry designers in Los Angeles is a testament to the growing consumer demand for responsible consumption. By supporting these designers and platforms like Artisan LA, shoppers can enjoy beautiful jewelry while positively impacting the environment and society. Los Angeles continues to be a hub for innovation and creativity in the jewelry industry, strongly emphasizing sustainability and ethics.

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