How to Print High-Quality Passport Photos at Home with Liene’s Amber Instant Photo Printer

The main thing in the current generation is convenience and nothing is as convenient as having easy access to essential commodities. With the Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer, ID photos can be taken on the Liene Photo App’s ID Photo Mode and printed in high quality without leaving the comfort of the home. In this guide, we will explain how to proceed and provide information about the advantages of this approach compared to shooting in a studio. Additionally, some people also use it with their iPhone and name it an iphone photo printer 4×6.

Why Should Print Passport Photos at Home?

  • Convenience

To begin with, printing passport photos at home can be a reason on its own due to the convenience that it has. It no longer requires setting up appointments, going to a photo studio, or waiting in line. Being a portable device, with Liene’s Amber Instant Photo Printer you can take and print your photos wherever and whenever you want.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

You are right, it is possible to print passport photos at home and it would cost less than getting them from a professional. This is mainly so because traditional photo studios tend to charge a lot of money for passport photos, especially when you have to take pictures for multiple members of the family or have to update your pictures frequently. With the Amber Instant Photo Printer, you can print copies of multiple sets of photos which saves a lot of money.

  • Control and Customization

One of the main advantages of using passport photos printed by yourself is that you remain at the helm of the process. You can click several times to capture the exact moment, tweaking the angles, and lighting, and can also use the Liene Photo App to smoothen out minor blemishes. Such kind of customization is usually not possible with photographers or photo studios.

Getting Started with Liene’s Amber Instant Photo Printer

Step 1: Gather Your Equipment

Before you start, make sure you have the following:

  • Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer
  • Smartphone or tablet with the Liene Photo App installed.
  • A well-lit area for taking photos
  • A plain, light-colored background (white or off-white is ideal)

Step 2: Setting up the Printer

Unbox and Power Up: The Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer comes with a box and before you start using it you have to unbox it and then connect it to an electric supply. Power it on and allow it some time to set up.

Connect to Wi-Fi: In this instance, the process of connecting the printer to your home Wi-Fi network must be started by following the directions in the user manual. This is important since it opens up the possibility of printing from a tablet or smartphone.

Step 3: Printing with the Liene Photo App

Download and Install: First of all, you need to go and download the Liene Photo App from your favorite store either from the App Store or from the Google Play Store, and then proceed to install it on your device.

Select ID Photo Mode: Unlock the application and proceed to the ID Photo Mode. This feature is specially intended to accomplish passport and ID photos.

Edit and Adjust: If necessary, crop, and adjust the image’s exposure, color, and sharpness, and touch up any imperfections. The app may also have guidelines that could guide you to make sure that your photo corresponds to the standard size of passport photos.

Print Your Photo: After that, when you are happy that the picture is perfect, choose print. First, make sure that your printer is connected to a computer and has photo paper ready. Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer offers 4×6 photo printing of your creation that will be ready in a few seconds.

Advantages of Liene Amber Photo Printer

  • High-Quality Prints

The Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer is likely to give you sharp, clear, crisper, and vibrant prints. This helps to make sure that the photos you use in your passports will be of high quality and satisfy the official organizations.

  • User-Friendly Interface

In terms of the Liene Photo App and the printer, it should be noted that both of them are created to be as user-friendly as possible. The simplicity of the app’s design is that no matter how technologically illiterate someone might be, they can easily capture, edit, and print photographs.

  • Versatility

However, it should also be noted that the Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer can be used for many kinds of prints different from passport sizes. Regardless of whether a buyer needs pictures for their family albums, greeting cards, for the holiday season, or material for a project, this printer is a versatile, and cost-effective option.

  • Environmental Benefits

Most people use their vehicles to transport photos to photo studios; this movement contributes to environmental degradation. Moreover, photos developed in studios come in plastic covers, which also harms the environment. Further, the Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer employs an environmentally friendly printing method.

Tips to Achieve Perfect Passport Photos

  • Lighting

Maximize the use of natural light as much as possible. Do not capture any of what is known as stark lighting on your face, strive to balance the light.

  • Background

A plain and light-colored background is recommended. This can be achieved by having a blank white wall, or any sheet of blank white paper.

  • Camera Position

Always make sure you are at a distance fit to cover your head and shoulders and maintain eye level with the camera.

  • Expression

Keep the facial muscles relaxed and turn the pupils towards the middle of the face while both eyes remain open. Avoid smiling or frowning.

  • Attire

Wear everyday clothing. Try not to wear uniforms or clothes that are the same color as the surrounding environment.


The ability to print passport photos at home with the aid of Liene’s Amber Instant Photo Printer is the best thing since you can avoid the hassles associated with going to a photo printing firm, the most obvious one being the amount of money you have to spend to get the job done. The prints are top quality and the app used to operate the printer is rather intuitive. Thus, taking into account the recommendations given in this guide, you will be able to use home printing and get the best results with the necessary format and compliance with all the requirements for the photos for a passport.

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