How do you speak with an insurance firm about your motorbike accident?

Only serious traffic accidents are covered by personal injury lawsuits. But sometimes, even in minor accidents where both vehicles are in operational condition, and the damages are just cosmetic, drivers claim insurance amounts. Insurance companies provide settlements for reimbursing drivers, which works well. Insurance companies decide how much to pay for the damages if no such injuries exist. 

Unfortunately, in cases of accidents where serious injuries are involved, insurance companies prefer to use the same tactics without considering the human suffering and other damages. In cases of motorcycle accidents, hiring a professional lawyer is an ideal option even before calling the insurance company. Experience and skilled motorcycle accident lawyers can help you understand if you should contact insurance companies about the accident. They can guide you step by step with their expertise and ensure you stay safe and receive the much-required compensation you deserve. 

You can skip recording statements – There is no such obligation

Insurance companies usually record your phone calls. When you immediately call them after an accident to file the report or make a claim about your motorcycle accident, they will record it for future evidence. The insurance agent will tell you that the call will be recorded for proof. Sometimes, they may not even tell you, but you need to be careful and think before speaking. If you are yet to learn, working with a professional motorcycle accident lawyer is advisable because they can help you understand how to approach insurance companies to get compensation. 

How can your phone call records go against you?

Generally, in the case of criminal activities, the defendant is warned by the police that anything she or he says can directly go against her or him; therefore, as a defendant, you can avoid speaking if you don’t want or hire an attorney who can speak on your behalf. But in civic cases like car accidents, evidence is used against you by the other party. Usually, on the phone call, insurance agents try to manipulate clients by saying a few things and making them puzzled. So, they can end up paying you a small amount as compensation or use it later on against you. When you are speaking with insurance agents over the phone, you need to watch out for a few things: 

Injury minimizing 

Insurance companies try their best to make you admit that you are not seriously injured so they can pay little or nothing for your medical treatments.


It is a typical game played by insurance companies where agents try to persuade you to take the blame for the accident on yourself. Even if it is not your fault entirely, they will try to make you admit that, at least partially, you are at fault. In certain cities and countries, you will get almost no recovery if you are found to be responsible at least 50% for causing the accident. So, it is crucial to understand even before speaking with the insurance agent after the accident.

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No essential facts

Insurance adjusters will manipulate you to say there is no need to fit the facts from anywhere else, and they will provide you with the same. 

In other words, insurance companies always try to manipulate the system so that they will pay the victim a nominal amount or almost nothing, if possible.

Understanding the importance of hiring professional motorcycle accident lawyers San Diego empowers you to make informed decisions. Don’t wait for the insurance agents to act. If your loved one is waiting for compensation, take the initiative and hire a professional lawsuit agent. This proactive step can make all the difference in ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

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