How to Surprise Your Brother On Raksha Bandhan 2024

The relationship between a brother and sister, happens to be a unique one. Siblings share a lot of love and tenderness, which onlookers can least understand. There is also a sense of protection, when they are together. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival which is celebrated in India with much fanfare. Indians living abroad also celebrate the occasion, wherein sisters send Rakhi’s, to the brothers. 

However, times have changed now. You can now celebrate raksha bandhan, not just with rakhis, but with other fabulous gifts as well. It is possible for sisters living elsewhere, other than India, to Send Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Here we have compiled a few rakhi gifts today. You can check them out online as well. 

Gourmet Chocolate Hampers 

You can choose chocolate hampers for your brother, this Rakhi. These hampers consist of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat, Toblerone, and so on. If your brother is a foodie, then he will surely love you for this thoughtfulness. Such chocolate hampers have grown in popularity over the years. You can also send flowers for decoration, along with the rakhi, and chocolates. Online gift portals have the best Rakhi hampers in a variety of price ranges. 

Raksha Bandha Sweets 

If your brother loves Indian sweets, then there is no better opportunity than this, to send him a tub containing the best ones. Some of the best Indian sweets that you will find online include Kaju Katli, Moti choor laddoos, Rasgullas, and Gulab jamuns. Sweetmeats are also available aplenty. Sharing sweets with a loved one, on this auspicious day helps in depicting your emotions. Place an order online for an early morning or same day delivery today. Most pin codes are covered for delivery by the renowned online gifting partners. 


If you have planned to Send Rakhi Online, do add some other items along with it. Perfumes are the ideal choice for men on the move. No matter, if your brother is a student or a working professional, you can order perfumes for your brother. Some of the top brands are doing the rounds today. As a sister, you may be already knowing about your brother’s favourite aroma. And now, you can order it without having to step outside your house. 

Online gifting sites have launched a variety of rakhis made from different materials. You can browse through them as well. 

Variety Of Rakhis Available Online 

Most brothers are used to traditional rakhis, but now there are new surprises in store for them. Let us check them out here. 

  • Mauli Rakhi – It is basically the sacred thread-types of rakhi in colours such as red, green, or yellow. These colours are considered auspicious in Hinduism, so are in demand on this occasion. 
  • Jewel Rakhi – This is another variety that you can choose today. These tend to be very eye-catching, as they are made from kundan and stones. When you look at them from a distance, they often resemble bracelets. 
  • Beads Rakhi – These are also quite popular today. You can choose them in a wide variety of beads colours. There will be few brothers, who will overlook these rakhis. 
  • Fancy Rakhi – This is another variety of rakhi, made with pearls, jewels, faux diamonds, gold and silver wires, flowers, and so on. They look very attractive. 
  • Rudraksha Rakhi – This is another kind of rakhi, which sports a rudraksha, as a centrepiece. Rudrakshas hold special significance in Hinduism, so you must go for one such rakhi. 

If your brother is a kid, you can choose from cartoon and car-themed rakhis as well. There is no end to the variations on offer. 


If you are abroad, just hit the laptop or phone, to find out what Oye Gifts rakhi gifts are available online. Order them from the comfort of your home or workplace, and get them delivered to your brother’s home in India. Rakhi gifts keep the brother-sister relationship thriving always.


Q1. What are some unique Rakhi gift ideas for 2024?

Answer: For Raksha Bandhan 2024, consider gifting personalized items like custom-engraved jewelry or photo albums, tech gadgets such as smart home devices, subscription boxes tailored to his interests, or experience gifts like concert tickets or adventure tours. These thoughtful gifts show your brother how much you care.

Q2. How can I send Rakhi gifts to my brother if he lives abroad?

Answer: You can use international delivery services that specialize in Rakhi gifts. Choose a reliable service with a good track record, check delivery times, and opt for express shipping if needed. Many online stores offer international shipping options specifically for Raksha Bandhan.

Q3. What are some ways to make Raksha Bandhan special even if we are apart?

Answer: If you and your brother can’t be together, you can make the day memorable by planning a virtual celebration. Schedule a video call to perform the Rakhi rituals, share memories, and enjoy a meal online. You can also send a heartfelt letter or a video message with his gift.

Q4. How can I personalize my Rakhi gift for my brother?

Answer: Personalize your Rakhi gift by adding custom touches like engraving his name or a particular date on the gift, including a handwritten note, or choosing items that reflect his hobbies and interests. Personalized gifts such as custom mugs, photo frames, or tailored gift boxes add a unique touch.

Q5. What should I consider when choosing a Rakhi gift for my brother?

Answer: When choosing a Rakhi gift, consider your brother’s personality, interests, and needs. Think about what would make him happy and feel appreciated. Practical gifts that he can use daily, sentimental items that evoke memories, or something related to his hobbies can make great choices. Also, ensure the gift can be delivered on time if he lives far away.

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